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Mishap statistics scoreboard.

Flight Notes

Springtime has brought with it the traditional rise in aviation mishaps. In the past two months ACC has experienced four Class A aviation mishaps. Three of these mishaps (F-15E, F-16 and B-1B) were rate producers. A little over half way through the FY and we have already surpassed the total number of reportable Class A aviation mishaps from FY10 and FY11. The lack of basic airmanship is an underlying theme in many of our recent mishaps.
FY12 Flight As of May 31, 2012

 Fatal Aircraft Destroyed Class A Aircraft


9 AF HH-60

12 AF Fatal QF-4 X2 B-1
 [MQ-1/9.sup.Non-rate [MQ-1/9.sup.Non-rate
 Producing] X 3 F-16 Producing] X 2




FY12 Ground As of May 31, 2012

 Fatal Class A Class B

9 AF Fatal due to misconduct Fatal due to 1 1
 misconduct Fatal due to misconduct

12 AF Fatal Fatal Fatal Fatal due to 6 1
 misconduct Fatal due to misconduct
 Fatal due to misconduct

DRUU'S Fatal 1 0

FY12 Weapons As of May 31, 2012

Class A Class B

9 AF 0 0

12 AF 0 0

AWFC 0 0

Ground Notes

During FY12 ACC has experienced eight PMV related Class A mishaps with four attributed to PMV4 and the other four to PMV2 (the eight Class A mishaps resulted in 10 fatalities). Contributing factors were the "routine" culprits, including: alcohol, excessive speed, failure to wear the proper personal protective equipment and inexperience. When operating any type of PMV, we expect everyone to exercise sound judgment and self-discipline in all activities. Here are some control measures to mitigate some of the factors that have contributed to the ACC PMV mishaps. Make decisions on some controls to reduce or mitigate hazards such as wearing seat belts, checking the weather and driving accordingly. Drive knowing that you may be slowed by construction, accidents or for other untold reasons. Drive defensively and cautiously on roads you have not previously traveled. Be ready for wildlife at all times that can step in front of your vehicle at any time. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. Don't make irresponsible decisions, and once you select appropriate control measures, ensure they are used because a plan is only good if it is followed.

Weapons Notes

Great job ACC weapons community for educating yourselves and others on mishap prevention! Safety awareness never stops; during the last quarter we've experienced five Class E mishaps. Of the five mishaps only two were results of complacency and not following technical order procedures. These trends are positive but let's continue to work on the small stuff to prevent the big mishap. Quality is job one; let's take our time and do it right the first time.



Class A-Permanent Total Disability; Property Damage $2,000,000 or more

Class B-Permanent Partial Disability; Property Damage between $500,000 and $2,000,00

Class C-Lost Workday; Property Damage between $50,000 and $500,000 (Class Description Effective October 1, 2009)

** Non-rate Producing * Fatality

*= Fatal *= Fatal due to misconduct
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