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Minutes of the World History Association business meeting: Mile End Campus, Queen Mary College, University of London: Saturday, June 28, 2008.

I. Introductions and Summary of Business.

The Business Meeting began at 1:30 p.m.., with approximately 50 people in attendance. More people trickled in over the course of the meeting. The Meeting was presided over by Anand Yang, President, and Kieko Matteson, Executive Director. They presented a summary of the Executive Council's meetings and reports, and then asked for other business from the floor.

II. Other Business.

1. Linda Black presented the WHA Teaching Prize to Sharlene Sayegh from the University of California, Long Beach for her lesson entitled "The Logical Fallacies of Nationalism: Critical Thinking in the World History Classroom." 2. Anand Yang announced that this year's WHA Book Prize had been awarded to Stuart Banner, for his Possessing the Pacific: Land, Settlers, and Indigenous People from Australia to Alaska, published by Harvard University press.

3. Kieko Matteson noted that the Phi Alpha Theta-WHA Student Paper Prizes deadline was coming up in the next couple of days, on June 30. Laura Wangerin, a member of the Student Paper Prize Committee, spoke briefly about the prize and current number of submissions. She encouraged people to publicize the award, which has both undergraduate and graduate categories, as widely as possible.

4. David Christian summarized his Affiliates Report, and called upon people in attendance to announce their regional conferences. The WHA of Texas (WHAT) will meet at St. Edward's University at Austin in February 2009; the Northwest WHA will meet in Vancouver Canada; the California WHA will meet in November at San Francisco State University; the Mid-Atlantic WHA (MAWHA) will meet at Harford County Community college (Maryland) in mid-October; the Northeast Regional WHA (NERWHA) announced that it has been revitalized and will meet in conjunction with the New England Historical Association's Fall Conference at Endicott College, Endicott, MA, 25 October; and the Southeast WHA (SEWHA) will meet in Roanoke, VA in 2009 and Kennesaw State University (Georgia) in 2010.

5. Kieko commented on the current status of nominations for the WHA Executive Council, and noted that people could suggest potential candidates for the three Executive Council positions to the members of the Nominating Committee present: Kerry Ward and Adam McKeown, or herself. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is Pamela McVay.

6. The WHA is solo-sponsoring three world history related panels and co-sponsoring three others at the upcoming meeting of the American Historical Association in New York City, January 2-5, 2009. The theme of the AHA's Annual meeting is "Globalizing Historiography." 7. Kieko announced that she would be stepping down from the Executive Directorship as of January 2009, in order to accept a tenure-track position in the University of Hawai'i History Department. The search for anew Executive Director will begin in the fall, chaired by Anand Yang. She thanked the WHA for the opportunity to serve as Executive Director not once, but twice.

8. Kieko read the motions passed at the Executive Council's meeting:

(i) Be it moved that the WHA express its deep gratitude to Sue Mussett and the rest of the staff and faculty of the Mile End Campus of Queen Mary, University of London, for their assistance in so many ways in making the 2008 conference a successful and enjoyable endeavor.

(ii) Be it moved that the WHA express its appreciation for the inspiration and support provided by Professor Felipe Fernandez Armesto in bringing the WHA to Queen Mary, University of London.

(iii) Be it moved that the WHA express its appreciation to all the exhibitors and patrons of its seventeenth annual conference. Their continuing support of the WHA is a significant service to the profession and teaching of world history.

(iv) Be it moved that the WHA express its appreciation to the Program Committee, and especially Carolyn Neel, its chair, for a job well done under especially difficult circumstances.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Ane Lintvedt, Secretary
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Date:Sep 22, 2008
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