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Minutes for the Executive Council Meeting.


Pam Paisley, ACES President 1999-2000, called the meeting to order at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC, at 8:05 a.m.

In attendance: Pam Paisley, President; Don Locke, President-Elect; Michele Thomas, Past President; Fred Bradley, President-Elect-Elect; Dave Zimpfer, Treasurer; Tom Collins, Secretary; Toni Tollerud, NCACES President; Stephanie Puleo, SACES President; Marijane Fall, NARACES President; Bill Kline, RMACES President; Laura Held, WACES President-Elect; Linwood Vereen, Graduate Student Representative; and Lori Blackman, Graduate Assistant, University of Georgia.
   Pam Paisley obtained consensus approval of the meeting agenda. The agenda
   was approved with the addition of several resolutions under new business.

   Michele Thomas moved, Don Locke seconded a motion to approve the minutes of
   the New Orleans Executive Council meetings. Motion carried unanimously.
   Minutes will be forwarded to CES Editor, Marlowe Smaby.

President's Report

Pam Paisley reported on the different responsibilities she fulfilled throughout her tenure as president. Significant accomplishments during her term of office were the ACES National Conference in New Orleans, the ACES/NBCC Fellows Program, product development, budgetary and policy review, and her focus on fairness and continuity in Executive Council representation.

Pam Paisley reported that the ACES Conference Committee's only site submitted was Park City, Utah. Discussion regarding proposals and conference planning was deferred to new business.

President-Elect's Report

Don Locke identified the activities he engaged in as president-elect, which included the Executive Council meetings, planning meeting with Pam Paisley, ACES National Conference, and ACA Advisory Council. The theme for ACES 2000-2001 in San Antonio is "Counseling at its Best: Celebrating the Human Spirit." The issues deserving attention for his term of office include investment of the ACES portfolio, representation/participation of less populated regions, sponsorship of marketable products, and continued review of issues related to diversity and multiculturalism.

Past President's Report

Michele Thomas reported that Fred Bradley is the ACES President-Elect-Elect. The nominations and election process was discussed with the following names having been submitted for president and secretary: Susan Neufeldt (RMACES/WACES), John Geisler (NCACES), and Alan Goldberg (NARACES) for president; and Stephanie Puleo (SACES), Michael Luce (RMACES), Peg Olson (NCACES), Nelson (WACES), and Gary Goodnough (NARACES) for secretary. An issue regarding tabulation of ballots submitted was raised by Michele Thomas.
   Stephanie Puleo moved, Laura Held seconded a motion to count all ballots
   that were submitted in election tallies. The motion carried with 10 aye
   votes and 1 abstention.

Treasurer's Report

Dave Zimpfer presented the following items as part of his treasurer's report.

1. Revision of the budget statement for June 1999

2. Revised budget for FY2000

3. Budget variance analysis through January 2000

4. Audit

5. Transfer of investments, per Oct. 1999 Executive Council decision

6. Statement of investments

7. Investment reports: Paine-Webber, ACAF, TIAA

8. Balance sheets 1/99 and 1/00 for comparison

9. Recommendations of Financial Investment Committee

10. Report on ACES products (books, videos, CD's)

11. Travel policy: Possible changes per October 1999 Executive Council minutes

12. Recoup of IRS withholding tax

Discussion focused on the ACES budget and the regional rebate formula that had been approved at a prior meeting. Implications for future ACES conferences and ACES as the primary beneficiary of income were noted.

A pre-conference planning budget line ($5,000) was recommended as an addition to the ACES budget.

Council decided to remove the Bradley/Kurpius text from the ACA catalog and to give the Treasurer leeway to remove the Borders and Falvey texts should costs exceed book sales.
   Bill Kline moved, Michele Thomas seconded a motion that ACES should keep
   60% of the New Orleans convention profits. Motion failed with 4 aye votes,
   5 nay votes, and 2 abstentions.

