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Mint; the genus mentha.


Mint; the genus mentha.

Ed. by Brian M. Lawrence.

CRC / Taylor & Francis


556 pages




The genus Mentha is the most important in the Labiatae family because of the various essential oils that can be isolated through hydrodistillatioin, water and steam distillation, hydrodiffusion, and expression (cold processing) and that have high economic value, including corn mint (the source of natural menthol), peppermint, Scotch spearmint, and Native spearmint. This fact underlies the rationale for this monograph in which Lawrence (a retired manager with the Flavor Division of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.) presents 14 chapters that describe the classifications and relationships of Mentha; introduce the anatomy, physiology, biosynthesis, molecular biology, tissue culture, and biotechnology of mint essential oil production; review commercial mint species grown in the United States; discuss the cultivation of mint and production of mint oil in India and China; explore the history, theory, and practice of mint oil distillation; discuss the oil composition of commercially important and other Mentha species and hybrids; provide an overview of the North American mint oil industry; explore the safety assessment of biological and toxicological properties of mint oils and their major isolates; examine the antimicrobial activity of essential oils and constituents; and discuss economic uses of Mentha.

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