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Minutes of the ACES Executive Council Meeting.

Marriott Park City, Park City, Utah October 17, 2002

In attendance: Alan Goldberg, President (2002-03); James Benshoff, President, SACES; Fred Bradley, President (2001-02); Donald Haight, President, NAP, ACES; Stephen Felt, ACES President-Elect; Tarrell Portman, President, NCACES; David Zimpfer, Treasurer; Kent Becker, President, RMACES; Peg Olson, Secretary (2002-03); Sandra Zimmermann, President, WACES; Terrie House, Graduate Student Representative; Donna Henderson, ACA Governing Council Rep. Guests: Lori Brown Crutchfield, President-Elect, SACES; Kurt Kraus, President-Elect, NARACES; Kim Vess, President-Elect, NCACES; David Kleist, President-Elect, RMACES

1. Goldberg called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM.

2. Goldberg asked for and received approval of the agenda.

3. Approval of June Executive Council minutes. Olson distributed minutes; Goldberg asked members to read through after the meeting and notify him of corrections before the end of the conference.

4. Treasurer's Report. D. Zimpfer distributed the budget report for the end of the Fiscal Year 2001-2002. Zimpfer reported on the status of ACES investments, subscriptions, and products.

5. ACA Governing Council report was given by D. Henderson.

6. Old Business

a. Ad Hoc Committee to Review National Institute for Multicultural Counseling (NIMC) Proposal.

Benshoff reported recommendation of Ad Hoc Committee appointed to review the NIMC Proposal. Benshoff suggested support of the content of the proposal and ACES' involvement through the ACES Multicultural Interest Network. Bradley questioned whether CACREP had been approached. Ad hoc committee's report is as follows:

Because ACES already formally endorsed the AMCD multicultural competencies in 1997, we do not believe it is necessary or appropriate to restate ACES formal endorsement of this document.

Given some of our negative reactions to NIMC's approach to promoting the multicultural competencies, the Executive Council should discuss under what conditions it would vote to lend support to the NIMC-initiated project ("Promoting More Effective, Respectful, and Ethical Counseling Practices: Advocating for Multicultural Competence in the Counseling Profession").

It seems appropriate to have NIMC work together with the Chair and members of ACES Multicultural Counseling Interest Network to: [maintain] ongoing consultation and collaboration if ACES votes to support this project. We do not recommend that ACES provide its support, resources, or access to our membership (through special conference programs) without genuine involvement in developing, shaping, and implementing this project.

If ACES votes to support this project, time should be allotted during 2003 and 2004 Executive Council meetings (at ACA conferences) for a progress report (most appropriately from the chair of the ACES Multicultural Interest Network).
   Henderson moved, Bradley seconded motion to endorse NIMC proposal.
   Following discussion, motion passed unanimously.

b. Recruitment of Students From Underrepresented Groups.

T. Portman distributed copies of ACES/NCDA Commission's report. Portman reported on activities of the commission. Discussion of information sought from other professions, other issues related to limited representation in Counselor Education. Goldberg discussed history of ACES' earlier efforts and commended Portman for the group's efforts.

c. ACES Schedule at ACA 2003 Convention.

Goldberg reported on concerns, costs regarding ACES luncheon, and reviewed distributed schedule. Discussion of Graduate Student Reception at ACA Convention. House was directed to plan for 200 participants. Bradley discussed ACES poster sessions at ACA Convention and relationship to Research Grants. Goldberg requested and received a "sense of the body" to approve.

d. Online Survey of ACES Members' Preferences.

Goldberg reported on results of survey related to ACA Membership Requirement. Of 239 respondents, approximately 50% preferred to continue with current policy of requiring ACA membership for ACES members. Strong support was expressed for services provided by ACES to its membership. Support also was expressed for services received from ACA.

Goldberg announced appointment of Ann Vernon as National Convention Committee Chair. Committee is charged with developing parameters for National Conventions.

7. New Business

a. ACES Website.

