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Minutes of the meetings of the Indiana Academy of Science 1996.


DePauw University

7 November 1996

1. President Gammon called the meeting to order at 3:25 PM in the Olin Biology Building at DePauw University, Greencastle.

2. The minutes from the meeting of 12 April 1996 were approved.

3. The agenda was approved.

4. The President commented on his year of learning about the complexities of the organization of the Academy. He focused on the importance of communication among members of the Academy, and noted that both e-mail and the newsletter are avenues which can serve members well.

5. The Treasurer summarized the financial state of the Academy in the attached Account Summary for the Third Quarter of 1996. He noted an increase in the operating budget from the first of the year, as the balance changed from $16,984.95 to $25,825.75. He reported the Total Funds on Deposit as $42,422.73.

6. The Editor reported that the Wetlands Symposium volume is projected for publication by the end of the year. In looking at the Table of Contents for Vol. 105, he noted diversity in the disciplines represented by the articles. He also said that the cost of reprints had increased.

7. The Foundation Report was presented by Frank Guthrie. He reported the total market value of the three funds as $3,539,360, and the total income from the three as $106,656.

8. Committee Reports: Gene Kritsky reported on the activities of the National Academies of Science, of which he is President. He noted that the academies of several states have begun a self-study process. He proposes that the IAS similarly organize several focus groups for analysis and future planning.

a. Amendments Committee.--No report.

b. Library Committee.--Holly Oster provided a Library update. She noted that the Academy has a Home Page. She has also been using the Internet to locate missing IAS volumes.

c. Nominations.--Results of elections have been reported as follows: President-Elect: Rebecca Dolan; Treasurer: Edward Frazier; Research Grants: George Mourad; Bonding: Edwin Squiers.

d. Publications Committee.--Bill McKnight reported on the State Flower Selection project. The goal was to distribute posters of the state flower candidates to all of the approximately 4000 fourth-grade classes in Indiana. Approximately 26,500 votes have been registered. News releases have been sent to 102 media outlets. There is good progress on the Amphibians and Reptiles book. Work also is proceeding on the special publications about sunflowers and periodical cicadas.

e. Programs and Invitations.--The Spring meeting will be at McCormick's Creek State Park on 18-19 April 1997. There are firm invitations for the Fall 1997 meeting from St. Joseph's College for 30-31 October, and for the Fall 1998 meeting at Anderson University.

f. Research Grants.--Nelson Shaffer reported that during 1996 forty-seven senior grants were awarded which totalled $34,740. The success rate in obtaining funding was 71%. The committee was able to fund about 50% of the amount requested on each grant. He noted that the committee views these grants as seed money, and that recipients are being asked to report the results of their work to the committee, so there is an accountability system. He expressed a rationale for increasing the amount of funding which the Academy provides in grants. For Junior Grants, the committee made 21 awards for a total of $3,491.

g. Science and Society.--No report.

h. Youth Activities.--Duvall Jones reported that the Junior Academy, which meets on 8 November, and the Indiana Science Talent Search, slated for a March meeting, are running well. He noted, however, that funding for the Science Talent Search is a continuing concern. He has submitted a proposal to the AAAS for the funding of research grants written by Indiana high school students.

i. Fellows.--This year's nominees are: Kemuel Badger, Clare Chatot, Walter Hasenmueller, and Kenneth Uhlhorn. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to recommend the four nominees to the general membership at the Business Meeting.

j. Emeritus.-Dan Webster moved that Emeritus status be granted to Philip Kinsey. The motion was seconded and carried.

k. Newsletter.--Jim Berry requests that news items be sent to him at

l. Resolutions.--Resolutions were introduced expressing appreciation to the administration and faculty at DePauw University.

m. Natural Resources.--No report.

n. Speaker of the Year.--George Bodner of Purdue University, whose expertise is Chemistry and Chemistry Education, is Speaker of the Year.

9. Local Arrangements: Announcements were made regarding parking arrangements.

10. Old Business: Special awards will be presented at the Business Meeting to Ed Frazier and Alton Lindsey. These were approved at a previous Council meeting.

11. New Business: The Academy hopes to announce the appointment of a new Executive Director at the Business Meeting. The Budget Committee will meet on 7 December, 9:30 AM, in Gallahue Hall at Butler University.

12. The meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM.

Susan M. Johnson, Secretary


Butler University

7 December 1996

1. Jim Haddock called the meeting to order at 11:20 AM in Gallahue Hall at Butler University. Academy members in attendance were: Jim Berry, Rebecca Dolan, Gary Dolph, Edward Frazier, James Gammon, Frank Guthrie, Jim Haddock, Susan Johnson, Duvall Jones, Gene Kritsky, Bill Lovell, Bill McKnight, Holly Oster, Victor Riemenschneider, and Nelson Shaffer.

2. A motion was made and seconded to approve minutes of the two meetings of the Executive Committee held on 7 November 1996. The minutes were approved as amended.

3. The agenda was approved with amendments.

4. Bill Lovell, out-going Executive Director, reported that the transfer of records to Nelson Shaffer, the in-coming Executive Director, was in progress. He thanked the Academy for the opportunity to serve. The Committee recognized Bill's contributions and expressed gratitude through a round of applause.

