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Miscues, Not Mistakes: Reading Assessment in the Classroom.

M. R. Davenport. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2002.268 pp. $22.00. The title of this book could be Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Miscue Analysis. The author views reading as a process of constructing meaning, not of saying words, and perceives miscues as a window into a reader's strategies for creating meaning. Davenport offers an in-depth discussion of what miscues are, and how knowledge of miscues benefits both teacher and students. She provides sample passages and asks readers to consider how and why they make miscues.

The book devotes a chapter to each of three miscue analysis procedures. The author gives detailed instructions for each of these analyses and provides extensive examples of how to conduct and interpret the analysis. She also explains how miscue analysis can be conducted in the context of busy classrooms, and how to engage children and their parents in the use of miscue analysis.

This book will benefit teachers who work with readers, as well as reading personnel who want to teach others how to use miscue analysis. It is best used as a tutorial, since it offers such explicit how-to advice. Davenport's writing style is personable and accessible. Her experience using miscue analysis lends credibility to her descriptions and advice, and her frequent references to theory bolster her arguments. Reviewed by Anne Drolett Creany, Associate Professor, Department of Professional Studies in Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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Author:Creany, Anne Drolett
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 22, 2003
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