M. Jencius and J. McLaughlin demonstrated new website and asked for ideas, comments, questions. Suggestions for additional links and functions were made. Jencius discussed sources for financing additional work on website and need for identifying system and person to update regularly. Discussion of three levels of Websites-advertising, information, interaction, future plans and needs for continued site development. Bradley emphasized importance of current information and means of information flow. Jencius asked that each region identify person responsible for communication with ACES regarding regional websites.
   Henderson moved, Portman seconded motion to authorize the president
   to appoint person to gather information on content and relay to
   Jencius within two months. Motion passed unanimously. Henderson then
   moved, Haight seconded motion that the president appoint committee
   charged with prioritizing needs, determining future direction of the
   website. Discussion of committee membership representation. Motion
   passed unanimously. Goldberg expressed appreciation, commended
   Jencius and McLaughlin for their work, and asked for direction on
   needs at this time,

b. ACES Nominees for Legislative and Emerging Leadership Training at ACA Convention.

Goldberg discussed names forwarded for training, asked for other names and for direction in determining selection. ACES has no budget item identified. Zimpfer suggested option for assisting with travel. Discussion of value of training experiences for new counselor educators.
   Henderson moved, Benshoff seconded motion that the Council encourage
   the president to reimburse someone to attend legislative training at
   the level of $200 to be taken from discretionary funds. Motion
   passed unanimously.

c. Sponsorship Policy
   Portman moved, Benshoff seconded motion that ACES co-sponsor the
   Counselors for Social Justice "Day of learning" per request at the
   ACA convention. Discussion of lack of formal policies and
   distinction between endorsement and sponsorship. Motion passed

d. Product Advertising

Zimpfer discussed limited revenue from ACES products and limited advertisement. Zimpfer distributed example of direct mailing from AMHCA. Bradley and Zimpfer discussed other brochures. Zimpfer has offer for production of 5,000 brochures at cost of $1500-1600 + postage. Kleist suggested posting of information on website rather than direct mailing. Discussion of targeting counselor educators who are not ACES members. Goldberg asked Zimpfer to work with Vess and Ingram on mailing and to bring proposal to Executive Council in March. Benshoff offered to help.

e. Membership

Goldberg asked Council members to continue relaying information to Geof Yager. Students should be encouraged to become involved, including new professionals as well as doctoral students. Discussion of concerns with membership processing. Discussion of ACES brochures and plans for brochures for new members. House requested help from regional presidents in contacting regional graduate student representatives. Discussion of communication between graduate representatives, graduate chair, and regional presidents via e-mail.

f. Revision of Supervision Handbooks

Zimpfer reported progress on contract with Borders/Crutchfield regarding The Handbook of Counseling Supervision. The proposed revision of The Handbook of Counseling Supervision was referred to the ACES Product Development Committee.

g. Royalty Policy

Zimpfer reminded Council that royalties have not been offered routinely to authors of ACES products, but that occasionally royalties have been paid after all upfront expenses have been paid. Discussion of actual royalties paid and implications for marketing of products. Henderson suggested that formal proposal be made to Executive Council and that specific guidelines be developed for systematic decisions related to royalties. The issue was referred to a task force to be appointed by Goldberg.

h. Withdrawal From Elected Offices

Portman raised issue that there is no provision in the ACES bylaws for a situation in which the governing council representative withdraws from the position. The appointed replacement is not permitted to vote.

i. ACES Representative to ACA Governing Council.

Discussion of the importance of the Governing Council Representative informing the ACES Executive Council of ACA motions that may impact ACES. Discussion of ACES' responsibility to inform its ACA Governing Council Representative of issues/motions it wishes to bring forward to ACA. Zimpfer expressed appreciation for Henderson's representation to ACA Governing Council.

j. Online Version of Spectrum

Goldberg revisited June 2002 discussion to publish the Spectrum online in view of Jencius's comments and Council members' concerns. Next issue will include notice that following issue will be online.

Goldberg noted that "content" articles on issues might be published in Spectrum in order to increase publicity for ACES activities.

