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A TAV-8B Harrier II of Marine Attack Training Squadron 203 crashed aboard MCAS Cherry Point, N.C., on 3 February. Both aviators were killed.

On 21 February, a T-45A Goshawk of Training Squadron 22 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. The two instructor pilots on board, who were observing training flights on Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), were killed.

The aircrew of an Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9 F/A-18C was not injured when their Hornet was damaged by a birdstrike and suffered an engine fire near China Lake, Calif., on 1 March.

On 19 March, an enlisted Sailor was killed in a flight deck accident involving an SH-60B Seahawk of Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Light 49 aboard Thach (FFG 43) in the Pacific Ocean.

An F/A-18C Hornet of Strike Fighter Squadron 37 accidentally dropped ordnance on a forward air controller position at a firing range in Kuwait during a live-fire exercise on 23 March. Six people on the ground were killed, and five injured.

An EP-3E Aries II of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1 was damaged in a midair collision with a Chinese F-8 fighter over the South China Sea on 31 March. The 24 crew members were not injured (see pp. 6-7).

An F-14A Tomcat of Fighter Squadron 101 was damaged but the aircrew uninjured following a wheels-up landing aboard Fentress Field, Va., on 9 April.
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