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Misfits in America.

Misfits In America

Lawrence R. Velvel

University Press of America

Gulotta Communications (publicity)

4270 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706

0761826963 $40.00

Misfits In America is the first volume of a planned trilogy titled "Thine Alabaster Cities Gleam" and authored by journal editor, lawer, academician, and host of "Books of our Time" (an hour-long television book review show seen throughout New England). The focus is the lives of two men who grew up in the 1950s. They are indoctrinated into the virtues extolled by the American Dream--honesty, hard work, competence, social justice, and modesty. At the same time, they see their generation misled, and that those who do seize success for their own are the ones who embody the opposite of the American dream--the liars, the lazy, the sycophants, the unjust. Embodying an era of the author's own life, during which he has labored as a pioneering lawyer who fought tooth and nail against the presidental war-mongering power that brought the Vietnam and Iraq wars, Misfits In America is a bold, involving portrait of society itself, and the failings it needs to overcome to move into a future that can in any way aspires to the noble ideals of its foundation.
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Author:Carson, Michael J.
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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