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Minutes of the American Society of Church History annual business meeting: January 9, 2010: San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina San Diego, California.

Attending: 38 persons

Meeting Convened: 5:05 p.m.

1. President's Remarks. President Charles Lippy offered a series of thanks: to the President-Elect and Program Committee Chair, Richard Heitzenrater, for organizing the program; to Baylor University for its support for the administrative work of the ASCH; to the Executive Secretary, Keith Francis, and his assistants, Elizabeth Wilson and Daniel Hoover. Lippy noted that two members of the ASCH received fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) and that he had made contact at the ACLS, meeting with an organization for independent scholars that has modest travel support available for such scholars.

2. Executive Secretary's Report. Keith Francis commented on the status of the Society's new website and stated that it will be fully functional at the beginning of May. Francis noted that, despite some difficulties, the ASCH office move, from Yale Divinity School to Baylor University, had been reasonably smooth.

3. Church History Editors' Report. John Corrigan thanked all those who had served as peer reviewers and who had written book reviews in the last year. He noted that the transition to Cambridge University Press as the publisher of the journal had gone well. For example, the editors received thirty-one article submissions from outside the United States in 2009, and institutional subscriptions were doing well, suggesting that Church History's distribution had broadened. Further, there had been a record of electronic downloads of articles from Church History (the most of the latter was an article on Joseph Smith; in general, the most popular articles were downloaded more than a thousand times). Corrigan noted that the editors have continued their recent policy of including long articles in the journal.

4. Committee Reports.

A. Membership. Committee Chair Candy Brown pointed out that the drop in membership of 50 percent from 2008 was a loss of those members who had not paid their dues. (Such delinquent members were not removed from the membership database in previous years.) Brown noted the substantial number of delinquent members who lived outside the United States: the Society would need to address this problem. With regard to make-up of the Society, one-third of the Society's members are graduate students; having graduate students pay $25 for membership after two years of free membership should enable the Society to track whether these students are becoming full members of the Society. Last, Brown drew attention to the Council's creation of a new category of member, an honorary member. Honorary members are retired persons over the age of 65 who remain members of the Society but no longer receive Church History.

B. Nominations. Committee Chair Grant Wacker proposed the name of Barbara Newman, Professor of English, Religion, and Classics at Northwestern University, as the president-elect. VOTED: By acclamation. Wacker also presented the names of the Council Class of 2012: Anthea Butler, University of Pennsylvania; Anne Blue Wills, Davidson College; Andrew Jacobs, Scripps College; Jehu Hanciles, Fuller Theological Seminary; Bruce Hindmarsh, Regent College (Canada).

C. Research. Committee Chair Daniel Bornstein announced the names of the winners of the Society's prizes for 2009. Philip Schaff Prize: John Van Engen, University of Notre Dame, for Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life: The Devotio Moderna and the World of the Later Middle Ages (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008). Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize: William Inboden, Legatum Institute, for Religion and American Foreign Policy, 1945-1960 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008). Sidney E. Mead Prize: David King, a Ph.D. candidate at Emory University, for his essay, "The West Looks East: The Influence of Toyohiko Kagawa on American Mainline Protestantism." The Jane Dempsey Douglass Prize was not awarded. Van Engen was presented with the Schaff Prize by Bornstein and President Lippy. Bornstein noted that there had been twenty-four submissions for the Schaff Prize and only two submissions for the Douglass Prize; he encouraged members to nominate essays for the latter. Bornstein also drew attention to the new rules passed by the Council with regard to the prizes, particularly the fact that the winner of the Schaff and Outler prizes will receive $2,000 in the future.

D. Finance. Substituting for the chair Hans Hillebrand, the Executive Secretary stressed the need for the Society to develop a financial plan. Francis also answered a question about the loan of $50,000 which the Society had taken from its Schwab account: this matter would be addressed by the ad-hoc financial planning committee (whose members will be chosen by the new president, Richard Heitzenrater). Peter Williams moved, Steve Marini seconded the motion to accept the budget for 2010. VOTED: By acclamation.