Discussion of e-mail distribution of regional and committee reports to Executive Council prior to ACA Convention.

k. Zimpfer distributed travel vouchers and noted that amended travel policy is in packets. Zimmerman distributed copies of WACES newsletter.

1. Bradley moved. Becker seconded motion to adjourn at 12:00 noon.

Submitted by Peg Olson, ACES Secretary

Minutes of the ACES General Assesmbly Yarrow Hotel. Park City, Utah October 19, 2002


President Alan Goldberg welcomed ACES Conference participants to the special meeting of the General Assembly. Conference registrations have totaled 820, including 169 graduate students.

1. Proposals for Dues Change

a. Goldberg reviewed the background and rationale of the proposal for a dues increase as published in the Spectrum. He presented a dues analysis based on a membership of 2.380 and commented on the interest in increased member services.

The Executive Council has proposed an increase in dues to $50 (regular) and $25 (all other paying categories) beginning July 1, 2003. Garry Walz seconded motion. Discussion of implications of dues increase. Zimpfer commented on additional sources of revenue and desire to become less dependent on dues. Discussion of guidelines regarding reserve monies.

G. Yager offered amendment to motion to raise dues to $60 (regular) and $25 (all other paying categories.) Havens seconded amended motion. Discussion of amended motion, including need for information to members regarding use of funds. Discussion of numbers in each membership category.
   Amendment to motion passed 53-2-4. Amended motion passed 56-0-3.

b. The Executive Council moved that ACES dues be indexed to the Producer Price Index beginning July 1, 2004. Zimpfer explained relationship to Consumer Price Index with rate of 2-3% each year. Several amendments were offered with regard to timing of the indexing. Following discussion,
   the assembly voted 34-21-2 to initiate indexing to the PPI in 2005.

2. Proposed By-Laws Changes

a. The Executive Council proposed amendment to by-laws Article VII: Section 4, The President-elect, to read:

The President-Elect shall serve as President at all Association or Executive Council meetings in the absence of the President. The President-Elect shall serve as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee and shall succeed to the presidency at the expiration of the term as President-Elect.
   The proposed amendment passed 54-2-1.

b. The Executive Council proposed language change to by-laws Article XI: Committees, Section 5, 1, adding, "The Graduate Student Representative shall serve as Chair of the Committee for one year, but may be reappointed to a second year."
   Motion passed unanimously.

3. Dues Structure Proposal

Discussion of RMACES proposal to change dues structure and not require ACA membership with ACES membership. Goldberg shared e-mail survey data gathered from ACES membership. Over half those responding were not in favor of changing dues structure. Goldberg stated the Executive Council was not presenting a motion to change the dues structure. Other survey data indicated appreciation of ACES and ACA services with the exception of the ACA convention. Those in attendance indicated support of survey data related to professional unity. Discussion of ACA convention program selection process changes. Goldman commended Jill Thorngren for e-mail data collection and analysis.

4. Spectrum. Next issue will be online and feedback will be sought. Discussion of cost savings and other format possibilities.

5. Goldberg adjourned General Assembly at 3:00.

Submitted by Peg Olson, ACES Secretary

Minutes of the ACES Executive Council

Clarion Hotel, Anaheim, CA March 22, 2003

In attendance: Alan Goldberg, President; James Benshoff, President, SACES; Donald Haight, President, NARACES; Fred Bradley, Past President; Tarrell Portman, President, NCACES; Stephen Feit, President-Elect; Sandra Zimmermalm, President, WACES; David Zimpfer, Treasurer; Peg Olson, Secretary; Terri House, Graduate Student Representative; Donna Henderson, ACA Governing Council Representative Guests: Lori Brown, President-Elect, SACES; Fred Bemak; Michael Ingram, President-Elect, WACES; David Kleist, President-Elect, RMACES: Bill Kline; Kurt Kraus, President-Elect, NARACES

1. President Goldberg called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. He announced that he had arranged for additional luncheon tickets and encouraged members to attend the Graduate Student reception on Sunday. Goldberg announced that he had distributed lists of student members and "new professional" members to regional presidents.

