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Short Communication - Genetic Structure Analysis of Freshwater fish Cirrhinus mrigala by Mitochondrial COI Gene. Sherzada, Shahid; Khan, Muhammad Naeem; Babar, Masroor Ellahi Report Jun 16, 2022 1731
A Complete Guide To DNA. Jun 8, 2022 538
Genetic diversity and population genetic structure of Cambodian indigenous chickens. Ren, Theary; Nunome, Mitsuo; Suzuki, Takayuki; Matsuda, Yoichi Report Jun 1, 2022 7016
Mitochondrial DNA diversity and maternal origins of Pakistani donkey/ Diversidade de DNA mitocondrial e origens maternas do burro do Paquistao. Earnist, S.; Nawaz, S.; Ullah, I.; Bhinder, M.A.; Imran, M.; Rasheed, M.A.; Shehzad, W.; Zahoor, M.Y May 11, 2022 3413
Multiple roles of endocytosis and autophagy in intracellular remodeling during oocyte-to-embryo transition. Sato, Ken May 1, 2022 9040
Population Structure of Plateau Pika based on Mitochondrial DNA and Microsatellite Analysis. Report Apr 30, 2022 4525
Effects of Treadmill Exercise on Mitochondrial DNA Damage and Cardiomyocyte Telomerase Activity in Aging Model Rats Based on Classical Apoptosis Signaling Pathway. Liang, Chao; Zhou, Xiaoli; Li, Meiling; Song, Zhengpeng; Lan, Jinyan Report Apr 14, 2022 5671
Mitochondrial Haplogroup Classification of Ancient DNA Samples Using Haplotracker. Kim, Kijeong; Kim, Dong-han; Kim, Kyung-yong Report Mar 18, 2022 6116
Genetc and chemical profling of Solenopsis spp. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) intercepted in Hawaii. Ascunce, Marina S.; Meer, Robert K. Vander; Chinta, Satya P.; Ogura-Yamada, Cassandra; Oishi, Darcy Report Mar 1, 2022 2581
Whole Mitochondrial Genome Analysis in Turkish Patients with Mitochondrial Diseases. Oncul, Emine Begum Gencer; Duman, Duygu; Eminoglu, Fatma Tuba; Aktuna, Suleyman; Duman, Mustafa Turk Report Mar 1, 2022 6237
Predicting Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Survival Using Kurtosis of Cytoplasm in the Hematoxylin Channel from Histology Slides. Wang, Jun; Chen, Jianhui; Jiang, Liren; Wu, Qi; Wang, Dawei Jan 13, 2022 3595
The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Rhacophorus dennysi (Anura: Rhacophoridae) with Novel Gene Arrangements and its Phylogenetic Implications. Li, Yongmin; Zhang, Huabin; Wu, Xiaoyou; Li, Dongwei; Yan, Peng; Wu, Xiaobing Report Dec 31, 2021 3244
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Eurasian Oystercatcher haematopus ostralegus and Comparative Genomic Analyses in Charadriiformes. Hu, Chaochao; Xu, Xue; Yao, Wenjia; Liu, Wei; Tai, Deyun; Chen, Wan; Chang, Qing Report Dec 31, 2021 3464
Zogenix to host KOL webinar on thymidine kinase 2 deficiency, MT-1621. Nov 1, 2021 152
Invasive Malaria Vector Anopheles stephensi Mosquitoes in Sudan, 2016-2018. Ahmed, Ayman; Pignatelli, Patricia; Elaagip, Arwa; Hamid, Muzamil M. Abdel; Alrahman, Omnia Fateh; W Report Nov 1, 2021 1360
Luciole Pharmaceuticals and Cyclica enter into research collaboration to accelerate novel medicine discovery. Oct 7, 2021 225
Luciole Pharmaceuticals and Cyclica enter into research collaboration to accelerate novel medicine discovery. Oct 7, 2021 226
Quantitative detection of circulating MT-ND1 as a potential biomarker for colorectal cancer. Xu, Yichun; Zhou, Jiajing; Yuan, Qing; Su, Jun; Li, Qian; Lu, Xiaoliang; Zhang, Liwen; Cai, Zhai; Ha Report Oct 1, 2021 6585
Short Communication - The Species Identity of the Two Color Morphs of Northern Snakehead (Channa argus) Based on mtDNA Control Region Sequences. Report Aug 31, 2021 2118
MORPHOLOGICAL AND MITOCHONDRIAL DNA ANALYSES OF OYSTERS IN THE NORTHERN BAY OF BENGAL, BANGLADESH. Chowdhury, Mohammed S. N.; Reece, Kimberly S.; Joy, Sourav S.; Coen, Loren D.; Smaal, Aad C. Aug 1, 2021 10308
