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Mirrors, view, and skylight window brighten his bathroom.

Daylight ricochets around this bathroom addition. It enters through a 9-foot-wide view window, reflects off a mirrored side wall, and bounces off the glowing glassblock wall of a skylit shower-steam room. The 65-inch-tall window rises from the backsplash of a 23-inch-deep synthetic marble counter. Two 24-inch-diameter round mirrors are mounted on hardboard and strapped to chrome posts set in the backsplash. Because the mirrors are frameless and freestanding, they interrupt the view very little.

Masking built-in cabinets, a mirrored wall visually doubles the size of the room. The 20-inch-deep cabinets hold medicine, a laundry hamper, linens, and the steam unit. To keep the mirrored surface flat, cabinet doors open on European-style hinges and have unobtrusive pulls set in the vertical seam between each pair. The floor-to-ceiling shower-steam room stall, with space and shower heads for two, measures 53 by 76 inches. Architect Janice Pregliasco of Mill Valley, California, designed the 17-foot square addition (which includes a large closet) for Lou Ann and Blake Winchell.
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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