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Mishap Statistics Scoreboard.

Flight Notes

For FY18, ACC had eight Class A aviation mishaps, with a total of four destroyed aircraft. This was a decrease from FY17, when ACC had 15 Class A aviation mishaps, with a total of 11 destroyed aircraft. Tragically, with the eight mishaps came a total of eight fatalities, which was an increase from one in FY17. There was a significant drop in unmanned aircraft mishaps, down from eight mishaps and six aircraft destroyed in FY17 to two mishaps and two aircraft destroyed in FY18. We will continue to look for opportunities to identify and mitigate risk across all ACC-owned airframes going into FY19.

Occupational Notes

ACC suffered a total of nine Class A mishaps resulting in 11 fatalities for FY18. This was an increase from the previous fiscal year, where ACC suffered eight Class A mishaps with six fatalities. Out of the nine mishaps, three were a direct result of willful non-compliance--alcohol, excessive speed or a combination of the two. We also suffered an on-duty fatality for our second year in a row after four years of no on-duty Class A mishaps. The willful non-compliance mishaps could have been prevented by having a designated driver. The on-duty fatality could have also been prevented if workers would have strictly followed the written guidance in place. Please help us eliminate all fatal mishaps, but especially those that are preventable. Continue to strictly follow written guidance, never drive while impaired and always apply Check 3, GPS to everything you do!

Weapons Notes

As we complete yet another quarter with no major weapons safety mishaps, thank you! During our last quarter, we experienced numerous Class E mishaps due to exceeding drop criteria. Human factors and failure to use technical orders were major contributing factors. As we all know, explosives safety is paramount and ingrained into our daily ops; we must keep working to reduce negative trends. On another note, winter is coming faster than we would like to see or feel. The cold and the elements will bring additional challenges for us to face during explosives operations. Take a minute to slow down, warm up and remember to use proper risk mitigation and planning as the first step to reduce mishaps. Your efforts and contributions to ACC explosives safety are important as we push forward this year.
F18 Flight

As of 30 Sep 2018

                              Aircraft        Class A
                     Fatal   Destroyed   Aircraft Damage
1 AF
9 AF
12 AF
25 AF
USAFWC                (a)
ANG (ACC-gained)      (b)
AFRC (ACC-gained)

FY18 Occupational

As of 30 Sep 2018

               Class A          Class A
                Fatal          Non-Fatal   Class B

AFCENT                             0          0
12 AF     (b)(b)(a)(a)(a)(a)       0          2
USAFWC                             0          1
25 AF           (a)(a)             0          1
9 AF          (b)(a)(a)            0          3

FY18 Weapons

As of Sep 2018

            Class A   Class B

9 AF           0         0
12 AF          0         0
USAFWC         0         0


Class A--Fatality; Permanent Total Disability; Property Damage $2,000,000 or more

Class B--Permanent Partial Disability; Property Damage between $500,000 and $2,000,000

Class C--Lost Workday; Property Damage between $50,000 and $500,000 (Class Description Effective October 1,2009)

* Fatality ** Non-rate Producing *** Performing S0UTHC0M Mission

(a) = Fatal (b) = Fatal due to misconduct

Caption: Symbols for Mishap Aircraft
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