2. The meeting agenda was approved by acclamation.

3. Olson distributed minutes of the fall Executive Council and General Assembly meetings in Park City. Bradley moved, Benshoff seconded motion to approve Executive Council minutes. Motion carried unanimously. Haight moved, Benshoff seconded motion to approve General Assembly minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Treasurer's Report

Overview and Online Subscriptions

Zimpfer reviewed additional sources of income and discussed reactions to university library decisions with regard to on-line subscriptions. Current number of non-member subscriptions is 625.

Park City Conference

Zimpfer reported that the Park City conference profit of $40,000 will be distributed as follows: (approximately)

ACES $20,000

RMACES $6,000

Other regions $3,000 each

(Approximately $1.000 was not collected after several attempts; Goldberg will write/phone individuals and refer to Executive Council if necessary.)


Zimpfer reported that ACES' fixed investments are doing well (7%). The growth portion of the portfolio has again suffered in the market decline.


Zimpfer reported the status of contracts and contracts with Product Development Committee. The council discussed need for a new Handbook of Administrative Supervision.


Zimpfer reported that revenues appear to be somewhat ahead of the budget, although it is too early to be sure. Annual rebate checks to the regions are 400+$1 per each member in the region. Goldberg announced that he had sent regional membership lists to Geof Yager and encouraged members to let others to know about the rebates.

5. Membership

Goldberg discussed trends in divisional memberships across ACA. Zimpfer discussed relationship of membership to product development issue. Goldberg reported that he had sent letters to all "new professional" members. Discussion of "professional" and "regular" categories with regard to ACA website renewal problem. Bradley moved, Feit seconded the motion to begin the process to amend by-laws to eliminate "regular" membership category. Current "regular members" would be "professional members." Motion carried 8-2-1.

Discussion of "new professional" category and feasibility of tracking down membership data vs. placing effort on encouraging students to join ACES. Goldberg offered to provide regional presidents with names of former ACES members with current ACA memberships.

Kraus initiated discussion of possible "fellow" category. A "sense of the body" decision was made not to pursue.

6. Strategic Planning

Bemak introduced and reviewed ACES Strategic Planning draft. Goldberg will distribute committee's final revision to Executive Council for reactions and to the general membership at regional meetings. Discussion of need to be intentional with regard to seeking committee members from diverse backgrounds. Discussion of multiple methods of providing feedback to Strategic Planning Committee. Goldberg expressed appreciation to Bemak and committee members.

7. Publications

Counselor Education and Supervision. The following reviewers' appointments were approved:


Teresa M. Christensen, University of New Orleans

Nicole Hill, Idaho State University

Don C. Locke, University of North Carolina-Asheville

Pamela O. Paisley, University of Georgia

Martin H. Ritchie, University of Toledo

E. H. Mike Robinson, University of Central Florida

Deborah J. Rubel, Oregon State University(renewal)

Colette T. Dollarhide, University of South Carolina

Allen J. Ottens, Northern Illinois University
   Haight moved, Kleist seconded motion to direct Editor-Elect Kline to
   continue to seek diversity in editorial board membership. Discussion
   of ad hoc reviewers and mentoring of prospective reviewers.
   Appreciation was expressed to Kline for efforts to broaden editorial
   board diversity beyond ethnicity. Kline will be asked to report on
   continuing efforts at the end of the year. Suggestion was made to
   encourage editorial board members to mentor their own students by
   teaching them to review manuscripts they receive from CES. Another
   suggestion was to include manuscript review as a topic for regional

Continuation of discussion on subscriptions. Goldberg offered to distribute list of libraries with ACA journals. Goldberg noted expense of CD version proposal.

Spectrum On-Line

Discussion of formatting and responsibilities of editor and web master. A general "sense of the body" was to continue the on-line version, work out formatting concerns, include photos, consider need for associate editor. Formal decision to continue online to be made at summer meeting.