E. Program Committee. Committee Chair Richard Heitzenrater noted that this had been a good year for paper submissions--more than fifty were not included in the program. Heitzenrater appealed to members to submit their papers and sessions for next year's meeting early in order to facilitate the work of the new program committee chair. 5. Other Business. President Lippy asked past presidents of the Society to stand and be recognized. Seven were present. 6. In Memoriam. Robert Handy, a recipient of the Distinguished Career Award and a past ASCH President, and Thomas Schafer, of Nashville, Tennessee, were mentioned as having died in the past year. Meeting Adjourned: 5:50 p.m.

doi: 10.1017/S0009640710000570
 January-June July-December
ASCH BUDGET 2009 Actual 2009 Projected


Member Dues 22,800.00 65,000.00
Conference Receipts 7,588.31 8,000.00
Advertising 1,000.00
Sale of Copies
Sale of Member List
Miscellaneous Receipts 1,000.00
Royalties 10,845.20
Draw on Investment

Subtotal 43,233.51 73,000.00

Additional Revenue from Church History

Editorial Office Support 20,000.00
 (from CUP)
Profit-sharing (with CUP) 8,000.00
JSTOR Royalties 7,747.12

Subtotal 35,747.12 0.00

TOTAL REVENUE 78,980.63 73,000.00

EXPENSES January-June July-December
 2009 Actual 2009 Projected

Editorial Staff
 Coordinating Editors 8,000.00 9,200.00

ASCH BUDGET January-June July-December
 2009 Actual 2009 Projected

Graduate Assistants
 Senior Graduate Assistant 7,230.18 7,600.00
 (Copy Editor)
 Book Review Editor 8,132.96 8,150.00
Printing & Distribution
 Cadmus Press Carryover 12,500.00 6,650.00
Travel & Training
 Graduate Assistant Training
 Editors' Travel to ASCH meeting 1,733.80
 Senior Graduate Assistant to
 Annual Meeting
 Copy Editor to Annual Meeting 703.48
 Supplies 3,500.00
 Postage 1,500.00
 Printing & Photocopying
 Computer Depreciation 250.00
 Scanner Depreciation
 Printer Depreciation 150.00
 Repairs 500.00
 FSU Maintenance Fee
Moving Costs

Subtotal 38,300.42 37,500.00

BAYLOR UNIVERSITY January-June July-December
 2009 Actual 2009 Projected

Executive Secretary
 Salary 4,359.07 9,000.00
 Travel-ASCH 930.37 600.00
 Travel-ASCH-related 2,000.00
Assistant to Executive
 Salary 3,750.00 3,750.00
 Travel 741.93 1,200.00
Postage & Supplies 2,000.00
Payroll Service Fees 660.00
Accountant Fees 2,000.00
Payroll Taxes
 Federal 1,236.36 1,250.00
 SS/Med 1,829.38 2,000.00
 State 40.35
Computer Hardware/
Website 1,500.00
Workmen's Compensation
Penalty & Interest
Bank Charges
 Bank of America-- 90.00 60.00
 Business Savings
 Bank of America--
 Checking Account
License & Fees
Refunds & Cancellations 200.00

Subtotal 12,977.46 26,220.00

CONFERENCES/OUTREACH January-June July-December
 2009 Actual 2009 Projected

Spring Conference Fees 5,841.49
Winter Conference Fees 2,250.00 2,000.00
 AHA 2,890.00 5,000.00

ASCH BUDGET January-June July-December
 2009 Actual 2009 Projected

 ACLS 1,635.00
 CIHEC 50.00
Prizes & Awards 3,600.00
Student Travel Grants
Independent Scholar
 Travel Grants
Travel Grants (to Calvin 6,500.00
Travel (Council) 291.39
Lodging (Council) 172.20
Conference Programs

