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Mistral Surpasses 10,500 Bomb-Mitigating Trash Cans Around the World - Making Terrorism More Difficult.

BETHESDA, Md. -- Mistral Security, Inc. (MSI), a U.S. corporation and pioneer in explosive detection, identification and blast mitigation and containment announced today that by the close of 2005, MSI will have surpassed the 10,500 mark of placing its patented bomb-mitigating trash cans throughout the world. What this means for the world is that it is becoming more and more difficult for terrorists to secret bombs that kill and harm innocent bystanders.

Serving the homeland security, law enforcement, military and commercial markets, MSI is adding one of our Nation's oldest Federal institutions to its list of clients with the delivery of bomb-mitigating trash cans which utilize a patented technology to absorb blast energy and fragments of an explosive device.

Eyal Banai, CEO of the Mistral Group, stated that "In today's world, I'm always proud to assist in keeping our homeland safe for fellow citizens and visitors. As a US security expert, I understand good value which is why our bomb-mitigating trash cans are nearly half the cost of other cans while maintaining our industry-leading standards where we test equal to or better than all other similar products on the market."

With two decades in the bomb-mitigating industry, Mistral has gained knowledge few others have achieved. For example, with the understanding of blast pressure and blast direction, MSI knows that a side loading trash lid is irresponsible. "Until we have a fully confined trash can, the explosion's blast pressure will release wherever the trash is loaded. If trash is loaded on the side, it will cause serious danger to people - it's unavoidable, it's simple physics," stated Banai. "To provide true protection value you must have 360-degree side protection. This is why all MSI cans are top loading - so the pressure will be safely vented upwards and away from any person standing near the can." The MSI cans are the only bomb-mitigating trash cans where the technology has been proven to succeed in preventing death and serious injury in the real world of terrorism.

Mistral continually strives to improve the technology and increase access to services which help combat terrorism around the world - whether it be with MSI's patented technology for bomb-mitigating trash cans, MSI's explosive detection and identification Expray Kits used by law enforcement and military, or by teaming and assisting Plasan Sasa, a world leader in Armor Technology, to deploy Mine Blast Protection Kits for military platforms such as the USMC's MTVRs and the US Army's M915s.

The MSI cans also are used as safe depositories in which to temporarily store suspicious items until authorities arrive. MSI offers the greatest number of Blast Mitigation cans models, including size, blast charge protection amount (from 1.6lb to 15lb of TNT or equivalent), and finish. MSI's receptacles also are significantly lighter for easy maintenance and more cost effective than competitive cans.

About Mistral Security, Inc.

Mistral Security, Inc. (MSI) -- part of Mistral Group, a leader in Defense and Law Enforcement markets -- is a pioneer in explosive detection, identification, mitigation, and containment. Setting the world standards for explosive mitigation and containment, MSI systems are approved by GSA and the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board (DDESB). Mistral Group is recognized as a world leader in providing expert R&D services, consultancy and protective containment products in terms of blast mitigation and ballistic protection to both commercial and military clients.

MSI's core expertise involves explosive containment systems, ballistic hard line protection, explosive & drug detection and perimeter intrusion/detection systems. In addition to MSI's bomb-mitigating trash receptacles and BlastSafe (fully contained explosive systems), MSI manufactures and sells Expray, an explosive detection and identification kit. Expray is the most effective solution for US military on and off the battle field for explosive detection and identification. Because of its portability, ease of use and low cost, the soldiers and their procurement officers have designated Expray as 'mission critical'.

Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, MSI has an international network in more than 50 countries. For further information go to:
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Date:Dec 22, 2005
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