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Mitsubishi Electric Develops Single-Chip Power Line Communication IC for Cost-Effective Smart Home Networking.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. & BEERSHEVA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 2002

Chip Embeds ITRAN IT800 Power Line Modem and UPnP-Compatible

Simple Control Protocol on Single Mitsubishi M16C MCU

Mitsubishi Electric today announced it is developing a single-chip power line communication IC that will enable cost-effective smart home networking. Developed in cooperation with Microsoft and ITRAN Communications, the Mitsubishi M306S chip embeds the ITRAN Communications IT800 power line carrier (PLC) command/control transceiver and the Simple Control Protocol (SCP) from Microsoft with Mitsubishi's M16C/62 microcontroller. The new chip will provide consumer original equipment manufacturers with an "off-the-shelf" IC that will let them offer UPnP-like functionality in consumer products where an IP stack is cost prohibitive. Products designed using the M306S will enable interoperability of home-control devices, allowing consumers to manage all their SCP-enabled home appliances via the Internet, from smart light switches to HVAC systems, security systems, televisions, and more.

The Mitsubishi M306S will allow home appliances to communicate via a peer-to-peer network of other SCP-based products. It will also let appliances link to UPnP networks via the SCP/UPnP bridge function, all without the need for any new wiring in the home.

Mitsubishi designed the M306S using its M16C/62 microcontroller especially because of its low electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) and other on-chip noise management features, high-speed processing capability, and compact code and efficient code space usage which reduce ROM size and cost.

The M306S will operate at 12 MHz on a 3.3-volt power supply and will consume less than 150 mW of power. On-chip features will include: 64 Kbytes of flash memory (contains SCP software); 24 Kbytes of RAM; five 16-bit timers; a 15-bit watchdog timer; three external and 20 internal interrupts with seven levels; three-channels of serial I/O (UART); and a voltage down converter which will reduce the internal operating voltage to 2.5 volts.

M306S first samples with a comprehensive set of integrated development environment tools, including compiler, real-time operating system, and emulator are slated for availability in December.

"Because it offers an `off-the-shelf', single-chip solution, the M306S PLC control IC will accelerate the development and adoption of affordable and innovative home-control products," commented Takashi Furumura, Home Network LSI Development Project Manager for Mitsubishi Electric's Semiconductor Group. "The combination of ITRAN's robust and highly reliable IT800 PLC transceiver, Microsoft's Simple Control Protocol, and the Mitsubishi M16C control functions on a single chip eliminates the need for designers to develop and integrate special Internet software and PHYs, thereby reducing overall system development time and costs."

"We are pleased that Mitsubishi and ITRAN are bringing a second microcontroller to the SCP platform. IT800SCP is a significant advancement for the home-control industry, and together with UPnP will accelerate innovation and the development of new and exciting products for the connected home," stated Kevin Eagan, business team general manager in the Microsoft Windows eHome Division.

"Mitsubishi Electric brings extensive experience and expertise in microcontroller system-on-chip integration to the SCP platform," stated Avner Matmor, ITRAN Communications CEO. "Their ability to produce integrated silicon at consumer price points will help bring the cost of IT800/SCP nodes to very low levels."

Mitsubishi will sponsor the following SCP seminars:

Mitsubishi will hold the following SCP seminars in the US and Japan. Please attend one of these events to learn about UPnP/SCP/M306S/IT800.

SCP Seminar US: October 30, at the Microsoft campus, Redmond, WA

SCP seminar Japan: November 12, at Mitsubishi Electric HQ, Tokyo, Japan

For more information, and to register for the SCP seminar, please visit:



About SCP

SCP is a lightweight, royalty-free protocol for device networking, home control and smart appliances. Optimized for devices with limited memory and processing power and for networks with low bandwidth, such as the inexpensive, ubiquitous PLC medium, SCP is complementary to Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology and is designed to seamlessly bridge the capabilities and usage scenarios for UPnP networks to networks and devices not capable of supporting TCP/IP. UPnP and SCP together will enable consumers to control their entire home from one logical network, from the simplest smart devices, such as light switches, to sophisticated consumer electronic devices.

About ITRAN Communications

ITRAN Communications designs, develops, and markets proprietary silicon modem systems-on-chip for Power Line Communication, Networking and Access applications. ITRAN's very dependable, low-cost PLC modems enable reliable high speed and command/control communication over existing electrical wiring infrastructure. A co-development of Microsoft and ITRAN, the IT800SCP provides a unified platform for home automation and device control. SCP supporters include General Electric, Matsushita, and Mitsubishi. High-speed partners include Kansai Electric Power, Matsushita and other leading companies.

About Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a top-10 semiconductor supplier and is the world's number one supplier of 16-bit microcontrollers. The company designs and manufactures powerful embedded MCU platforms for industrial control, automotive, consumer, and communications applications. Mitsubishi Electric's MCU products include the number one global selling 16-bit, M16C platform -- a feature-rich, low-noise, ultra-low power, and code-efficient core that easily scales across customers' end-product lines. The company also offers 8-, 16-, and 32-bit point solution MCU platforms including USB; Flash-Over-USB(TM); CAN; LIN; and keyboard, battery, and LCD control.

All Mitsubishi Electric semiconductor global manufacturing facilities, engineering design centers, and marketing and sales centers supplying MCU products to the automotive industry are QS-9000 certified. Mitsubishi Electric is a founding member of EEMBC--the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium--and is a member of the USB Implementers Forum and the Smart Battery Implementers Forum. The company markets its microcontroller products in North America through the Electronic Device Group of Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric also offers an extensive range of semiconductor and system components for the North American marketplace, including optoelectronic, microwave/RF, ASIC, ASSP, and memory ICs and modules. Additional information on the Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Group is available at

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Date:Oct 9, 2002
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