Nelson Shaffer thanked Bill for the orderly transfer of records. He will begin officially on 1 January 1997.

5. President's Report

A. Jim Haddock presented a Progress Report on Committee Assignments for 1997. He asked Jim Gammon and Becky Dolan to help with recruitment to fill open slots. The following committees were mentioned in particular: Research Grants will require an elected replacement for Nelson Shaffer.

After Ed Frazier agreed to serve on Amendments, one more space remained. Becky Dolan is recruiting for the Biological Survey. Gary Dolph is now looking to replace members of the Editorial Board of the Proceedings. Daniel Webster will chair the Emeritus Member Selection Committee. Two other members are needed. Terms of four members of the Fellows Committee expire in 1996. The High School Teacher Fellow Committee has two openings, as does the Indiana Science Talent Search. Gary Dolph added his name to the Publications Committee list, and Bill McKnight is contacting others. Jim Haddock suggested that perhaps the functions served by the Public Relations Committee, which currently has no members, should be within the responsibilities of the Executive Director. Science and Society has positions, including that of committee chair. Jim Haddock wondered if this function might be served in an ad hoc manner. The Science Education Advisory Committee and the Speaker of the Year Committee have openings. The ad hoc Corporat e Relations Committee currently has no members. This may be another area of interest for the Executive Director. The committee which is listed on the books as Research Fellowship appears to be the High School Teacher Fellow Committee.

B. The President's IAS Goals for the Year include making progress on: (1) revising the Membership Directory, (2) updating and publishing a Programs and Invitations Brochure, (3) increasing the IAS financial base, (4) evaluating committee job descriptions, function, and structure, (5) improving the method for filling committees and committee oversight, (6) increasing the level of interaction, moral support, and assistance for the Junior Academy, and (7) increasing the strength of member participation in section meetings.

C. In a written statement, "It's Time for a 'Checkup'," the President underscored some of his goals further. He stated, "What I hope to accomplish as your president for 1997 is to begin (and hopefully complete) the process of thoroughly reviewing, updating and improving some of the processes that we have been doing for a number of years." To this end, he proposed establishment of an ad hoc committee drawing its membership from past presidents. Jim Gammon and Becky Dolan will co-chair the committee. Duvall Jones, Frank Guthrie, and Gene Kritsky also agreed to serve.

D. Also, in keeping with the theme of self-study, "Program Requirements for Hosting IAS Meetings," a draft document prepared by Vic Riemen-schneider was distributed along with a letter from him to the President. As a veteran planner of the annual meeting, he raised several issues and made a number of suggestions for consideration.

E. Jim Haddock distributed a sample "Indiana Academy Service Volunteers" sheet which could be included in the dues notice mailing to recruit membership for committees.

F. The President introduced discussion on the format of the Membership Directory which included issues of condensing, adding e-mail addresses, frequency of distribution, and recipients.

G. In discussing the Academy Homepage, Bill McKnight volunteered his students to take responsibility for the page. Nelson Shaffer will coordinate this effort with Holly Oster.

6. There was no Treasurer's Report.

7. The Secretary presented three possible formats for the Academy stationery. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to have stationery printed which will retain the features of the current model, except for the listing of officers down the left side of the page.

8. Committee Reports

A. Programs and Invitations: Upon the recommendation of Vic Riemenschneider, chair of this committee, it was moved, seconded, and passed that Anderson University be accepted as the site of the Fall 1998 and Spring 1999 meetings. The Spring sessions are to be at Mounds State Park. Interest has been expressed in hosting the Fall 1999 and 2000 meetings by other institutions. Vic brought up the issue that the Academy could facilitate the task of the Local Arrangement Chairs, and the Program and Invitations Committees. He suggested, for example, that the committee appointments be made a minimum of two years, that the Executive Director be on the Local Arrangements Committee, and that the Program Committee prepare the meeting budget. The President suggested that Vic present a specific proposal to the ad hoc committee.

The Spring meeting will be April 18-19. The Canyon Inn, in Spencer, Indiana, is holding rooms only until January 18. It is anticipated that field trips will be held on Saturday morning. The evening program could include self-study discussion groups.

B. Local Arrangements: Duvall Jones reported that plans are progressing for the Fall 1997 meeting at St. Joseph's College. Bill McKnight raised the question of whether there should he an Academy brochure. The issue of a membership brochure was also discussed. Bill volunteered to look into this further.

C. Newsletter: Jim Berry requested that members send him information about events and contacts. The idea of featuring distinguished members in the Newsletter was raised.

9. As Unfinished Business, Jim Gammon asked that the issue of criteria for Fellows selection be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

10. As New Business, Ed Frazier presented three letters of agreement for Committee approval.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to appoint Bill McKnight as Managing Editor of Publications and Chair of the Publications Committee for the third year of a three-year term.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to appoint Gary Dolph as Editor of the Proceedings for the 1997 calendar year.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to appoint Nelson Shaffer as Executive Director for the 1997 calendar year.

11. The next meeting was scheduled for Saturday, 22 February 1997 at 9:30 AM, in Gallahue Hall, on the Butler University campus.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 PM.

Susan M. Johnson, Secretary
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