Mitochondrial Epigenetics and Cancer/Mitokondriyal Epigenetik ve Kanser. Karatas, Metehan; Tuncdemir, Matem Aug 1, 2021 7959
Correlation of Sperm Mitochondrial DNA 7345 bp and 7599 bp Deletions with Asthenozoospermia in Jordanian Population. Al Zoubi, Mazhar Salim; Al-Talafha, Ali M.; Al Sharu, Emad; Al-Trad, Bahaa; Alzu'bi, Ayman; AbuAlarj Jul 1, 2021 4382
Mums have DNA influence on kids' health prospects; DM1ST FRIDAY 25.06.2021 DAILY MIRROR 41 Dr Miriam Stoppard. Dr Miriam Stoppard Jun 25, 2021 460
Mums have DNA influence on kids' health prospects. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Jun 25, 2021 460
Precision BioSciences announces new study using ARCUS nuclease. Jun 1, 2021 255
Mitochondrial DNA variation and phylogeography of Old World camels. Ming, Liang; Siren, Dalai; Yi, Li; Hai, Le; He, Jing; Ji, Rimutu Apr 1, 2021 4174
The non-syndromic clinical spectrums of mtDNA 3243A>G mutation. Shen, Xiya; Du, Ailian Apr 1, 2021 4048
Genetic population structure of the polkadot skate (Dipturus chinensis) around Japan, based on mitochondrial DNA sequences and polymorphic microsatellite loci. Kusaka, Takahiro; Hara, Kojiro; Furumitsu, Keisuke; Uehara, Shinji; Yagi, Yuta; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Y Apr 1, 2021 12158
Association of the CAG repeat polymorphism in mitochondrial polymerase gamma (POLG1) with male infertility: a case-control study in an Algerian population. Rezgoune, Mohamed Larbi MLR; Chellat, Djalila DC; Abadi, Noureddine NA; Slama, Abdelhamid AS; Satta, Report Mar 1, 2021 5334
Forensic and Genetic Characterization of mtDNA Lineages of Shin, a Unique Ethnic Group in Pakistan. Khan, Muhammad Umer; Sabar, Muhammad Farooq; Baig, Atif Amin; Naqvi, Arif-un-Nisa; Ghani, Muhammad U Report Feb 24, 2021 6305
The first record of a Longman's beaked whale (Indopacetus pacificus) newborn neonate found on Miyako Island, Okinawa, Japan. Kobayashi, Nozomi; Ozawa, Sachie; Hanahara, Nozomi; Tokutake, Koji; Kaneshi, Takaaki; Inoue, Ken; Ok Jan 28, 2021 4713
Bradykinin Protects Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells from High-Glucose-Induced Senescence through B2 Receptor-Mediated Activation of the Akt/eNOS Signalling Pathway. Wu, Yuehuan; Fu, Cong; Li, Bing; Liu, Chang; He, Zhi; Li, Xing-Er; Wang, Ailing Jan 1, 2021 5764
Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Sirtuins: Important Targets in Hearing Loss. Zhang, Lingjun; Du, Zhengde; Gong, Shusheng Jan 1, 2021 11788
Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Neurodegeneration in Glaucoma. Duarte, Joao N. Jan 1, 2021 16016
Short Communication - Molecular Identification of Pakistani Lathy Rock Pigeon using Cytochrome B Gene. Sehrish Firyal, Ali Raza Awan, Muhammad Umair Latif, Muhammad Tayyab, Muhammad Wasim, Shagufta Saeed Report Dec 31, 2020 1756
Different Phenotypes Caused by the Unique Mutation in the Same Family with Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy. Hai-ping Xia, Feng-Nan Niu, Biao Jin, Kang-Ren Zhao, Rui Ma and Ming Yu Dec 31, 2020 1696
Evaluating genetic diversity and identifying priority conservation for seven Tibetan pig populations in China based on the mtDNA D-loop. Ge, Qianyun; Gao, Caixia; Cai, Yuan; Jiao, Ting; Quan, Jinqiang; Guo, Yongbo; Zheng, Wangshan; Zhao, Report Dec 1, 2020 3898
Phylogenetic Relationships of Turkish Indigenous Donkey Populations Determined by Mitochondrial DNA D-loop Region. Unal, Emel Ozkan; Ozdil, Fulya; Kaplan, Selcuk; Gurcan, Eser Kemal; Genc, Serdar; Arat, Sezen; Soysa Report Nov 1, 2020 10582
