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Missiological journals: a checklist.

In 2004, at the Eleventh General Assembly of the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS) in Port Dickson, Malaysia, editors of journals related to mission studies convened an informal meeting. In preparation for this meeting, a directory of thirty-nine journals was generated from a rudimentary survey circulated among IAMS members. Of that number, two were barely conceived; neither survived beyond a single issue. Several were a mere one or two issues old. Still others, such as the venerable International Review of Mission and the flourishing INTERNATIONAL BULLETIN OF MISSIONARY RESEARCH, represented decades of experience addressing the perennial challenges of accessibility and relevance in a rapidly changing global Christian community.

The roundtable conversation at the meeting was instructive. There was a dim but daunting realization that without a dynamic presence on the Internet, journals would wane and disappear. No one knew how a web-based journal could possibly generate the revenues required to cover editorial and production costs. Since advertisers have little interest in paying for a message that will be viewed by a very limited number of readers, and readers are either unwilling or unable to pay for online content, how could any mission studies journal survive economically? Circulation, a challenge for any serial publication, is integral to financial viability. Editorial, production, and mailing overheads are formidable, and subscriptions alone rarely cover these costs. With readers worldwide increasingly going to the web for information, scholarly journals, unless endowed or otherwise independently funded, fade and disappear.

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was suggested that the registry be more widely circulated. Accordingly, it was--and still is--linked to the IAMS website: The list that follows, an expansion that doubles the original effort, is admittedly spare to the point of minimalism in the information it contains. But it can perhaps serve as an initial outline of the field. The list would expand yet again if works were included that focus on the emerging discipline of world Christianity, such as the Journal of World Christianity (, which overlaps with but holds itself to be distinct from mission studies.

Despite the most heroic editorial efforts, such a list is fated, not only to be inaccurate and in many ways deficient, but also to become instantly out of date. Recognizing this, the IBMR editors invite readers to supply what they know, filling in gaps and correcting errors, so that the list--which will be posted online--can become and remain a current and reliable guide to journals in the field of mission studies. Kindly address updates and emendations to the editors at

In preparing this list, journal editors were asked to provide basic information, here abbreviated as follows: EDIT: editor/associate editor; PUBL: publisher; DSCPT: concise description; LANG: principal language; YEAR: year publication began; CIRC: number of subscribers; FREQ: frequency of publication; SUBS: subscription cost; ADDR: postal address; TELE: telephone number; FAX: fax number; EMAIL: e-mail address; WEB: website URL.

Some of the journals listed below are e-journals, circulated only online. Others circulate in a print version in addition to having an online presence. We can expect the number of those available in whole or in part through a website to continue to grow. Many of these journals are also accessible through the full-text databases maintained by EBSCO (, such as Humanities International Complete and Humanities Full Text, via the American Theological Library Association's ATLA Religion Database (, and through similar services to which libraries, universities, and educational consortia subscribe.

Subscription costs are often complex--whether for an individual or institution, a domestic or foreign subscription, online or in print, one year or multiple years, and a number of other variations. Therefore, the prices shown below are for one year for an individual residing within the country where the journal is published. For multiyear discounts, student rates, institutional prices, and variation in cost by region of the world, see the journals' websites or inquire by e-mail.

The task of updating this list fell to two of my capable interns, Erica Stalcup and Wendy Jennings. To them must go the credit for whatever is useful; for the list's deficiencies, however, the discredit must be mine. Dwight Baker, senior associate editor of the INTERNATIONAL BULLETIN OF MISSIONARY RESEARCH, also contributed to the list.

Acta Missiologiae EDIT: Scott Klingsmith, Anne-Marie Kool; PUBL: Central and Eastern European Institute for Mission Studies of Karoli University (CIMS); DSCPT: international and interconfessional peer-reviewed missiological journal focused on Central and Eastern Europe; LANG: English; YEAR: 2008; CIRC: 500; FREQ: annual; SUBS: 10 [euro]; ADDR: Acta Missiologiae, CIMS, Karoli University, P.O. Box 73, 1461 Budapest, Hungary; TELE: +36-(1)-216-2054 ext. 101; FAX: +36-(1)-216-2054 ext. 113; EMAIL:,; WEB:

Ad Gentes: Teologia e antropologia della missione EDIT: Gianni Colzani, P. Mario Menin; PUBL: Editrice Missionaria Italiana (EMI); DSCPT: missiological journal featuring primarily Italian contributors; LANG: Italian; YEAR: 1997; FREQ: semiannual; SUBS: 20 [euro]; ADDR: Ad Gentes, EMI, Via di Corticella 179/4, 40128 Bologna, Italy; TELE: +39-051-326027; FAX: +39-051-327552; EMAIL:; WEB:

African Journal for Mission in Context (AMC) EDIT: Rose Uchem; PUBL: African Region of the International Association for Mission Studies; DSCPT: peer-reviewed online journal of research on mission in African contexts; LANG: English; YEAR: 2010; CIRC: online; FREQ: semiannual; SUBS: free; ADDR: Rose Uchem, Editor, African Journal for Mission in Context, c/o Dept. of Religion and Cultural Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria; TELE: +234-8034-718-951; EMAIL:; WEB:

Asian Missiology EDIT; Chansamone Saiyasak; PUBL: Asian Society of Missiology (ASM); DSCPT: online journal containing missiological research and discussion papers focusing on Asia and Asian churches in mission; LANG: English; YEAR: 2007; CIRC: online; FREQ: biannual; SUBS: included in membership fee; ADDR: Asian Missiology, P.O. Box 305, Burns, TN 37029 USA; EMAIL:; WEB:

Asian Missions Advance EDIT: Timothy K. Park; PUBL: Asia Missions Association; DSCPT: forum for missionaries, mission trainers, and church mission leaders for exchanging ideas, sharing reports, and discussing issues related to mission praxis; LANG: English; YEAR: 2011, previously published by East-West Center for Missions Research & Development (1978-93); CIRC: 720; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: US$20; ADDR: Asian Missions Advance, 464 E. Walnut St., Suite 220, Pasadena, CA 91101 USA; TELE: +1-626-577-5564; FAX: +1-626-310-0918; EMAIL:; WEB:,

Australian Journal of Mission Studies (AJMS)

EDIT: ROSS Mackinnon; PUBL: Australian Association for Mission Studies (AAMS); DSCPT: peer-reviewed journal; publishes scholarly and general interest articles on Christian mission, both local and global, with a focus on Australian and South Pacific perspectives; LANG: English; YEAR: 2007, continues South Pacific Journal of Mission Studies (1989-2006); CIRC: 220; FREQ: semiannual; SUBS: AU$40; ADDR: AJMS, AAMS, 271 Royal Parade, Parkville Vic 3052, Australia; TELE: +61-3-9340-8021; FAX: +61-3-9349-4241; EMAIL:; WEB:

BIAMS Bulletin EDIT: Jonathan Ingleby: PUBL: British and Irish Association for Mission Studies (BIAMS); DSCPT: short articles of current interest by BIAMS associates for mission theologians and practitioners, plus reviews and notices of recent publications; LANG: English; YEAR: 2005, continues BIAMS Newsletter (1993-2004); CIRC: 200; FREQ: semiannual; subs: 6 [pounds sterling]; ADDR: Jonathan Ingleby, Editor, BIAMS Bulletin, 6 Peart Close, Gloucester, GL1 3QF, United Kingdom; TELE: +44-(0)1452-303891; EMAIL:; WEB:

Bibliographia Missionaria EDIT: Marek Rostkowski; PUBL: Pontifical Missionary Library and Urbaniana University Press; DSCPT: offers vast documentation on books and articles regarding the missionary world, both historical (religious orders, missionary congregations, missionary lives, missionary territories) and praxial (methodology, great religions of the world, ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, development, new religious movements); ample indexes; LANG: English; YEAR: 1933-34; CIRC: 400; FREQ: annual; SUBS: 44 [euro]; ADDR: Bibliographia Missionaria, Pontifical Missionary Library, Pontifical Urbaniana University, Via Urbano VIII, 16, 00120 Vatican City; TELE: +39-0669889676; FAX: +39-0669889663; EMAIL:; WEB:

Chinese Theological Review EDIT: Janice Wickeri; PUBL: Marvin Hoff; DSCPT: English translations of original documents (statements, essays, sermons) from the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and the China Christian Council written in Chinese by Christians in China for Christians in China; LANG: English translations; YEAR: 1985; CIRC: 850; FREQ: annual; SUBS: US$10; ADDR: Janice Wickeri, Editor, Chinese Theological Review, c/o SKH Ming Hua Theological College, Glenealy, Central, Hong Kong; Marvin D. Hoff, Publisher, Chinese Theological Review, 21236 Barth Pond Ln., Crest Hill, IL 60435 USA; EMAIL:; WEB:

Currents in Theology and Mission EDIT: Kathleen D. Billman, Kurt K. Hendel, Craig L. Nessan; PUBL: Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, in cooperation with Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and Wartburg Theological Seminary; DSCPT: resources for mission, ministry, and theological growth for pastors, diaconal ministers, associates in ministry, and other church leaders; LANG: English; YEAR: 1974; FREQ: bimonthly; SUBS: US$24; ADDR: Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, 1100 E. 55th St., Chicago, IL 60615 USA; TELE: +1-773-256-0695; EMAIL:,,,; WEB:

Dharma Deepika: A South Asian Journal of Missiological Research EDIT: P. Daniel Jeyaraj, managing editor Roger E. Hedlund; PUBL: Deepika Educational Trust, Mylapore Institute for Indigenous Studies; DSCPT: academic journal, evangelical in commitment, ecumenical in scope, global in vision, dedicated to open inquiry of issues related to the church's mission in contemporary South Asia; LANG: English; YEAR: 1995; CIRC: 2000; FREQ: semiannual; subs: Rs 120; ADDR: Dharma Deepika, 7, Canal Bank Road, 1-A, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai 600 028, Tamilnadu, India; TELE: +91-(44)-2431-2325; EMAIL:,; WEB:

East-West Church and Ministry Report EDIT: Mark R. Elliott; DSCPT: clearinghouse for church and academia for a balanced and objective examination of all aspects of church life and mission outreach in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe; LANG: English, Russian; YEAR: 1993; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: print ed. US$49.45, e-mail ed. US$22.95; ADDR: East-West Church and Ministry Report, Asbury College, 1 Macklem Dr., Wilmore, KY 40390 USA; TELE: +1-864-633-9666; EMAIL:; WEB:

Encounters Mission Journal PUBL: Redcliffe College; DSCPT: online topical journal offering space for academics and practitioners involved in Christian mission to express and exchange views on a variety of issues; LANG: English; YEAR: 2004; CIRC: online; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: free; ADDR: Encounters Mission Journal, Redcliffe College, Wotton House, Horton Rd., Gloucester, GL1 3PT, United Kingdom; TELE: +44-(0)1452-308097; WEB:

Ethne EDIT: Shibu K. Mathew; PUBL: Frontier Educational Services; DSCPT: quarterly mission magazine from India to mobilize the church in India; LANG: English; YEAR: 2002; CIRC: 800; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: Rs 100; ADDR: Ethne, Frontier Educational Services, Logos Centre, Horamavu Agara P.O., Bangalore 560043, Karnataka, India; TELE: +91-9448403436; EMAIL:; WEB:

Ethne: Online Journal for Pentecostal and Missional Leadership EDIT: Andrew Mkwaila; PUBL: All Nations Theological Seminary; DSCPT: peer-reviewed publication bringing theological and missional insight to bear on the practice of ministry in the Pentecostal tradition; LANG: English; CIRC: online; subs: free; ADDR: Ethne, All Nations Theological Seminary, P.O. Box 209, Lilongwe, Malawi; TELE: +265-1-762-408; EMAIL:; WEB:

Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) EDIT: A. Scott Moreau, managing editor Laurie Fortunak Nichols; PUBL: Evangelism and Missions Information Service (EMIS); DSCPT: professional journal serving the worldwide missions community with articles that reflect missionary life, thought, and practice related to worldwide mission and evangelism efforts; LANG: English; YEAR: 1964; CIRC: 4,500, also available online; FREQ: quarterly; subs: US$18.95; ADDR: EMQ, EMIS, P.O. Box 794, Wheaton, IL 60189 USA; TELE: +1-630-752-7158; FAX: +1-630-752-7155; EMAIL:; WEB:

Evangelikale Missiologie EDIT: Thomas Schirrmacher, Bernd Brandl, Friedmann Walldorf, Hanna Schmalenbach, Meiken Buchol; PUBL: Arbeitskreis fur evangelikale Missiologie (AfeM, The German-language Evangelical Missiological Society); DSCPT: articles and research findings about the practice, theology, and history of global Christianity and mission; LANG: German; YEAR: 1985; CIRC: 800; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: 17 [euro]; ADDR: AfeM-Geschaftsstelle, Meiken Buchholz, Rathenaustr. 5-7, D-51691 Bergneustadt, Germany; TELE: +49-(0)641-98689924; FAX: +49-(0)228-9650389; EMAIL:; WEB:

Exchange: A Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research EDIT: Freek L. Bakker; PUBL: Centre for Intercultural Theology, Interreligious Dialogue, Missiology, and Ecumenism; DSCPT: international journal covering the fields of intercultural theology, missiology, and ecumenism and devoted to observation and interpretation of (1) the theologies and churches in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, (2) interaction between Christianity and other religions, and (3) migrant churches in the West; LANG: English; YEAR: 1972; CIRC: 500; FREQ: quarterly; subs: 80 [euro], US$112; ADDR: Exchange, Centrum IIMO, Heidelberglaan Trans 14, 3512 JK Utrecht, The Netherlands; TELE: +31-30-253-2079; FAX: +31-30-253-2362; EMAIL:; WEB:

Faith & Mission (discontinued) PUBL: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, N.C.; DSCPT: academic journal to equip Christians engaged in fulfilling the Great Commission in all the earth; LANG: English; YEAR: 1983-2008; FREQ: quarterly; succeeded by Southeastern Theological Review (2010)

FOIM Series EDIT: Joe Mattam; PUBL: Fellowship of Indian Missiologists; DSCPT: a series of papers on missiological topics; LANG: English; YEAR: 1992; CIRC: 1,000; FREQ: biannual; SUBS: Rs 75; ADDR: Sneha Jyoti, Jesuit Theology Centre, B/h Xavier Technical Institute, Sevasi, Vadodara Dt. 391101, India; EMAIL:

Forum Mission (FM) EDIT: Josef Meili, Ernstpeter Heiniger, Paul Stadler; PUBL: Verein zur Forderung der Missionswissenschaft; DSCPT: promotes ecumenical exchange, dialogue, and debate on missiological topics and related fields; focuses each year on one particular topic, which is presented from different angles by scholars and missionaries from various Christian backgrounds and other religious or philosophical backgrounds; LANG: English, German, Spanish, French; YEAR: 2005, continues Neue Zeitschrift fur Missionswissenschaft (1945-2004); CIRC: 350; FREQ: annual; SUBS: SFr 48, 40 [euro]; ADDR: Forum Mission, Kreuzbuchstrasse 44, CH-6006 Luzern, Switzerland; TELE: +41-41-375-72-72; FAX: +41-41-37572-75; EMAIL: (editorial),,; EMAIL: (subscriptions); WEB:

Global Missiology EDIT: Enoch Wan; PUBL: Enoch Wan; DSCPT: online venue for interactive exchanges among researchers, practitioners, and scholars with a commitment to the worldwide mission of the church and the biblical mandate to "make disciples"; LANG: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and others; YEAR: 2003; CIRC: online; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: free; ADDR: Global Missiology, Western Seminary, 5511 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97215 USA; TELE: +1-503-517-1804; FAX: +1-503-517-1889; EMAIL:; WEB:

Indian Journal of Missiology (discontinued) EDIT: Siga Arles; PUBL: Indian Institute of Missiology; DSCPT: published to help in missionary training for indigenous missions in India under the India Missions Association; LANG: English; YEAR: 1998-2003, 2006-7; CIRC: 300; FREQ: semiannual

Indian Missions PUBL: India Missions Association; DSCPT: presents contemporary scenarios, viewpoints, and articles that promote missions; LANG: English; FREQ: quarterly; subs: Rs 100; ADDR: Indian Missions, India Missions Association, 48 First Main Rd., East Shenoynagar, Post Box 2529, Chennai 600 030, India; EMAIL:; WEB:

Interkulturelle Theologie: Zeitschrift fur Missionswissenschaft EDIT: Ulrich Dehn; PUBL: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Missionswissenschaft (DGMW, German Society for Mission Studies) and Basel Mission; DSCPT: publishes reflections on the theological foundations of mission, as well as experiences and problems in worldwide missionary practice, drawing upon relevant anthropological, religious, and social scientific research, with a focus on the quest for respect and understanding of other faiths; LANG: German; YEAR: 2008, continues Zeitschrift fur Mission (1975-2008); FREQ: quarterly or semiannually as a single issue or a double issue; subs: single issue 6.50 [euro], double issue 13 [euro]; ADDR: Ulrich Dehn, Editor, Interkulturelle Theologie, FB Evangelische Theologie, Institut fur Missions-, Okumene-, und Religionswissenschaften, Universitat Hamburg, Sedanstr. 19, 20146 Hamburg, Germany; TELE: +49-(0)40-42838-3776; EMAIL:; WEB:, .html

International Bulletin of Missionary Research EDIT: Jonathan J. Bonk / J. Nelson Jennings, Dwight P. Baker; PUBL: Overseas Ministries Study Center (OMSC); DSCPT: academic journal devoted to a sympathetic yet objective analysis and critique of the Christian world mission; LANG: English; YEAR: 1981, continues Occasional Bulletin from the Missionary Research Library (1950-76) and Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research (1977-80); CIRC: 12,076; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: online free, print ed. US$23; ADDR: IBMR, OMSC, 490 Prospect St., New Haven, CT 06511 USA; TELE: +1-203-624-6672; FAX: +1-203-865-2857; EMAIL:; WEB:

International Journal of Frontier Missiology (IJFM) EDIT: Brad Gill, managing editor Rory Clark; PUBL: International Student Leaders Coalition for Frontier Missions; DSCPT: promotes intergenerational dialogue between mission leaders, development of frontier missiology, creation of mission agencies for frontier missions, interdisciplinary studies, spiritual devotion as well as intellectual growth, and "A Church for Every People"; LANG: English; YEAR: 1984; CIRC: 400; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: U8518; ADDR: IJFM, 1605 E. Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104 USA; TELE: +1-626-398-2249; FAX: +1-626-398-2337; EMAIL:,; WEB:

International Review of Mission (IRM) EDIT: Jooseop Keum; PUBL: World Council of Churches (WCC); DSCPT: missiology from an ecumenical perspective, with space for debate between various approaches to mission; includes extended bibliography of current literature on world mission; LANG: English; YEAR: 1912; FREQ: quarterly; subs: US$96; ADDR: IRM, c/o World Council of Churches, 150 route de Ferney, P.O. Box 2100, CH-1211 Geneve 2, Switzerland; EMAIL; WEB:

Ishmael, Our Brother EDIT: Chun Chae Ok; DSCPT: articles related to Muslim mission, information on useful research, missionary essays, missionary news, and book reviews; LANG: Korean; CIRC: 500; FREQ: bimonthly; subs: KRW 50,000; ADDR: Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, 55 Yangjae-Dong Sucho-Gu, Seoul 137-889, Korea; TELE: +82-2-570-7563; EMAIL:,,

Ishvani Documentation and Mission Digest EDIT: Joy Thomas; PUBL: Ishvani Kendra; DSCPT: documentation on Christianity and world religions with articles on mission, plus over 100 abstracts per issue of articles published in national and international reviews; LANG: English; YEAR: 1983; CIRC: 500; FREQ: three per year; SUBS: Rs 150; ADDR: Ishvani Documentation and Mission Digest, Ishvani Kendra, P.Box 3003, Pune 411 014, M.S., India; TELE +91-20-7033507, +91-20-7033820; FAX: +91-20-7032375; EMAIL:; WEB:

Jnanadeepa: Pune Journal of Religious Studies EDIT: Jacob Kavunkal; PUBL: Jnana Deepa Publications; DSCPT: interdisciplinary academic journal with twelve articles per issue on a current theological and missiological issue; major missiological focus given to religious and cultural pluralism and the negative impact of globalization on the Third World; LANG: English; YEAR: 1998; CIRC: 650; FREQ: semiannual; SUBS: Rs 80; ADDR: Editor, Jnanadeepa, Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune 411014, India; TELE: +91-20-27034968; FAX: +91-20-27034491; EMAIL:; WEB:

Journal of Anglican Studies (JAS) EDIT: Bruce Kaye; PUBL: Cambridge University Press; DSCPT: an international journal offering serious scholarly conversation on all aspects of Anglicanism, including history, theology, worship, ethics, missiology, scripture, canon law, aesthetics, and education; LANG: English; YEAR: 2003; CIRC: print ed. 200, also online; FREQ: semiannual; subs: print ed. US$50, 25 [pounds sterling]; ADDR: JAS, Suite 4, Level 6, 51 Druitt St., Sydney, NSW, Australia 2000; TELE: +61-2-9262-7890; FAX:+61-2-9262-7290; EMAIL:; WEB:

Journal of Applied Missiology (discontinued) EDIT: Ed Mathews; PUBL: Dept. of Missions, Abilene Christian University; DSCPT: advocates establishing responsible, reproducing church movements among every group of people on the face of the earth; LANG: English; YEAR: print 1990-95, online 1996-97; CIRC: archived online; FREQ: semiannual; WEB: .asp?ID=272

Journal of Asian Mission (JAM) EDIT: Anne Harper, Larry Caldwell; PUBL: Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines; DSCPT: forum to assess theories and practices of mission past or future, with focus on training Asians for missionary tasks and working toward the evangelization of Asia; LANG: English; YEAR: 1999; CIRC: 400; FREQ: semiannual; subs: PhP 400; ADDR: JAM, QCC P.O. Box 1454-1154, 1102 Quezon City, Philippines; TELE: +63-2-410-0312; FAX: +63-2-410-0312; EMAIL:; WEB:

Journal of Contemporary Christian EDIT: Siga Arles; PUBL: Centre for Contemporary Christianity; DSCPT: deals with contemporary challenges to Christian faith within the Indian context; LANG: English; YEAR: 2009; CIRC: 350; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: Rs 200; ADDR: Journal of Contemporary Christian, #47, 10th Cross, 3rd Main, Hoysala Nagar, Bangalore, 560016 India; TELE: +91-98453-90155; EMAIL:,; WEB:

Journal of European Baptist Studies (JEBS) EDIT: Keith G. Jones, Parush R. Parushev, Ian M. Randall, Lina Andronoviene, Tim F. T. Noble; PUBL: European Baptist Federation; DSCPT: multidisciplinary academic journal with implicit missiological content that addresses church and academic life in European contexts; LANG: English; YEAR: 2000; FREQ: three per year; SUBS: 16 [euro]; ADDR: IBTS of EBF, Nad Habrovkou 3, Jeneralka, Praha 6, CZ 164 00, Czech Republic; TELE: +420-2-963-92311; FAX: +420-2-963-92313; EMAIL; WEB:

Journal of NATA EDIT: Siga Arles; PUBL: National Association for Theological Accreditation (NATA); DSCPT: provides literature dealing with contemporary challenges to theological education within the Indian context; LANG: English; YEAR: 2012; CIRC: 1,000; FREQ: semiannual; subs: Rs 100, US$10; ADDR: Journal of NATA, #47, 10th Cross, 3rd Main, Hoysala Nagar, Bangalore, 560016 India; TELE: +91-98453-90155; EMAIL:,; WEB:

