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Miraclean[R] 4743 Cramer Drive, PO Box 1 00 Ashville, NY 14710






Year Founded: 1951

Number of Employees: 25+

Number of Facilities: 1

Annual Sales: $10 Million+


Miraclean[R] is a division of Chautauqua Chemicals Company, Incorporated. Founded in 1951, Chautauqua Chemicals and its divisions have been in continuous operation ever since and have been recognized for outstanding product stewardship practices by the National Association of Chemical Distributors. Miraclean's commitment to quality and responsiveness has resulted in an excellent reputation for reliability and service in the supplying of aqueous and ultrasonic parts-cleaning and/or passivating equipment, cleaning chemicals, and technical expertise to customers ranging from small job shops to Fortune 500 companies.


* Medical

* Tools

* Automotive

* PVD and CVD coaters

* Aerospace

* Injection Molders

* Optics

* Electronics

* High Purity


Miraclean[R] supplies high performance ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning equipment for parts cleaning and mold cleaning, parts washers with agitation and ultrasonics, passivation lines (nitric or citric), electropolish systems, titanium anodize systems, and liquid penetrant inspection lines. Systems may be single tanks or multiple station console lines and may be manual or automated.

Miraclean's SonicCell[R] series packs the power of ultrasonic cleaning and programmable automation into a small footprint work horse that's designed for cellular applications. The SonicCell[R] features work areas and process stations matched to process requirements. SonicCells may also be configured as passivation and liquid penetrant inspection lines.

Miraclean[R] Ultrasonic cleaning case successes include:

* buffing compound from medical implants

* machining oils from stainless steel and aluminum

* stamping lubricants from stainless steel, copper, and mild steel

* wax from glass lenses

* grinding compounds from tool steel hand tools

* plastic coating and tac from stainless steel sheets

* dirt and oils from high carbon tool steel tool holders

* particulates from plastic jewel cases

* grease and dirt from field-tested locomotive shafts

* gassing, flashing, plastic residue, and mold release from injection mold surfaces

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Date:Jul 1, 2018
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