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Miscellaneous items. (Canada).

* The Manitoba government of Gary Doer (NDP) is looking to expand abortion services, this according to a document obtained by the Winnipeg Sun (Sept. 25/0 1).

* Nanaimo, B.C., abortionist Dr. Mark Stewart was convicted on 10 of 12 counts involving assaults on nine female patients. He will be sentenced November 20.

* Sudbury police are refusing to lay charges against a man who attacked a pro-life demonstration and destroyed seven signs ripped out of the hands of pro-lifers (Sept. 27/0 1).

* Agnes Maltais, of Quebec's Health and Social Affairs Ministry, has injected an additional $3.2 million for an abortion facility in Hotel Dieu (God's House) Hospital in Montreal, "to ensure better accessibility to free abortion." Quebec already has the highest abortion rate in Canada (Campagne Quebe c-Vie, Oct. 5/01).

* A study completed by Edmonton's Dick Sobsey, director of Alberta's J.P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre, links Latimer defence publicity to increased child killing (Sept. 27/01).

* Canadian Supreme Court Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dube is one of 47 contributors to the pro-homosexual marriage book edited by Robert Wintemute, Legal recognition of same-sex partnerships: a study of National, European, and International law. In October 1999, L'Heureux-Dubd, at a Queen's University conference in Kingston, ON, raised the question whether opposition to same-sex marriages wasn't doing violence to the fabric of the community. (LifeSite News, Oct. 22/01).

* Anne Heche, the former consort of the world's most famous lesbian actress, Ellen DeGeneres, who together with Heche headlined "gay" hoopla, and for several years was the first lesbian lead character on television, recently got married the traditional way, that is married to a young man. Oh, what a blow to the progressives' claim that homosexuals are born that way.

* Canada's newly proposed antiterrorism bill has pro-lifers worried. The bill entails broad powers of arrest and detention and a massive loss of rights of the accused. The apprehension is warranted given a Canadian Security Intelligence Services' (CSIS') document which includes the "pro-life movement" under the category of "single issue terrorism" (LifeSite News, Oct. 17/01).

* The Catholic Bishop of Hamilton, Anthony Tonnos, has revealed that at the time of former USA President Bill Clinton's visit to Hamilton last May, the RCMP visited his office and asked for a list of demonstrators. He declined to give it to them.

* Barbara Amiel recently noted that the Canadian anti-terror bill can easily spill over, attacking pro-lifers just as in the United States the anti-racketeering statutes have ended up aimed not at terrorists or organized crime but at pro-life demonstrators (MacLean's, Nov. 5/01).
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