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Mise en place.

Every winter we complain about the snow, cold weather, and most importantly, lack of fresh fruit and vegetables. But spring gives us a hint of what's to come. When summer finally hits, we're ready and roarin' to get nature's best efforts into our kitchens. Nowadays, we find golden berries, rainbow corn, and black carrots, varieties not commonly available before. Summer brings a dazzling spectrum of earth's offspring to our tables.

This time around, we've got a hot issue--the volatile chili pepper. Fear no more! Find out what's really behind the heat and dare to spice up your menus!

From sea to shining sea, lobster, one of summer's great treats, is abundant. Blue, white, striped, or spotted--who knew lobsters had so many varieties and colors to choose from?

See it shimmer and shine; gelatin is another bit of nostalgia--just pick your color and flavor. Find out what's between the sheets and beyond.

Lazy summer afternoons were made for ice cream, so "chill out" and find out "what's the scoop" behind this frozen treat.

But since everyone still has to work even in the summer, find out which energy drinks will help you last through those long, hot nights on the line without crashing and burning, literally.

If any of you are perceptive readers (aren't ALL Art Culinaire readers perceptive??), you'll notice a transformation and change in our appearance. But one thing remains the same: We strive to enlighten, entertain, and inform you. Knowing the limited free time allotted to those in this business, we are honored that you read us.

The past year has taught us all to live life a little more fully each day. Eat out, support your peers, expand your horizons and don't forget about the good earth around us all. All work and no play equals burnout, so go and have a little fun. Perfect days and magical nights are about to dawn on us, so don't forget to look up in the sky now and then. Keep fresh and stay cool, boys and girls; it's summertime!
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Date:Jun 22, 2002
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