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Three Species of the Genus Microtus (Arvicolinae, Rodentia). Lamelas, Luz; Aleix-Mata, Gael; Rovatsos, Michail; Marchal, Juan Alberto; Palomeque, Teresa; Lorite, Nov 1, 2020 7738
Protective Effect of Polydatin on Jejunal Mucosal Integrity, Redox Status, Inflammatory Response, and Mitochondrial Function in Intrauterine Growth-Retarded Weanling Piglets. Zhang, Hao; Chen, Yanan; Li, Yue; Wang, Tian Oct 12, 2020 10046
Correlation between Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Zhu, Li; Chen, Zhigang; Han, Keli; Zhao, Yilin; Li, Yan; Li, Dongxu; Wang, Xiulong Oct 8, 2020 8164
Coexistence of Three Divergent mtDNA Lineages in Northeast Asia Provides New Insights into Phylogeography of Goldfish (Carssius auratus). Cheng, Lei; Lu, Cuiyun; Wang, Le; Li, Chao; Yu, Xiaoli Oct 1, 2020 6243
Demographic, Environmental, and Phenotypic Change but Genetic Consistency in the Jellyfish Mastigias papua. Swift, Holly F.; Dawson, Michael N. Oct 1, 2020 10772
Molecular characterization and genetic relationships of seven piranha species of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus (Characiformes: Serrasalmidae) from Parana-Paraguay, Sao Francisco and Tocantins River basins in Brazil/Caracterizacao molecular e relacoes geneticas de sete especies de piranhas dos generos Serrasalmus e Pygocentrus (Characiformes: Serrasalmidae) das bacias hidrograficas Parana-Paraguai, Sao Francisco e Tocantins, no Brasil. Bignotto, T.S.; Gomes, V.N.; Maniglia, T.C.; Boni, T.A.; Agostinho, C.S.; Prioli, S.M.A.P.; Prioli, Oct 1, 2020 6697
Evaluation of the genetic diversity of six Chinese indigenous chickens. Sha, Yuzhu; Gao, Caixia; Liu, Meimei; Zhao, Shengguo Oct 1, 2020 4649
A Genetic Window on Sardinian Native Horse Breeds through Uniparental Molecular Systems. Giontella, Andrea; Cardinali, Irene; Pieramati, Camillo; Cherchi, Raffaele Report Sep 1, 2020 4720
Mitochondrial DNA Variations in Colombian Creole Sheep Confirm an Iberian Origin and Shed Light on the Dynamics of Introduction Events of African Genotypes. Revelo, Herman Alberto; Lopez-Alvarez, Diana; Landi, Vincenzo; Rizzo, Lauden Report Sep 1, 2020 7086
Maternal Origins and Haplotype Diversity of Seven Russian Goat Populations Based on the D-loop Sequence Variability. Deniskova, Tatiana; Bakoev, Nekruz; Dotsev, Arsen; Selionova, Marina; Zinovieva, Natalia Report Sep 1, 2020 6066
Prediction of the Impact of Deleterious Nonsynonymous Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms on the Human RRM2B Gene: A Molecular Modeling Study. Cadi, Chaimaa Ait El; Charoute, Al Mehdi Krami Hicham; Elkarhat, Zouhair; Sifeddine, Najat; Lakhiari Report Aug 31, 2020 5744
Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Prevents Cellular Aging via Activation of Mitophagy. Hou, Xuwei; Li, Zhaohui; Higashi, Yusuke; Delafontaine, Patrice; Sukhanov, Sergiy Aug 31, 2020 7294
Assessment of cell free mitochondrial DNA as a biomarker of disease severity in different viral infections. Zain Ali, Shahid Waseem, Riffat Aysha Anis and Mariam Anees Aug 8, 2020 3846
Gene Replacement in the Prevention of Hereditary Mitochondrial Diseases: Three Parent Babies and Ethics/Kalitsal Mitokondriyal Hastaliklarin Onlenmesinde Gen Replasmani: Uc Ebeveynli Bebekler ve Etik. Ocal, Simge Evrenol; Cetinkaya, Sahika Simsek; Yucel, Cigdem; Koc, Gulten Aug 1, 2020 4395
Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in Large White Pigs in Russia. Getmantseva, Lyubov; Bakoev, Siroj; Bakoev, Nekruz; Karpushkina, Tatyana; Kostyunina, Olga Aug 1, 2020 5687
Mitochondrial DNA: A New Predictor of Diabetic Kidney Disease. Huang, Yajing; Chi, Jingwei; Wei, Fanxiang; Zhou, Yue; Cao, Yihai; Wang, Yangang Jul 31, 2020 5396