Subtotal 19,580.08 10,650.00

TOTAL EXPENSES 70,857.96 74,370.00

SURPLUS 8,122.67 -1,370.00

Schwab 7872 104,839.77 104,839.77
Schwab 5872 40,112.90 40,112.90
Bank of America-- 5,819.99 5,819.99
 Business Savings
Bank of America--Checking 14,395.33 14,395.33

TOTAL ASSETS $173,290.66 $163,797.99

 July-December 2010
ASCH BUDGET 2009 Actual Projected


Member Dues 37,485.00 65,000
Conference Receipts 6,055.00 8,000
Advertising 0
Sale of Copies 0
Sale of Member List 0
Reprints 0
Miscellaneous Receipts 0
Interest 0
Royalties 5,929.85 10,000
Donations 780.00
Draw on Investment 0

Subtotal 50,249.85 83,000

Additional Revenue from Church History

Editorial Office Support 21,424
 (from CUP)
Profit-sharing (with CUP) 28,000
JSTOR Royalties 55.89 6,000

Subtotal 55.89 55,424

TOTAL REVENUE 50,305.74 138,424

EXPENSES July-December 2010
 2009 Actual Projected

Editorial Staff
 Coordinating Editors 800.00 8,650

ASCH BUDGET July-December 2010
 2009 Actual Projected

Graduate Assistants
 Senior Graduate Assistant 7,599.96 15,200
 (Copy Editor)
 Book Review Editor 8,149.98
Printing & Distribution
 Cadmus Press Carryover 6,686.46 0
Travel & Training
 Graduate Assistant Training
 Editors' Travel to ASCH meeting 3,000
 Senior Graduate Assistant to 1,500
 Annual Meeting
 Copy Editor to Annual Meeting
 Supplies 14.45 3,500
 Postage 711.27 1,500
 Printing & Photocopying 777.38
 Telephone/Telecommunications 194.70
 Computer Depreciation 500
 Scanner Depreciation 0
 Printer Depreciation 300
 Repairs 500
 FSU Maintenance Fee 1,500
Consultants/Hospitality 800
Moving Costs

Subtotal 24,934.20 36,950

BAYLOR UNIVERSITY July-December 2010
 2009 Actual Projected

Executive Secretary
 Salary 4,500.00 18,000
 Travel-ASCH 340.40 2,500
 Travel-ASCH-related 1,624.14 2,000
Assistant to Executive
 Salary 5,625.00 12,000
 Travel 740.80 2,750
Postage & Supplies 1,547.26 4,000
Payroll Service Fees 771.30 1,320
Accountant Fees 1,440.61 2,000
Payroll Taxes
 Federal 955.11 3,500
 SS/Med 1,931.61 5,000
 State 80.00
Computer Hardware/ 0
Website 583.63 11,000
Telephone 0
Workmen's Compensation 0
Penalty & Interest
Bank Charges
 Bank of America-- 60.00 180
 Business Savings
 Bank of America-- 32.00
 Checking Account
License & Fees 0
Copyright 0
Refunds & Cancellations 200

Subtotal 20,231.86 64,450

 Actual Projected

Spring Conference Fees
Winter Conference Fees 15,000
 AHA 5,000

ASCH BUDGET July-December 2010
 2009 Actual Projected

 ACLS 1,635
 CIHEC 45.75 50
Prizes & Awards 3,600
Student Travel Grants 1,500
Independent Scholar 0
 Travel Grants
Travel Grants (to Calvin
Travel (Council) 1,000
Lodging (Council) 519.25 1,000
Conference Programs 0

Subtotal 565.00 $28,785.00

TOTAL EXPENSES 45,731.06 $130,185.00

SURPLUS 4,574.68 $8,239.00

Schwab 7872 132,473.31
Schwab 5872 55,054.36
Bank of America-- 10,275.70
 Business Savings
Bank of America--Checking 16,271.73

TOTAL ASSETS $218,649.78 $8,239.00
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