   Dave Zimpfer moved, Michele Thomas seconded a motion to delete "Lodging and
   other meals are reimbursed only to the extent required for attending the
   ACES meeting" from the ACES Travel Policies and Procedures. Motion carried

   Bill Kline moved, Marijane Fall seconded a motion that the original formula
   be utilized but that the ACES budget deficit be eliminated. The motion was
   amended to: Excess conference proceeds should be distributed with the
   additional proviso that the current ACES budget be balanced. Motion carried
   with 7 aye votes, 2 nay votes, and 1 abstention.

ACES budgetary concerns and regional rebates will be discussed at the July Executive Council meeting.
   Don Locke moved, Toni Tollerud seconded a motion that the revised budget as
   presented along with the elimination of the deficit be approved. Motion
   carried unanimously.

   Michele Thomas moved, Don Locke seconded a motion that Dave Zimpfer be
   commended on the reorganization of the treasurer's report. Motion carried

The University of Georgia's-School of Education contributed $2500, and Brooks-Cole contributed $1000 to ACES events at the ACA conference.

Governing Council Report

Pam Paisley presented the Governing Council report for Maggie Miller. During Fiscal Year 1999, ACA generated excess revenue over expenses resulting from the sale/leaseback of the building, a stabilizing membership trend, several cost reduction activities, and increasingly accurate budgeting activities. Emphasis will be placed on becoming less dues-dependent via new products and different revenue streams along with renewed efforts to retain new members. Greater consistency between bylaws, policy, procedures, and the legal/financial governing articles of ACA was achieved during the year. New anti-discrimination statement will include appearance, family type, gender identity/ expression, language, and immigration status/nationality. Committees and concerned regions/divisions continue to investigate variances in representation and the issues surrounding declining division enrollments. The strategic plan for 2000-2003 was adopted as a working document for ACA.

Concerns were noted by Council regarding the CPI-based dues adjustment and the impact on student and new professional members.

Regional President Reports

Toni Tollerud presented the report for NCACES. Fall 2000 conference will be held in Indianapolis, IN, October 19-21. The President-elect-elect is Colette Dollarhide and the secretary-elect is Jane Cox with Wes Erwin as Membership-at-Large. Regional focus has been on membership development and the NCACES heritage project.

Laura Held presented the report for WACES. Fall 2000 conference will be held in Los Gatos, CA, from November 9-12. President-elect-elect is Andres Consoli. Regional focus has been involvement of field supervisors and membership development.

Bill Kline presented the report for RMACES. Fall 2000 conference will be held in Jackson Hole, WY, from October 5-7. President-elect-elect is Jill Thorngren and the new Treasurer is Ken Calhoun. Regional focus has been on the web site-based newsletter and development of the Park City, UT convention proposal.

Stephanie Puleo presented the report for SACES. Future meetings will be held in Greensboro, NC, in 2000, and Athens, GA, in 2001. President-elect-elect is Gary Miller and secretary-elect is Nancy Nishimura. Regional focus has been on involvement of non-academic supervisors and graduate students, research enhancement, and membership development.

Marijane Fall presented the report for NARACES. Fall 2000 conference will be held in Saratoga Springs, October 6-8. Tom Collins is president-elect and Gary Goodnough is secretary-elect. Regional focus has been on involvement of non-academic supervisors and new membership initiatives.
   Bill Kline moved, Laura Held seconded a motion that in order to address
   continuity, the by-laws be amended that each region elect a representative
   to serve on the ACES Executive Council for a staggered 3 year term to
   replace the regional president. Motion failed with 2 aye votes, 5 nay
   votes, and 3 abstentions.

   Don Locke moved, Linwood Vereen seconded a motion to include room and board
   for president-elect's from each region for the summer Executive Council
   meeting. Final revised motion was to invite regional president-elect's to
   attend the summer ACES Executive Council meetings and to fund housing/ per
   diem costs and to evaluate the arrangement at Executive Council in San
   Antonio. Motion carried with 9 aye votes, 1 nay vote, and 1 abstention.