Sodium Butyrate-Modulated Mitochondrial Function in High-Insulin Induced HepG2 Cell Dysfunction. Zhao, Tingting; Gu, Junling; Zhang, Huixia; Wang, Zhe; Zhang, Wenqian; Zhao, Yonghua; Zheng, Ying; Z Jul 31, 2020 6525
Sea Cucumber Peptides Improved the Mitochondrial Capacity of Mice: A Potential Mechanism to Enhance Gluconeogenesis and Fat Catabolism during Exercise for Improved Antifatigue Property. Yu, Yihao; Wu, Guoqing; Jiang, Yuge; Li, Bowen; Feng, Chuanxing; Ge, Yueting; Le, Han; Jiang, Liang; Jul 31, 2020 9668
Molecular phylogeny of Kazimierzus Plisko, 2006 (Clitellata, Kazimierzidae) from the Western and Northern Cape Province inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences. Nxele, Thembeka Clara; Plisko, Jadwiga Danuta; Mwabvu, Tarombera; Zishiri, Oliver Tendayi Report Jul 10, 2020 3813
Phylogeography and Phylogenetic Evolution in Tibetan Sheep Based on MT-CYB Sequences. Liu, Jianbin; Lu, Zengkui; Yuan, Chao; Wang, Fan; Yang, Bohui Jul 1, 2020 7814
Relationship between Decreased Serum Superoxide Dismutase Activity and Metabolic Syndrome: Synergistic Mediating Role of Insulin Resistance and [beta]-Cell Dysfunction. Liu, Yiwen; Ma, Chifa; Lv, Lu; Li, Pingping; Ma, Chunxiao; He, Shuli; Zeng, Jingbo; Ping, Fan; Zhang Jun 30, 2020 6745
Discovery of Four Novel ORFs Responsible for Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS) in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) through Comparative Analysis of the Mitochondrial Genomes of Four Isoplasmic Lines. Li, Min; Chen, Li; Tang, Danfeng; Liao, Xiaofang; Kong, Xiangjun; Li, Bin; You, Jingyi; Zhou, and Ru Jun 1, 2020 7551
Genetic Variability and Population Structure in the Sardinian Anglo-Arab Horse. Sarti, Andrea Giontella Francesca Maria; Cardinali, Irene; Giovannini, Samira; Cherchi, Raffaele; La Jun 1, 2020 5545
Dhati Welel virus, the missing mammarenavirus of the widespread Mastomys natalensis. Bellocq, Joelle Gouy De; Bryjova, Anna; Martynov, Aleksey A.; Lavrenchenko, Leonid A. Jun 1, 2020 5527
Integrative taxonomic revision of the Ethiopian endemic rodent genus Stenocephalemys (Muridae: Murinae: Praomyini) with the description of two new species. Mizerovska, Daniela; Mikula, Ondrej; Meheretu, Yonas; Bartakova, Veronika; Bryjova, Anna; Kostin, Da Jun 1, 2020 10151
Potential Protective Effect of Dietary Intake of Non-[alpha]-Tocopherols on Cellular Aging Markers Mediated by Tumor Necrosis Factor-a in Prediabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study of Chinese Adults. Liu, Yiwen; Ma, Chifa; Li, Pingping; Ma, Chunxiao; He, Shuli; Ping, Fan; Zhang, Huabing; Li, Wei; Xu May 31, 2020 6299
TNF[alpha] Mediates the Interaction of Telomeres and Mitochondria Induced by Hyperglycemia: A Rural Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study. Lyu, Lu; He, Shuli; Zhang, Huabing; Li, Wei; Zeng, Jingbo; Ping, Fan; Li, Yu-Xiu Report May 31, 2020 5218
Large-Scale Hybridisation as an Extinction Threat to the Suweon Treefrog (Hylidae: Dryophytes suweonensis). Borzee, Amael; Fong, Jonathan J.; Nguyen, Hoa Quynh; Jang, Yikweon Report May 1, 2020 10641
Mitochondrial DNA Survey Reveals the Lack of Accuracy in Maremmano Horse Studbook Records. Giontella, Andrea; Cardinali, Irene; Lancioni, Hovirag; Giovannini, Samira; Pieramati, Camillo; Silv May 1, 2020 5003
Targeting Inflammatory-Mitochondrial Response in Major Depression: Current Evidence and Further Challenges. Visentin, Ana Paula Vargas; Colombo, Rafael; Scotton, Ellen; Fracasso, Debora Soligo; da Rosa, Adria Report Apr 30, 2020 16162
Mitochondrial ROS-Modulated mtDNA: A Potential Target for Cardiac Aging. Quan, Yue; Xin, Yanguo; Tian, Geer; Zhou, Junteng; Liu, Xiaojing Apr 30, 2020 8498
