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It's Christmas at the Queen Vic - which means a good old fashioned knees-up with Britain's most dysfunctional family.

In the real world all the guests at Peggy Mitchell's party would be in a secure unit, but they do things differently in Albert Square.

So for your protection, here's our guide to the Addams Family of the east end.

Misery Christmas


Lorraine Wicks (Jacqueline Leonard) David's ex arrived in the Square in pursuit of her nutty son Joe whom she says is just: "A bit confused." Get ready for some tantrums among the tinsel when she beds newly-wed Grant over the holiday season.


Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) Grant has a history of violence. When former wife Sharon refused to have his baby he torched the Queen Vic. She sought solace in bruvver Phil's arms - so Grant beat him up. Now wed to Tiff whom he thinks is pregnant by him.


Ted Hills (Brian Croucher) Kath's brother Ted turned up again after 15 years away, hotly pursued by gangsters. A super-strict dad, his son Tony is gay and daughter Sarah is in a religious cult. Nurses a dark secret about Kath's ex-husband Pete.


George Palmer (Paul Moriarty) Peggy's new beau is a shady nightclub owner. Grant and Phil are starting to suspect George is connected with the late-night attack on Peggy and the pub being smashed up. Phil is doing up stolen cars for George.


Joe Wicks (Paul Nicholls) The son of David Wicks, Joe has cracked up since his sister died in a car smash. Docs say he's psychotic - which explains why he wraps everything in tin foil. Will that include Peggy's turkey?


Tiffany Mitchell (Martine McCutcheon) A long time temptress, Tiffany's first proper relationship was with Ted's son Tony who turned gay and ran off with her brother. Her unborn baby may be Grant's... or Tony's.


Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) Having rubbed daughter-in-law Kathy up the wrong way, Peggy led the bigotry against HIV positive Mark Fowler. She is now facing possible breast cancer - and is afraid to tell her boys.


Kathy Mitchell (Gillian Taylforth) Raped, divorced, married to an alcoholic, Kathy's life has been a barrel of laughs. Her illegitimate daughter died of a heroin overdose, her son has just been gunned down. Cheers!


Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) Phil will be making the most of the Christmas drink, while trying to prove Cindy paid for the murder attempt on Ian Beale and griping about Kaffy "smuvvering" their baby with love.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 4, 1996
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