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Miracles of anti-inflammatory enzymes in Gynaecology.

Anti-inflammatory enzymes helps to subside the signs and symptoms of inflammation like swelling, redness, pain, loss of functions and hyperemia. The anti-inflammatory enzyme are most researched and marketed all over the world with the generic name of serratiopeptidase. The source is serratia E-15 protease which was originally isolated in the late 1960s from silk worm in Japan. It was first marketed by Takeda the name of Danzen DS. Its characteristic features include Proteolytic, Fibrinolytic, Anti-swelling & Anti-oedema. Danzen DS enhances the concentration of anti-biotics along with reduction in the pain by inhibiting the chemical mediators.

The Serum high molecular weight proteins are increased during inflammation. As a proteolytic agent it coverts them into small protein. Similarly the consistency of human milk is thickened during lactating period previously breast pumps & massage therapy were practiced as a solution for such inflammatory condition but nowadays health professionals are prescribing anti-inflammatory enzymes like Danzen DS post-operatively for wound healing like lateral episiotomy. It reduces breast engorgement as well as post-operative swelling.

This anti-inflammatory enzyme (serratiopeptidase) used thrice daily is effective therapeutic remedy for problems like breast engorgement, lateral or perineal laceration and post-operative swellings. During the post-inflammatory phase as the lymphocytes, phagocytes & collagen are increased similarly the fibroblast lay down excessive fibrin clots at the site of inflammation to prevent it spreading. This produces hematoma in the tissue and makes the local circulation in the adjacent area poor, causing the inflammatory reaction to prolong. It is therefore necessary to lyze and remove the fibrin. As a fibrinolytic this agent accelerates the elimination of pus and hematoma by breaking down fibrin clots. The pathological cysts which are formed commonly due to chronic infections have a clear demarcation of inflamed outer membrane.

The inflammatory exudates is common with infections which may cause severe swelling and edema involving the lymph nodes. As anti-tumificient, Danzen DS helps to subside the swelling and edema. It also helps to remove the necrotic tissue debris and dead cells from the site of infection by breaking high molecular weight inflammatory exudate into smaller amino acid that are positively utilized by the body.

High molecular weight Polypeptides or chemical mediators that induces pain like bradykinin, kallikrein & Kallidin are increased in the phase of inflammation. This anti-inflammatory enzyme (serratiopeptidase) inhibits the formation of these pain inducing amines. (PR)

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Publication:Pulse International
Date:Nov 30, 2012
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