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Mitel Unveils Breakthrough Speech Processing Features, Call Routing by Voice and Fully Bilingual Speech Recognition.

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New Features Offer Enhanced Convenience and Control for Mobile Users

Mitel Communications Systems, a division of Mitel Corporation, today announced breakthrough features with Release 2.0 of Impresa(TM) Speak@Ease (TM) Attendant, its speech recognition system.

For the first time, users can route their office telephone calls to any telephone number--inside or outside the office--with conversational voice commands. In addition, users no longer have to be at the office to employ the call routing function--they can now re-route their calls by voice from any wired or wireless telephone, anywhere. They can also tell the system to forward their calls to another number for specific lengths of time.

"Today's mobile employees want communication services that follow them wherever they are," said Mike Berlin, vice president, advanced messaging and applications, Mitel Communications Systems. "By offering voice control over call routing, we're simplifying the use an important telephony feature and offering unprecedented convenience." Call routing by voice

 Users can control the call routing function using voice commands.

- Route your office calls to any telephone number. "Forward my calls
 to this number..."

- Route calls to pre-programmed numbers. "Forward my calls to my
 home office..."

- Route calls to another number for specific time periods. The
 system automatically reverts to the prior setting when time

- Query your call routing status. "What is status of my calls?"
 System replies: "Your calls are forwarded to your residence until
 three p.m."

Fully bilingual speech recognition

Available in English/French and English/Spanish versions, Speak@Ease Attendant recognizes two languages simultaneously, making it fully bilingual. While other systems prompt you to use one language or the other, Speak@Ease Attendant lets you set your language preference, but always recognizes names and commands spoken in either language, without a language prompt.

Integration to Nortel Networks platforms

Mitel's speech processing applications strategy calls for multi-platform compatibility with both IP communications systems and traditional PBXs (Private Branch Exchange). Speak@Ease Attendant is now compatible with Meridian(TM) 1 Communications Systems PBXs from Nortel Networks. Web interface

Release 2.0 offers additional functionality via a web interface to Speak@Ease Attendant. Users can easily change their call routing settings and language display, in addition to managing their personal contact list and personal profile. About Speak@Ease Attendant

Mitel's Impressa Speak@Ease Attendant, Release 2.0 is an automated attendant and personal dialer application that incorporates advanced speech recognition technology. Available now, Release 2.0 operates on Mitel's Ipera 2000, the company's advanced IP enterprise communications solution, and Mitel's family of SX-200(R) Light and SX-2000(R) Light PBXs.

As a corporate dialing directory, the system allows internal extension and external number voice dialing; for example, just by saying, "Call John Smith on his cell phone." Users can create their own secure list of personal dialing numbers through a web interface. The attendant recognizes and logs users into applications based on a secure voice signature. Speak@Ease applications run on a PC-based platform integrated to PBX systems via a digital line interface.

About the Technology

Speak@Ease recognizes and understands naturally spoken language without requiring the user to train the system. Speak@Ease has a large dynamic vocabulary and adapts to varying voice situations such as mobile phones, noisy lines and Voice-over-IP.

About Mitel

Mitel Communications Systems has almost three decades of experience in meeting the real-time voice needs of enterprise customers. Systems' portfolio includes voice communications systems, desktop peripherals and networking solutions. Mitel Communications Systems is today helping enterprises develop and launch IP telephony applications.

Mitel is a global provider of semiconductors and communications systems for converging voice and data networks in a rapidly evolving Internet economy. The company has annual revenue of $1.4 billion and employs some 6,000 people worldwide. For more information visit

Certain statements in this press release constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the company, to be materially different from any future results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such risks, uncertainties and assumptions include, among others, the risks discussed in documents filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investors are encouraged to consider the risks detailed in those filings.
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Date:Oct 2, 2000
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