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Mission Brewery brews up a local success.

Mission Brewery brews up a local success

Six months after the Mission Brewing Co. began distributing its microbrewed ales, Bruce Kannenberg, general manager, Mission Brewing Co., announced that the company's initial effort was a success.

A year ago, Kannenberg and master brewers Paul Holborn and Clint Stromberg installed a three-barrel pilot system in an effort to create unique ales. For the next six months, Kannenberg distributed the brew to a select group of local restaurants, bars and country clubs.

"The distribution effort is part of the Mission Brewing Co.'s pre-opening marketing strategy," Kannenberg said. "The concept of locally-brewed, handcrafted ales is new to Southern California."

Kannenberg is currently marketing four ales, each different in body and flavor.

"Most of our clients like to rotate the choice of ales," he said. "By offering a variety, the customers have the opportunity to compare the quality of the different handcrafted ales to other beers and ales."

The three-barrel system produces approximately 100 kegs a month; however, over the next two months Kannenberg expects to convert to a state-of-the-art, 15-barrel system in preparation for the opening of the company's new facility.

Although Kannenberg is planning a bottling operation, the availability of bottled ales will be limited. He plans to offer specialty ales, bottled in magnums, on a pre-sold basis several times a year, while small amounts will be available for retail sale on the premise.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 13, 1989
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