The domestication event of the Tibetan pig revealed to be in the upstream region of the Yellow River based on the mtDNA D-loop. Ge, Qianyun; Gao, Caixia; Cai, Yuan; Jiao, Ting; Quan, Jinqiang; Guo, Yongbo; Zheng, Wangshan; Zhao, Apr 1, 2020 4075
Mitogenome Diversity and Maternal Origins of Guangxi Buffalo Breeds. Sun, Ting; Huang, Guangyun; Sun, Junli; Wang, Zihao; Teng, Shaohua; Cao, Yanhong; Hanif, Quratulain; Report Apr 1, 2020 2886
Comparative Analysis of CpG Sites and Islands Distributed in Mitochondrial DNA of Model Organisms. Kowal, Krzysztof; Tkaczyk, Angelika; Zabek, Tomasz; Pierzchala, Mariusz; Slaska, Brygida Apr 1, 2020 6546
Maternally Inherited Diabetes Mellitus Associated with a Novel m.15897G>A Mutation in Mitochondrial tRN[A.sup.Thr] Gene. Li, Ke; Wu, Lijun; Liu, Jianjiang; Lin, Wei; Qi, Qiang; Zhao, Tianlan Mar 1, 2020 6211
Apoptotic Inducement of Neuronal Cells by Aluminium Chloride and the Neuroprotective Effect of Eugenol in Wistar Rats. Mesole, Samuel Bolaji; Alfred, Okpanachi Omachonu; Yusuf, Uthman Ademola; Lukubi, Lwiindi; Ndhlovu, Mar 1, 2020 4774
Preliminary Assessment of Stock Enhancement in Swimming Crab (Portunus trituberculatus) Based on Molecular Markers. Shanshan Cai, Tianxiang Gao, Binlun Yan, Aiyi Zhu and Xiumei Zhang Feb 14, 2020 5342
Effect of SOD2 methylation on mitochondrial DNA4834-bp deletion mutation in marginal cells under oxidative stress. Li, Jun; Dai, Xiang; He, Xuelian; Yang, Rong; Xia, Zhongfang; Xiao, Han Report Feb 1, 2020 4440
Potential Applications of Nanopore Sequencing for Forensic Analysis. Hall, C.L.; Zascavage, R.R.; Sedlazeck, F.J.; Planz, J.V. Jan 1, 2020 24302
Mitogenome Diversity and Maternal Origins of Guangxi Cattle Breeds. Xia, Xiaoting; Huang, Guangyun; Wang, Zihao; Sun, Junli; Wu, Zhuyue; Chen, Ningbo; Lei, Chuzhao; Han Report Jan 1, 2020 3473
Exosomal miRNA Let-7 from Menstrual Blood-Derived Endometrial Stem Cells Alleviates Pulmonary Fibrosis through Regulating Mitochondrial DNA Damage. Sun, Lifang; Zhu, Min; Feng, Wei; Lin, Yiping; Yin, Jia; Jin, Juan; Wang, Yunguang Dec 31, 2019 8609
Recombinant Klotho Protects Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells by Regulating Mitochondrial Function and the Antioxidant System during [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]-Induced Oxidative Stress. Chen, Huan; Huang, Xiaojun; Fu, Chuanqiang; Wu, Xiayi; Peng, Yingying; Lin, Xuefeng; Wang, Yan Dec 31, 2019 7273
Different DNA in second set of bones will not affect Billy murder case: DSI. Dec 3, 2019 291
The Bass Clan Grow. Quinn, Steve Dec 1, 2019 535
Dimorphic Sessile Apterae of the Aphid Neothoracaphis glaucae (Hemiptera) on the Evergreen Oak Quercus glauca. Aoki, Shigeyuki; Kurosu, Utako; Uematsu, Keigo; Fukatsu, Takema; Kutsukake, Mayako Nov 30, 2019 8580
ATIR-Mediated Apoptosis of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Is Associated with mtROS Production and mtDNA Reduction. Zhang, Fenxi; Dong, Zimei; Gao, Shuai; Chen, Guangwen; Liu, Dezeng Nov 30, 2019 4372
Sex-Specific Negative Association between Iron Intake and Cellular Aging Markers: Mediation Models Involving TNF[alpha]. Yu, Jie; Liu, Haibin; He, Shuli; Li, Pingping; Ma, Chunxiao; Ma, Minglei; Liu, Yiwen; Lv, Lu; Ping, Report Nov 30, 2019 5310
Sequencing Analysis of the Mitochondrial Genome of Japanese Sand Lance Ammodytes personatus Based on Next-Generation Sequencing Technology. Chen, Jingchen; Deng, Zhaochao; Han, Zhiqiang Report Oct 31, 2019 6067
Short Communication - Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Seven Tibet Yak Ecotype Populations using Microsatellite Markers. Yan-Bin Zhu, Wang-Dui Basang, Zhan-Dui Pingcuo, Yang-Ji Cidan, Sang Luo, Dun-Zhu Luosang, Yang-La Da Report Oct 31, 2019 1834
