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Miss Universe 1st Runner-up Janine Tugonon, Ex-BF and The Script Frontman Danny O'Donoghue on Twitterverse [Haters, Funny Tweets].

Ms Philippines

Janine Tugonon


Miss Universe

2012 First Runner-up, has found herself in the middle of a love triangle after meeting

The Script

lead vocals Danny O'Donoghue. The beauty queen and her ex-boyfriend admitted on national television that they broke up over issues involving the music celebrity.

The day Janine competed in Las Vegas for the Miss Universe crown in December, her then boyfriend Jaypee Santos was on national television, granting interviews. Jaypee was clearly proud of his girlfriend and the two were in-love. Janine then finished first runner-up to Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo of the U.S. Their relationship went on despite Janine's busy engagements.

But when The Script went to the Philippine capital for a concert, the year-long relationship became riddled with trust issues. The Irish group held a concert in same big venue where Janine won her local crown. She and Jaypee went to the show together. They met the pop vocal group backstage through Janine's contacts at the venue. And then some flirting reportedly happened. Jaypee himself witnessed how things developed that night. The Script's Danny O'Donoghue later asked Janine to follow his Twitter account. Apparently, the two exchanged messages after that.

Janine admitted the break-up had to happen because she couldn't be in a relationship while thinking of another guy. Jaypee said he was giving his girlfriend time to process her feeling.

The pronouncements of the ex-couple happened in a popular morning show. The same day, various reactions exploded on Twitter. Janine drew haters, while Jaypee became the butt of jokes among some people. On the other hand, there were tweeters calling on people to stop judging the ex-couple.

One funny Twitter user, superstarmarian, reacted to Janine's shout-out: "Stop jumping into conclusion." The account itself is a parody of another Philippine celebrity. It is (in)famous for local punchlines.

Superstarmarian tweeted, "[OK girlfriend! We'll be still.] Wer not moving... wer not moving.... wer not moving... yehh..."

Below is a sampling of more Twitter reactions about the beauty queen's publicised break-up involving Danny O'Donoghue. The tweets include a shout-out from Janine herself:

Stop jumping into conclusions.. Nothing's going on!!!

- Janine Mari Tugonon (@janine_tugonon) ( April 17, 2013

I hate those who hate Janine Tugonon. For they can't understand the complexity of her situation. Narrow minded people. - Arenz Librea (@arenztotle) ( April 19, 2013

Gujab Janine Tugonon! left your bf for this --> "The Voice: Danny O'Donoghue '(of The Script) Told Off For Flirting"

- ER Claudio, M.D. (@danc_ER) ( April 19, 2013

everybody's hating on janine tugonon because of what she did lol let's face it people, some of you might have done worse - Icha (@harricha_) ( April 19, 2013

It's funny how most people now hate Ms. Janine Tugonon just `cos of one 'mistake', that doesn't erase the honor she brought for the country.

- Michael Sam (@HeyMichaelSam) ( April 19, 2013

I think this is how The Script's Lead Vocalist textedJanine Tugonon.. Hihihi Goodnight.
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Date:Apr 19, 2013
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