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Mister Rabbit's Wish.

Mister Rabbit's Wish

Colleen Monroe, author

Michael Glenn Monroe, illustrator

Mitten Press

2500 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 877-722-2264

97815877265259, $17.95,

"Mister Rabbit's Wish" is a beautiful story about the power of hope. Once a year, deep in the winter, old Mister Rabbit makes the long journey to the Wishing Tree once a year, and this may very well be his last year to do this. All the forest animals see Mister Rabbit making his slow journey and ask if they can come along to make wishes too. When they finally arrive, at first the forest animals are certain the Wishing Tree must be a tall, beautiful, snow-covered spruce and they stop to gaze at it in wonder. But old Mister Rabbit trudges on to the true Wishing Tree, a scarred old oak tree with broken branches and a kindly face. The tree speaks to the animals, both welcoming and warning them and saying,"I can only grant wishes that are kind and are true,/ So make sure that your wishes aren't centered on you." Each animal steps forward to touch the tree and speak its wish in turn, for more food, a better home, and other comforts. When old Mister Rabbit speaks to the Wishing Tree, only the Tree can hear his wish. Later the animals discover that Old Mister Rabbit is the only one who made a selfless wish; he wished for Peace on Earth, as he did once each year of his rabbit life. When all the animals hear this, they react in confusion, telling Mister Rabbit he has wasted his wish each year for nothing, and wondering why. Mister Rabbit answers them,"The Wishing Tree has given me the gift of hope. The Wishing Tree has told me that one year, when more than just one old bunny wishes for peace, then he will have the strength to grant my wish." "Mister Rabbit's Wish" is a beautiful book for children and adults to share.
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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