An Evaluation of the DNA-Protective Effects of Extracts from Menyanthes trifoliata L. Plants Derived from In Vitro Culture Associated with Redox Balance and Other Biological Activities. Kowalczyk, Tomasz; Sitarek, Przemyslaw; Skala, Ewa; Rijo, Patricia; Andrade, Joana M.; Synowiec, Ewe Oct 31, 2019 8859
Mitochondrial Disease Therapies Market 2019, with Forecasts to 2030. Oct 11, 2019 753
Molecular Diagnostics,Technologies & Companies Market, Forcast to 2028. Oct 9, 2019 560
Topologic Analysis of Plasma Mitochondrial DNA Reveals the Coexistence of Both Linear and Circular Molecules. Ma, Mary-Jane L.; Zhang, Haiqiang; Jiang, Peiyong; Sin, Sarah T.K.; Lam, Wai Kei Jacky; Cheng, Suk H Sep 1, 2019 6541
Genetic Homogeneity among Bull Sharks Carcharhinus leucas in the South China Sea. Deng, Zhaochao; Chen, Jingchen; Song, Na; Li, Yongzhen; Han, Zhiqiang Report Aug 31, 2019 4574
Zogenix to purchase Modis Therapeutics. Aug 29, 2019 281
Zogenix to purchase Modis Therapeutics. Aug 29, 2019 277
Audiological and Vestibular Findings in Subjects with MELAS Syndrome. Hougaard, Dan Dupont; Hestoy, Danjal Hofgaard; Hojland, Allan Thomas; Gaihede, Michael; Petersen, Mi Aug 1, 2019 4816
Molecular Diagnostics Technologies, Markets and Companies, 2018-2019 & 2028 - Q3 2019 Updated Edition. Jul 31, 2019 599
Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Two Oriental Sweetlips, Plectorhinchus orientalis and Plectorhinchus vittatus (Perciformes: Haemulidae) with the Molecular Analysis on their Synonym Controversies. Liang, Rishen; Zhou, Meng; Lin, Zhenxiang; Li, Guozhang; Chen, Yuan; Lin, Xuan; Wu, Zaohe Report Jun 30, 2019 8479
Intraspecific Diversity Analysis of Rice Frogs, Fejervarya multistriata (Anura: Ranidae), Based on mtDNA D-Loop Sequences, in Tongren, Guizhou Province, China. Wu, Zhen-Yang; Guang-Xin, E.; Ran, Hui; Wang, Da-Hui; Yang, Tian-You Report Jun 30, 2019 3474
Oxidative Stress Induced by the Deubiquitinase Inhibitor b-AP15 Is Associated with Mitochondrial Impairment. Zhang, Xiaonan; Espinosa, Belen; Saei, Amir Ata; D'Arcy, Padraig; Zubarev, Roman A.; Linder, Stig Jun 30, 2019 7172
Fetal Programming and Sexual Dimorphism of Mitochondrial Protein Expression and Activity of Hearts of Prenatally Hypoxic Guinea Pig Offspring. Thompson, Loren P.; Song, Hong; Polster, Brian M. Jun 30, 2019 7110
High Concentration of Low-Density Lipoprotein Results in Disturbances in Mitochondrial Transcription and Functionality in Endothelial Cells. Gonnissen, Stefanie; Ptok, Johannes; Goy, Christine; Jander, Kirsten; Jakobs, Philipp; Eckermann, Ol Jun 30, 2019 6608
Mitochondrial Transfer of Wharton's Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells Eliminates Mutation Burden and Rescues Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in Rotenone-Stressed MELAS Fibroblasts. Lin, Tsu-Kung; Chen, Shang-Der; Chuang, Yao-Chung; Lan, Min-Yu; Chuang, Jiin-Haur; Wang, Pei-Wen; Hs Jun 30, 2019 7287
Distribution, Abundance, Harvest, and Status of Western Alaska Beluga Whale, Delphinapterus leucas, Stocks. Lowry, Lloyd F.; Citta, John J.; O'corry-Crowe, Greg; Quakenbush, Lori T.; Frost, Kathryn J.; Suydam Report Jun 22, 2019 11506
Patterns of mtDNA Variation in Relation to Currently Recognized Stocks of Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas. Skovrind, Mikkel; Castruita, Jose Alfredo Samaniego; Madsen, Thomas Buur; Postma, Lianne; Lorenzen, Report Jun 22, 2019 8596
Associations of Mitochondrial Deoxyribonucleic Acid Polymorphisms With Behcet's Disease in the Korean Population. Kwon, Mihye; Yoo, Su-jin; Yoo, In Seol; Kim, Jinhyun; Kang, Seong Wook; Choi, In Ah; Lim, Mi-kyoung; Jun 1, 2019 5537