Kline requested that Council members identify and encourage prospective reviewers to apply for editorial board membership.

Kline discussed his interest in working with authors to increase the number of high quality qualitative manuscripts published.

Kline discussed advantages and disadvantages of on-line publication.

Kline responded to questions regarding ethnicity of recent editorial board applicants and current status of CES. Discussion of ways to honor ACA leaders who have died recently.

Kline requested $3,000 to cover graduate assistant expenses through 2003 summer period, Bradley moved, Portman seconded motion to allocate $3,000 honorarium for student assistant beginning June 1, 2003. Motion carried unanimously.

8. Websites.

Discussion of server space for regional sites and links among sites. Goldberg discussed potential for increased communication among ACES and regions.

9. ACA Governing Council.

Henderson reported on recent action of council and need to look at barriers to effective governance. Henderson will continue to serve as G. C. Representative until assuming office of ACES President in 2004.

10. ACES Conferences.

Discussion of options for 2005 and 2007 conferences. Issues related to spring conference decision were reviewed. Goldberg reported on ACA and ASCA interest in overlapping and/or collaborating with conference organization. Discussion on rotation among regions (with option to pass] as follows:


2009 SACES

2011 WACES



Portman will initiate discussion with NCACES Executive Council with regard to hosting 2007 conference.

11. ACA Nominations.

Bradley reported receiving nomination for Patricia Arredondo for ACA President Elect-Elect-Elect. The Council approved the nomination unanimously. Bradley reminded the regions of their responsibility to submit by March 28 nominations for ACES President-Elect-Elect-Elect, Secretary-Elect-Elect, and Governing Council-Elect.

12. Product Development.

Zimpfer provided background rationale, and alternatives for royalty policy proposed by the Royalty Task Force. Portman moved, Bradley seconded motion to establish policy as follows:

"ACES will provide authors with options to receive (a) royalties on a net of 15% after expenses or (b) a one-time tax deduction based on fair market value. Contracts would be written accordingly."

13. ASCA Request.

Goldberg reported on request for endorsement of school counseling model and that ACES is working on summit to be held at ASCA St. Louis conference.

Bradley moved, Henderson seconded motion to adjourn. Haight congratulated Goldberg on year's work. Motion carried unanimously at 3:40 PM.

Submitted by Peg Olson, ACES Secretary

Minutes of the ACES 2003-04 Executive Council

Clarion Hotel, Anaheim, CA March 22, 2003

In attendance: Alan Goldberg, President; Stephen Felt, President-Elect; Donna Henderson, ACA Governing Council Representative; David Zimpfer, Treasurer; Peg Olson, Secretary (2002-03); Michael Ingrain, WACES; Judith Durham, NARACES; David Kleist, RMACES; Kurt Kraus, NAP, ACES; Lori Brown, SACES

1. President-Elect Feit opened the meeting at 3:50 PM and introduced J. Durham. Feit provided information on June 27-28, 2003 Executive Council meeting in Sun Valley.

2. Feit introduced agenda items for the June meeting and asked members to be thinking about a definition of "endorsement."

3. Feit introduced a request from J. Durham regarding ACES Research Committee.

4. Discussion of ACES luncheon program with regard to war in Iraq. It was agreed that Goldberg would ask for a moment of silence rather than an invocation. CAHEAD representative would introduce the Empty Plate Project. Discussion of regional Presidents-Elect as part of Feit's luncheon presentation.

5. Feit requested the new council follow Goldberg's model of open discussion and facilitation of decision making by consensus within time limits.

6. Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.

