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Minority theater and literature of the oppressed: Cherrie Moraga's Watsonville.

The work of Augusto Boal has focused on the oppressed. His manifesto Theatre of the Oppressed and his methodology can be considered a starting point for examining the role played by the theater of minorities living in US society. This article analyzes patterns of change offered by the theater of the marginalized, with particular emphasis on Hispanic Americans and Cherrie Moraga's Watsonville: Some Place Not Here--a play by a Chicana writer. In doing so, the article explores the role of the theater of the oppressed in contributing to the transformation of American society and bringing minorities from the periphery to the center.

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Title Annotation:Watsonville: Some Place Not Here
Author:Ibrahim, Areeg
Publication:Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics
Article Type:Author abstract
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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