Identification of a Novel Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variation within the Human Mitochondrial DNA Control Region in a Population of Aegean Population. Koseler, Aylin; Temel, Sehime Gulsun; Ergoren, Mahmut Cerkez Report Jun 1, 2019 3689
Ex-doctor's new passion gets display; Art: Jewellery shows off DNA strand. May 23, 2019 335
The Effect of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Brain Tumors. Erbayraktar, Zubeyde; Hasimoglu, Zeynep; Erbayraktar, R. Serhat May 1, 2019 4341
An Adverse Outcome Pathway Linking Organohalogen Exposure to Mitochondrial Disease. McMinn, Brooke; Duval, Alicia L.; Sayes, Christie M. Apr 30, 2019 14777
Morphological and Genetic Structure of Two Equivalent Astyanax Species (Characiformes: Characidae) in the Region of Paranaiba Arc. Rocha, Renan Rodrigues; Alves, Rosana de Mesquita; Pasa, Rubens; Kavalco, Karine Frehner Apr 30, 2019 4422
De Novo Mutation of m.3243A>G together with m.16093T>C Associated with Atypical Clinical Features in a Pedigree with MIDD Syndrome. Jiang, Zhixin; Zhang, Yinan; Yan, Jingbin; Li, Fengwen; Geng, Xinqian; Lu, Huijuan; Wei, Xiaoer; Fen Apr 30, 2019 5381
Antimycin A-Induced Mitochondrial Damage Causes Human RPE Cell Death despite Activation of Autophagy. Hytti, Maria; Korhonen, Eveliina; Hyttinen, Juha M.T.; Roehrich, Heidi; Kaarniranta, Kai; Ferrington Apr 30, 2019 6664
SALIVARY GLAND ONCOCYTOMA AND EVOLUTION OF ONCOCYTES. Amin, Reshma; Shetty, Pushparaja Report Apr 8, 2019 2083
Maternal lineage of Okinawa indigenous Agu pig inferred from mitochondrial DNA control region. Touma, Shihei; Shimabukuro, Hirotoshi; Arakawa, Aisaku; Oikawa, Takuro Report Apr 1, 2019 3696
CPEO and Mitochondrial Myopathy in a Patient with DGUOK Compound Heterozygous Pathogenetic Variant and mtDNA Multiple Deletions. Montano, V.; Simoncini, C.; Cali, Cassi L.; Legati, A.; Siciliano, G.; Mancuso, M. Mar 31, 2019 1772
Diagnosis of Parapneumonia Pleural Effusion with Serum and Pleural Fluid Cell-Free DNA. Su, Chih-Min; Kung, Chia-Te; Hsiao, Sheng-Yuan; Tsai, Nai-Wen; Lai, Yun-Ru; Huang, Chih-Cheng; Wang, Mar 31, 2019 5585
The Tarawa Project Part I: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Resolve Commingled Human Remains from the Battle of Tarawa. Taylor, Rebecca J.; Scott, Audrey L.; Koehl, Anthony J.; Trask, Willa R.; Maijanen, Heli Mar 22, 2019 4569
Using Biological Profile Data to Inform a DNA Sequencing Strategy. Brown, Carrie; Lynch, Jeffrey James Mar 22, 2019 4397
Estimating the Number of Individuals in a Large Commingled Assemblage. Palmiotto, Andrea; Brown, Carrie Ann; LeGarde, Carrie B. Mar 22, 2019 4882
Filling the gap: the common hamster, Cricetus cricetus, phylogeography - a case study of Ukraine as potential refugial area. Korbut, Zofia; Rusin, Mikhail; Neumann, Karsten; Banaszek, Agata Case study Mar 1, 2019 6391
Short Communication - Genetic Structure of Octopus minor (Sasaki, 1920) (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) from Chinese Waters using Mitochondrial ATPase 6 Gene. Report Feb 28, 2019 2727
Infeccion natural por Fasciola hepatica en cervidos del Peru. Gomez-Puerta, Luis A.; Angulo-Tisoc, Jose M.; Pacheco, Joel I.; Lopez-Urbina, Maria T.; Gonzalez, Ar Feb 1, 2019 3246
Population structure of the ocellate spot skate (Okamejei kenojei) inferred from variations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences and from morphological characters of regional populations. Misawa, Ryo; Narimatsu, Yoji; Endo, Hiromitsu; Kai, Yoshiaki Report Jan 1, 2019 13938
Diversity Analysis of Chinese Tibetan Naqu Yak (Bos grunniens) Populations Using mtDNA. Basang, Wang-Dui; An, Tian-Wu; Danjiu, Luo-Bu; Zhu, Yan-Bin; He, Shi-Cheng; Luo, Xiao-Lin; Ni, Wei-W Report Dec 31, 2018 3889