Submitted by Peg Olson, ACES Secretary

Minutes of the ACES General Assembly

Hilton Hotel, Anaheim, CA March 23, 2003

Officers in attendance: Alan Goldberg, President; Fred Bradley, Past President; Stephen Felt, ACES President-Elect; James Benshoff, President, SACES; Donald Haight, President, NARACES; Tarrell Portman, President, NCACES; Sandra Zimmermann, WACES; David Zimpfer, Treasurer; Peg Olson, Secretary; Donna Henderson, ACA Governing Council Representative Guest: David Kaplan, ACA President

1. President Alan Goldberg opened the meeting at 3:00 PM.

2. Past President Fred Bradley explained his responsibilities as Nominations Chair and Liaison to the Graduate Student Committee. He announced that Patricia Arredondo has been nominated by ACES for the office of ACA President Elect-Elect-Elect.

3. President-Elect Stephen Feit described his activities and responsibilities during 2002-03.

4. President Goldberg introduced ACA President David Kaplan and expressed appreciation for his assistance with ACES membership lists.

5. Donald Haight distributed copies of the NAP, ACES report and commented on regional activities of the year.

6. James Benshoff gave a brief report on SACES regional activities.

7. Donna Henderson reported on ACA Governing Council actions. ACA membership is stable and ACA is fiscally sound. The Multicultural Competencies were endorsed, as were other proposed standards. Communication on restructuring will continue. ACA will review by-laws of all divisions and state branches. Divisional membership threshold has been lowered to 400.

8. David Zimpfer distributed budget report and explained dues, fall conference, and profit rebates. He also discussed ACES investment, products, and future financial implications of declining membership. He noted that ACES is working on several membership strategies.

Zimpfer explained decreases in library subscriptions to CES and ACA's 18 month moratorium on putting CES online. ACA will provide rebates to ACES based on "hit" numbers. Zimpfer encouraged ACES members to request university library subscriptions to ACA journals and to use ACES and ACA products in classes.

Zimpfer responded to questions about Women's Retreat expenses, conference, profits, and on-line journal procedures.

David Kaplan announced that there would be no delay in placing the JCD online. Discussion of prohibitive cost of CD processing and copying costs. Goldberg suggested asking students to access on-line issues of journals.

9. Goldberg explained problem of processing ACES membership on ACA website and ACES Executive Council decision to propose bylaws change to conform with ACA categories. Goldberg requested that ACA provide interim means for ACES membership renewal.

10. Goldberg noted that Executive Council voted in June to place two issues of Spectrum online in order to save money. He plans to work closely with Gary Miller and Marty Jencius as they continue to develop on-line version. Goldberg also announced that all regional websites now will be on the Kent State server.

11. Goldberg announced that October 26-29, 2005 are the dates of the Pittsburgh ACES conference. A regional rotation will follow in 2007, when the conference will move to spring.

12. Goldberg asked Zimpfer to explain the royalty policy discussion of the Product Development Committee. Zimpfer explained that early publications had been donated and that there is more need for royalties with the new products. He outlined the two options decided upon by the Executive Council (15% after expenses or a one-time tax deduction).

13. Goldberg introduced the Strategic Planning draft and noted it would be available on the website and at regional conferences for feedback to the Strategic Planning Committee.

14. Goldberg announced changes in Counselor Education and Supervision and commented on the number of nominations of members of underrepresented groups to the Editorial Board. He encouraged nominations and training sessions at regional conferences. He announced that regions had agreed to hold "emerging leaders" workshops at their conferences.

15. Sandra Zimmermann gave a brief report on activities of the WACES region.

16. Donald Haight announced that the CACREP Standards Review Committee needs help with research and brought forward the following resolution:
   "that the ACES Executive Council (1) establish a dialogue with the
   CACREP Board of Directors regarding the research needs of CACREP.
   Further, that the President of ACES, or the President's
   representative, report to the ACES Executive Council and the ACES
   General Assembly with specific research needs of CACREP; (2)
   recommend ways that ACES can assist CACREP to meet the needs; and
   (3) make suggestions on how ACES could fund those recommendations."

   The Executive Council will act on this resolution at June meeting.

17. Goldberg expressed gratitude for the privilege of serving as ACES President and adjourned the meeting at 4:20 PM.

Submitted by Peg Olson, ACES Secretary
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