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Miter crosscut saw and workstation on display at AWFS Vegas.


CTD Machines Inc. offers its new Model DMC70 Mitre Max, a fixed 45[degrees] double miter crosscut saw. Using an advanced linear track guiding system, this saw will cut mouldings up to 8-in. (200mm) wide by 4-in. (101mm) high. The DMC70 Mitre Max will be available in both hand-operated and pneumatic versions.

The machine will include a 13-in. (330mm) blade capacity, two 1.5-hp, single-phase motors, dual magnetic starter, manual horizontal clamps, infeed table, and 6-in. Long Gage System for measuring both inside and outside points.


CTD also offers its new Automated Mitering Work Station which consists of a CTD Model D45AX 12-in. fixed 45[degrees] pivoting double miter saw used with an 8-ft Tigerstop and Pro Panel Digital Caliper. The system allows an operator to measure the inside dimension of a door panel or similar application, and wirelessly send that information directly to the Tigerstop. The Tigerstop then moves into position and the operator actuates the double miter saw to cut accurate mouldings to fit that panel. The system uses RF-technology to transfer information from the caliper to the stop. It also includes software and an interlock switch to lock out stops when the saw is cutting.

CTC Machines

Phone: (213) 689-4455

AWFS Vegas Booth 13071

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Comment:Miter crosscut saw and workstation on display at AWFS Vegas.(AWFS VEGAS FAIR TECHNOLOGY TOUR)
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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