Journal of the Henry Martyn Institute (JHMI) EDIT: Varghese Manimala / Andreas D'souza, M. M. Abraham; PUBL: Henry Martyn Institute: International Centre for Research, Interfaith Relations and Reconciliation, Hyderabad, India; DSCPT: promotes interreligious understanding and reconciliation, with special focus on the study of Islam; LANG: English; YEAR: 1998, continues Bulletin of the Henry Martyn Institute of Islamic Studies (1985-98); CIRC: 500; FREQ: semiannual; SUBS: Rs 175; ADDR: JHMI, Henry Martyn Institute, 6-3-128/1 National Police Academy Rd., Shivarampally, Hyderabad 500 052, A.P., India; TELE: +91-40-2320-1134, +91-40-2320-3954; FAX: +91-40-2320-3954; EMAIL:,; WEB:

Journal of the Japan Missiological Society PUBL: Japan Missiological Society; LANG: Japanese; YEAR: 2007; CIRC: online; WEB:

Jurnal Ledalero: Wacana Iman dan Kebudayaan (Journal Ledalero: Discourse on faith and culture) EDIT: John Mansford Prior; PUBL: Penerbit Ledalero; DSCPT: interdisciplinary theological studies from Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Katolik (STFK) Ledalero (Ledalero Institute of Philosophy); LANG: Indonesian; YEAR: 2002; CIRC: 800; FREQ: semiannual; subs: Rp 50,000; ADDR: Jurnal Ledalero, Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Katolik Ledalero, Maumere 86512, Flores-NTT, Indonesia; TELE: 082145883380; FAX: +62-382-21893; EMAIL:;

Missio Apostolica EDIT: Robert Kolb, Victor Raj; PUBL: Lutheran Society for Missiology (LSFM); DSCPT: forum for exploring God's mission through a confessional Lutheran missiological lens via articles from mission fields, research studies, and book reviews; LANG: English; YEAR: 1993; CIRC: online, print ed. 75; FREQ: semiannual; subs:

online free, print ed. US$12.40; ADDR: LSFM/Missio Apostolica, 2811 Holman Ave. NE, Portland, OR 97211 USA; TELE: +1-651587-2705; EMAIL:,; WEB:

Missiology: An International Review EDIT: Richard L. Starcher; PUBL: American Society of Missiology; DSCPT: multidisciplinary forum for exchange of ideas and sharing of research between missiologists and others interested in related subjects; LANG: English; YEAR: 1973; CIRC: 1,200; FREQ: quarterly; subs: online US$20, print ed. US$30; ADDR: Missiology, 13800 Biola Ave, La Mirada, CA 90639 USA; TELE: +1-562-944-0351 ext. 5667; EMAIL:; WEB:

Mission: Journal of Mission Studies/Revue des sciences de la mission (discontinued) PUBL: Mission Studies and Interreligious Dialogue (earlier: Institut des sciences de la mission/Institute of Mission Studies), Saint Paul University; DSCPT: bilingual journal of intercultural, inter-religious, and mission studies that includes scholarly articles, field experience, documents, and book reviews; LANG: English, French; YEAR: 1994-2009, continuation of Kerygma (1967-93); FREQ: semiannual

Missionalia EDIT: G. L. James; PUBL: Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS); DSCPT: academic journal with a holistic and inclusive understanding of mission that, in dialogue with global trends and developments, fosters critical and creative missiological reflection on Christian mission in Southern Africa; LANG: English; YEAR: 1973; CIRC: 600; FREQ: three per year; subs: R 120; ADDR: Missionalia, SAMS, P.O. Box 35704, Menlo Park 0102, South Africa; TELE: +27-12-667-6929; FAX: +27-12-429-4619; EMAIL:; WEB:

Mission de l'Eglise EDIT: Pierre Diarra; PUBL: (Euvres Pontificales Missionnaires de France et de Belgique; DSCPT: journal of formation and missiological information primarily oriented to pastoral workers of the Christian communities in Europe and other continents so as to encourage universal mission; LANG: French; YEAR: 1956; CIRC: 4,500 (supplement 2,000); FREQ: quarterly plus semiannual supplement; SUBS: 24 [euro]; with supplement 38 [euro]; ADDR: Mission de l'Eglise, OPM-CM, 5 rue Monsieur, 75343 Paris Cedex 07, France; TELE: +33-(0)1-53-69-17-45; FAX: +33-(0)1-47-34-26-63; EMAIL:; WEB:

Mission Focus: Annual Review EDIT: Walter Sawatsky; PUBL: Mission Studies Center, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary; DSCPT: forum for sharing research, perspectives, and discussion on issues facing Ana baptists/Mennonites in mission today, with articles and book reviews by missiologists from around the world; LANG: English; YEAR: 1993, continues Mission Focus (1972-92); CIRC: 550; FREQ: annual; subs: US$10; ADDR: Mission Focus: Annual Review, 3003 Benham Ave., Elkhart, IN 46517 USA; TELE: +1-574-522-1806, +1-574-296-6209; FAX: +1-574-295-0092; EMAIL:; WEB:

Mission Frontiers EDIT: Rick Wood; PUBL: U.S. Center for World Mission; DSCPT: dedicated to fostering the global movement to establish an indigenous and self-reproducing church planting movement among all of the 10,000 unreached peoples (ethnic groups) of the world as soon as possible; LANG: English; YEAR: 1979; CIRC: 14,500; FREQ: bimonthly; subs: US$24; ADDR: Mission Frontiers, 1605 E. Elizabeth St. #1048, Pasadena, CA 91104 USA; TELE: +1-626-797-1111; FAX: +1-626-398-2263; EMAIL:; WEB:

Mission Round Table: The Occasional Bulletin of OMF Mission Research EDIT: Warren Beattie; PUBL: Mission Research Department of OMF International; DSCPT: contemporary mission in Asia as viewed by reflective practitioners, covering topics such as contextualization, globalization, integrative mission, theological education, missional business, and spirit worlds; LANG: English; YEAR: 2005; CIRC: online; FREQ: semiannual; subs: email query to; ADDR: Mission Round Table, 2 Cluny Rd., Singapore 259570; TELE: +65-6319-4550; FAX: +65-6472-2398; EMAIL:; WEB:

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Mission Today EDIT: Paul Vadakumpadan; PUBL: Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong, Meghalaya, India; DSCPT: fosters reflection on Christian mission as the continuation in space and time of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ; promotes evangelization, understood as a multidimensional reality, carried out in various sociocultural contexts but with special focus on the Indian context; LANG: English; YEAR: 1999, continues Indian Missiological Review (1979-98); CIRC: 1,600; FREQ: quarterly; subs: Rs 150; ADDR: Mission Today, Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong-793 008, Meghalaya, India; TELE: +9862253537; FAX: 0364-2550144; EMAIL:,; WEB:

Nigerian Journal of Christian Studies EDIT: Don Akhilomen / Felix Ehimare Enegho; PUBL: Dept. of Religious Management and Cultural Studies, Ambrose Alli University; DSCPT: articles by academics and missionaries that address, from diverse perspectives, contemporary events and burning issues in Christian studies; LANG: English; FREQ: annual; SUBS: U8510; ADDR: Don Akhilomen, Nigerian Journal of Christian Studies, Dept. of Religious Management and Cultural Studies, Ambrose Alli University, P.M.B. 14, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria; TELE: +234-8056621457, +234-7066932145; EMAIL"

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Re-thinking Mission EDIT: Joshva Raja; PUBL: Selly Oak Centre for Mission Studies (SOCMS), Us (formerly United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel [USPG]), and the Methodist Church of Britain; DSCPT: electronic journal of mission studies to stimulate new thinking on the theology of mission, enlightened by perspectives of Christians from around the world; LANG: English; YEAR: 2006 (previously in paper, sporadically, for about six years); CIRC: online; FREQI quarterly; subs: free (request via Mike Brooks,; ADDR: US, Harling House, 47-51 Great Suffolk St., London SE1 0BS, United Kingdom; TELE: +44-(0)20-7921-2200; FAX: +44-(0)20-7921-2222; EMAIL:; WEB:

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Swedish Missiological Themes / Svensk Missionstidskrift (SMT) EDIT: Anita Suneson, Niklas Holmefur; PUBL: Swedish Institute of Mission Research; DSCPT: articles by the international community of mission scholars on mission history, non-European church history, mission theology, interreligious dialogue, and ecumenics; LANG: English; YEAR: 1913; CIRC: 400; FREQ: quarterly; subs: SKr 250; ADDR: Swedish Missiological Themes, Box 511, SE-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden; EMAIL:,; WEB:

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Third Millennium: Indian Journal of Evangelization EDIT: Paul Vithayathil; DSCPT: offers a vision of mission beyond the colonial legacy with focus on the emerging epoch in Asia and on Indian/Asian perspectives on Jesus and evangelization; provides tools to analyze culture, religion, and society; and presents evangelization as integral liberation; LANG: English; YEAR: 1998; CIRC: 1,800; FREQ: quarterly; SUBS: Rs 200; ADDR: Third Millennium, Bishop's House, P.B. No. 1, Kalawad Rd., Rajkot 360 005, Gujarat, India; TELE: +91-281-256-3231; FAX: +91-281-256-3427; EMAIL:

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TussenRuimte: Tijdschrift voor interculturele theologie EDIT: Wilbert van Saane; PUBL: Dutch Missionary Council, Missio Belgium, and the United Protestant Church in Belgium, in conjunction with Cook ten Have publishing house; DSCPT: ecumenical journal for intercultural theology, covering trends in world Christianity, mission, development, and interfaith dialogue, both in the Low Countries and elsewhere; LANG: Dutch; YEAR: 2008, continues Wereld en Zending (1972-2007); CIRC: 350; FREQ: quarterly; subs: 38.75 [euro]; ADDR: Redactie TussenRuimte, Nederlandse Zendingsraad, Postbus 8092, 3503 RB Utrecht, Netherlands; TELE: +31-30-8801760; EMAIL:; WEB:

Uma: Journal of Philosophy and Religious Studies EDIT: S. O. Ademiluka; PUBL: Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Kogi State University, Nigeria; DSCPT: multidisciplinary journal promoting African-centered research in the twin disciplines of philosophy and religious studies, with focus on African contributions to their international development; LANG: English; YEAR: 2006; FREQ: semiannual; subs: US$25; ADDR: Editor, Urea Journal, Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Kogi State University, P.M.B. 1008, Anyigba, Nigeria; EMAIL:

Verbum SVD EDIT: Martin Ueffing, Polykarp Ulin Agan; PUBL: Steyler Missionswissenschaftliches Institut (Divine Word Mission Research Institute), Sankt Augustin; DSCPT: covers missiology, mission history, mission pastoral, and mission spirituality; primarily reflects work of Divine Word missionaries; LANG: English, German; YEAR: 1970; previously internal organ (1959-69); CIRC: 1,200; FREQ: quarterly; subs: 25 [euro]; ADDR: Verbum SVD, Steyler Missionswissenschaftliches Institut, Arnold-Janssen-Str. 24, 53754 Sankt Augustin, Germany; TELE: +49-(0)2241-237-364; FAX: +49-(0)2241-270-97; EMAIL:; WEB:

Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection (VJTR) EDIT: Leonard Fernando; PUBL: faculty of Vidyajyoti College of Theology, New Delhi; DSCPT: focuses on Christian theology and service, interreligious dialogue, Indian theology, social concerns, and modern trends significant for religion; LANG: English; YEAR: 1975, continues Clergy Monthly (1938-74); CIRC: 4,000; FREQ: monthly; subs: Rs 150; ADDR: VJTR, Vidyajyoti College of Theology, 4-A, Raj Niwas Marg, Delhi 110054, India; TELE: +91-11-23943556; EMAIL:; WEB:

Zeitschrift fur Missionswissenschaft und Religionswissenschaft (ZMR) EDIT: Mariano Delgado; PUBL: Internationales Institut fur missionswissenschaftliche Forschungen (IIMF, International Institute for Missiological Studies); DSCPT: international and ecumenical academic forum with regular focus on a particular region, such as Asia, Africa, or Latin America; promotes dialogue between missiology and religious studies, between theologies of different religions, and on contextual and intercultural theology; LANG: German; YEAR: 1911; CIRC: 700; FREQ: semiannual; subs: 42 [euro]; ADDR: Mariano Delgado, Schriftleiter der ZMR, Departement fur Patristik und Kirchengeschichte, Universitat Freiburg, Av. de l'Europe 20, CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland; TELE: +41-26-300-74-03; FAX: +41-26-300-96-62; EMAIL:; WEB:

Mission, Memory, and Communion

In a forthcoming book from the Documentation, Archives and Bibliography (DABOH) working group of the International Association for Mission Studies, Roman Catholics and Protestants "explore together the theological foundation of documenting present-day Christianity." Mission, Memory, and Communion: Documenting World Christianity in the Twenty-First Century will be published in March 2013 by the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College, Singapore. The coeditors are Michael Nai-Chiu Poon, the center director; Marek A. Rostkowski, O.M.I., director of the Pontifical University Urbaniana Library, Rome; and John Roxborogh, honorary fellow in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand.

Fifteen key interpreters of present-day Christianity from a wide spectrum of traditions, professional training, and experience across the globe examine the theoretical foundation of documenting Christianity at a time when fundamental questions are being raised regarding the observers, actors, sources, and classification of Christianity. For details, go to

Jonathan J. Bonk, Executive Director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut, Editor of the INTERNATIONAL BULLETIN OF MISSIONARY RESEARCH, and Director of the online Dictionary of African Christian Biography, is author of Missions and Money: Affluence as a Missionary Problem--Revisited (Orbis Books, 2006).

Erika Stalcup is a Ph.D. candidate in History of Christianity at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. Her dissertation examines the spiritual experiences of early British Methodists and the language employed to describe those experiences. She is ordained in the United Methodist Church and serves two congregations in Massachusetts.

Wendy Jennings was born in Japan, lived there until she was nine, and is a 2012 graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Having served internships in Zimbabwe, in Palestine, and at the Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut, she is currently a congressional intern in Washington, D.C.

Dwight P. Baker, former associate director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut, is Senior Associate Editor of the INTERNATIONAL BULLETIN OF MISSIONARY RESEARCH.
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