   Toni Tollerud moved, Laura Held seconded a motion that each region consider
   the following suggested options for continuity of Executive Council
   leadership and that each regional president should bring its feedback to
   the San Antonio meeting in March 2001:

   1. 3 year term for representative to Executive Council (staggered)

   2. 2 year term for representative to Executive Council (staggered)

   3. President for 2 year term on staggered years

   4. President as voting member, President-Elect as observer; President
   funded, President-Elect not funded

   5. Present arrangement

   Motion carried unanimously.

   Marijane Fall moved, Dave Zimpfer seconded a motion that each regional
   conference be attended by either the ACES President or ACES President-Elect
   with ACES financial support. Motion carried unanimously. During the tenure
   as president or president-elect, an attempt should be made to visit all
   five regions.

   Bill Kline moved, Don Locke seconded a motion to approve the CES Editorial
   Board as presented by Marlowe Smaby. Motion carried unanimously.

A qualitative assistant editor was approved by the CES editorial board, and Editor-designee is being sought. Minutes of Executive Council meetings will be sent to Marlowe Smaby for inclusion in the journal. Alternative publishers for the journal are being researched.
   Michele Thomas moved, Don Locke seconded a motion that ACA student
   registration fee structures be implemented at all three levels (national,
   regional, state). Motion carried unanimously.

There was a request for ACES endorsement of the "Summer Sabbaticals" project affiliated with the Colorado Institute for Conflict Resolution and Creative Leadership. ACES has no current endorsement policy but will address the issue via the 2000-2001 Executive Council.
   Don Locke moved, Bill Kline seconded a motion that in the absence of an
   endorsement policy, all endorsements will be suspended until a policy is
   developed. Motion carried with 9 aye votes and 1 nay vote.

Concerns were noted about the directory of ACES conference attendees that was distributed in disk format in New Orleans. Members need to give permission before information is shared.

The Community Counseling Network will be kept active for another year as its leaders seek to development membership support.

American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB) report was submitted by Don Nance. A proposal was presented by the AASCB leadership and NBCC regarding a collaboration with respect to the examinations that are used by many states as part of their licensing review and requirements. Other issues addressed included federal policies on health care integrity and protections data bank, ACA/ACES continuing education policies, state licensing board needs for behaviorally anchored ethical guidelines, licensing legislation, portability, and dues.

Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) report was submitted by Cindy Patton Boyd. Focus is on promotion of quality purposeful programs, student learning, and professional integrity in higher education.
   Michele Thomas moved, Laura Held seconded a motion to continue ACES
   involvement with CAS and AASCB for the coming year. Motion carried with 9
   aye votes and 1 abstention.

   Bill Kline moved, Linwood Vereen seconded a motion that ACES proceed with
   rigorous attention to develop a biennial spring conference schedule
   beginning in the academic year 2002-2003. Motion carried with 10 aye votes
   and 1 abstention.

   Michele Thomas moved, Don Locke seconded a motion that a resolution be
   forwarded to ACA supporting a biennial ACA convention. Motion carried
   unanimously. Pam Paisley will communicate the resolution to ACA.

Discussion ensued regarding issues to be addressed by the Conference Committee regarding site selection including rotation on regions, major airport accessibility, one hotel location, negotiated package with hotel, reasonable attrition clauses, uniqueness of site, RFP process, faculty commitment, publicity, estimate of costs for participants, and disability accessibility.

Pam Paisley will contact Council members regarding revision of the handbook/procedures and members are encouraged to submit potential changes to Lori Blackman.
   Don Locke moved, Linwood Vereen seconded a motion to commend Michele Thomas
   for 3 years of service to ACES. Motion carried unanimously.

   Don Locke moved, Linwood Vereen seconded a motion to commend Pam Paisley
   for her service to ACES as President. Motion carried unanimously.

   Don Locke moved, Linwood Vereen seconded a motion to adjourn. Motion
   carried unanimously.

Pam Paisley adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Thomas M. Collins ACES Secretary
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