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Miss Julia Throws a Wedding.

Ann B. Ross. 2002. Read by Karen White. Books on Tape. 8-1.5 hour tapes. $64.00. 0-7366-8627-4. Vinyl; plot note. SA

This third Miss Julia book finds Julia Springer, a widow in a small town in western North Carolina, involved in the lives of her friends and that of her late husband's child by a young woman. This woman and her child live with Miss Julia, and she is very fond of them both. When Miss Julia's boarder, Deputy Sheriff Coleman Bates, and Miss Julia's attorney, Binkie Enlow, announce that they are going to the courthouse to get married in a week, Miss Julia, aghast, convinces them that they must have a real wedding and assures them that she can make it happen. Of course, a few complications arise along the way.

Through it all the author perfectly captures the flavor of small town life, the interactions of people of all standings and backgrounds, and the humor and drama of the situations in which Julia finds herself embroiled. White gets all the intonations, personalities, and dialects right. She is totally natural and consistent throughout, and does a great job even with ten-year-old Lloyd. This series is totally enjoyable, and this latest installment will leave the listener hungry for the next. Melody A. Moxley, Admin. Svcs. Mrg., Rowan P.L., Salisbury, NC
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Author:Moxley, Melody A.
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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