Comparative Mitogenomic and Phylogentic Analyses of a Schizothoracine Fish, Gymnodiptychus dybowskii from Two Water Systems in Xinjiang. Meng, Wei; Yang, Tianyan; Liu, Yunguo; Halik, Mahmut; Gao, Tianxiang Case study Dec 31, 2018 5338
Complete Mitochondrial DNA Genome Sequences for Two Lineages in Coilia mystus (Clupeiformes: Engraulididae): Mitogenomic Perspective on the Phylogenetic Relationships of Genus Coilia. Guo, Ai; Xiao, Jiaguang; Shan, Binbin; Gao, Tianxiang; Zhou, Yongdong Technical report Dec 31, 2018 6231
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DNA censor can play critical role in cancer immunotherapy, says Study. Aug 25, 2017 772
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President's interference shows lack of respect for UK's decision. Jul 6, 2017 670
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Pope's Hospital Offers Treatment For Charlie Gard. Jul 5, 2017 567
Charlie Gard's Mother Responds After Trump's Offer To Help Toddler. Jul 4, 2017 690
Pope Sides With Charlie Gard's Parents Against European Court. Jul 3, 2017 697
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Baby To Be Taken Off Life Support After Parents Lose Court Case. Jun 29, 2017 916
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New Energy Source within Cells Found. Jun 5, 2016 536
Could hidden genetic mutations undercut stem cell therapies? May 2, 2016 606
Could hidden genetic mutations undercut stem cell therapies? May 2, 2016 606
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Could hidden genetic mutations undercut stem cell therapies? Apr 25, 2016 606
University research recognised with award. Mar 19, 2016 460
Award for cutting edge uni research. Mar 19, 2016 364
Ancient armadillo look-alikes are related to modern armadillos. Thompson, Helen Brief article Mar 19, 2016 190
Stress Pushes Cells to Die When Gatekeeper of Calcium Use in Mitochondria Is Dysfunctional. Mar 10, 2016 719
Mums matter - but not just for one day; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Mar 6, 2016 575
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Research by uni team unlocking secrets of ageing. Feb 5, 2016 491
Cell ageing breakthrough. Feb 5, 2016 494
Feel good, look good. Feb 2, 2016 600
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Sperm mitochondrial DNA 15bp deletion of cytochrome c oxidase subunit III is significantly associated with human male infertility in Pakistan. Jan 31, 2016 3375
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New hope for toxic wounds. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 197
Roosters topple genetic rules. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Dec 26, 2015 210
DNA puts Neandertal relatives in Siberia for 60,000 years. Bower, Bruce Brief article Dec 12, 2015 205
The mitochondrial free radical theory of aging. Klotter, Jule Dec 1, 2015 452
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Thank you for mitochondria article. Neuman, Diane Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2015 447
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80% success for DNA test on embryos. Oct 20, 2015 122
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Scientists discover rejuvenation factors in eggs. Aug 16, 2015 452
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Green tea shows promise as oral cancer therapy. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 236
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Mitochondrial transfer appeals to mutation carriers. Mechcatie, Elizabeth May 1, 2015 672
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