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Admitting First-Generation and Low-Income Students is Not Enough. Wieda, Nina Sep 15, 2022 781
A Rising Tide: HBCU enrollment is on the upswing amid turbulent social climate. Gray, Katti Sep 15, 2022 1243
BREAKING THE CYCLE OF PRIVILIGE. Colarusso, Laura Sep 1, 2022 3340
Curriculum for minority students finally approved. Aug 31, 2022 397
Scholarship cheques distributed among minority students. Jun 7, 2022 353
Treatment of minority students to be probed Probe: Village will 'fully comply' by June 30 deadline. Eric Peterson May 27, 2022 485
Treatment of minority students to be probed. Eric Peterson May 27, 2022 485
"A Wake-Up Call": Student Parents of Color Endure High Basic Needs Insecurity. Kelliher, Rebecca Mar 31, 2022 861
It's Time to Double Pell Because All Students Deserve a Transformative Education. Fuentes, Montserrat Mar 31, 2022 811
Community Colleges and HBCUs Forge Partnerships to Uplift Students. Herder, Liann Mar 17, 2022 771
On the Rebound? Graduate school enrollmenrts trending upward. Arnett, Autumn A. Mar 17, 2022 1299
Preparing Stewards Of the Discipline. Moore, Janie McClurkin Mar 1, 2022 1067
The Spirit at work. Knott, Catherine Feb 21, 2022 1518
Why Schools Must Teach About Racism. Miller, Rann Feb 1, 2022 1492
The Top 100 Associate Degrees Conferred. Dec 9, 2021 12650
Graduate Student Supports Fellow Underrepresented Students. Kelliher, Rebecca Nov 25, 2021 1476
The Top Total Minority Producers of Health Sciences Degrees. Nov 25, 2021 5013
Minority students should also be given scholarships: Speakers. Oct 5, 2021 206
2021 AMS Minority Scholarship Recipients. List Sep 1, 2021 433
Scholarships distributed amongst minority students at SAU sub-campus Umerkot. Sohail Bhutto Sep 1, 2021 179
ADVANCED MISPLACEMENT. Kim, Anne Sep 1, 2021 4620
MORA and IH distributes scholarships worth Rs 109.03 mln among 8,688 minority students in last three years. Aug 27, 2021 259
"This space is not for me": BIPOC identities in academic spaces. Kowlessar, Kristen; Thomas, Cheyanne Aug 1, 2021 1547
Student Discipline: Assessing the civil rights impacts of "disparate" and "exclusionary" discipline practices on minority students, students who identify as LGBTQ, and students with disabilities. Eden, Max Aug 1, 2021 2041
This journey is part of a Larger story, started by our tipuna, carried on by us. Manning, Kimmel Editorial Jul 1, 2021 711
Child and Family Predictors of Relative Weight Change in a Low-Income, School-Based Weight Management Intervention. Hayes, Jacqueline F.; Fowler, Lauren A.; Balantekin, Katherine N.; Rotman, Sophia A.; Altman, Myra; Report Jun 1, 2021 6329
Cambodia, UNICEF work together to provide distance learning to ethnic minority students amidst pandemic. Apr 8, 2021 368
Pandemic Schooling and the Politics of Safety. Kelly, Lisa M.; Kilinc, Deniz; Lawrence, Sonia; Morin, Cosimo Mar 22, 2021 5840
A Mixed Methods Study of Factors that Enhance Louis Stokes Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation (LSMAMP) Students Degree Attainment in STEM. Okojie, Felix A.; Tchounwou, Martha; Addison, Clifton Report Jan 1, 2021 11407
Minority students asked to submit scholarship applications. Dec 14, 2020 427
Minority students getting 100pc scholarships. Nov 18, 2020 349
100pc scholarships for minority students: CM Cabinet fixes Rs200/40kg support price of sugarcane. Nov 18, 2020 512
CM Buzdar distributes scholarships among minority students. Nov 18, 2020 379
Religious Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Oct 12, 2020 432
Scholarship applications from minority students sought. Oct 12, 2020 199
Religious Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Oct 12, 2020 427
Religious Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Sep 28, 2020 434
Free school uniforms distributed among 80 minority students. Sep 15, 2020 256
2020 AMS Minority Scholarship Recipients. Sep 1, 2020 493
Quota for minority students. Aug 23, 2020 311
Supporting Students with Visual Impairments Who Are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse: The Role of the Cultural Liaison Within Educational Teams. Gee, Stephanie; Zebehazy, Kim T. Report Jul 1, 2020 6241
Scholarship applications sought from minority students. Jan 28, 2020 539
Sindh University awards hefty scholarship cheques to scores of its minority students - Press Release issued by University of Sindh. Sep 30, 2019 322
SU awards scholarship cheques to minority students. Ihsan Ali Abro Sep 28, 2019 270
SFAO Sindh University awards scholarships among minority students. Sep 28, 2019 260
SU awards hefty scholarship cheques to scores of its minority students. Sep 28, 2019 260
Interrupting Inequitable Discipline Practices. Katz-Amey, Jessica Report Sep 22, 2019 5048
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Sep 9, 2019 414
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Sep 9, 2019 414
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Sep 9, 2019 280
Medical Schools Still Short on Minority Students. Report Sep 6, 2019 329
Sindh University awarded scholarship to minority students. Aug 9, 2019 167
Guru Nanak scholarship for minority students. Jul 31, 2019 165
Punjab provided scholarships worth Rs50m to minority students: minister. May 31, 2019 410
'Punjab provided scholarships to minority students'. May 31, 2019 183
Minority students get scholarships. May 26, 2019 321
Cultural diversity in schools improve minority students' sense of belonging. Apr 24, 2019 287
Minority students to be facilitated: minister. Apr 4, 2019 220
Minority students to be facilitated: minister. Apr 4, 2019 186
Supporting Continued Academic Success, Resilience, and Agency of Boys in Urban Catholic Alternative Middle Schools. Fenzel, L. Mickey; Richardson, Kathy D. Report Mar 22, 2019 8787
Rev. Rudolph A. Moseley Jr., Ed.D. Victoria Brief article Feb 27, 2019 156
MoHR announces scholarships for minority students. Feb 8, 2019 141
Principals as Protagonists: Practices Beneficent for Indigenous Education in Rural Schools. Davies, James; Halsey, John Report Jan 1, 2019 7787
"Understand the Child Better": Using Retrospective Miscue Analysis to Engage Children of Color in Meaningful Reading Conversations. Wang, Yang; Grieve, Ellen Leigh Seale Jan 1, 2019 5534
Pasifika student experience in a Bachelor of Midwifery programme. Beatson, Deb; Seiuli, Anna; Patterson, Jean; Griffiths, Christine; Wilson, Kerrie Report Dec 1, 2018 7109
Systematic Review of Cultural Adaptations of School-based Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Interventions for Students of Color. Brown, Christerralyn; Maggin, Daniel M.; Buren, Molly Report Nov 1, 2018 7984
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students by Oct 14. Oct 12, 2018 365
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students by Oct 14. Oct 12, 2018 322
How dress codes criminalize males and sexualize females of color: Too often, school dress codes are enforced in ways that disproportionately impact students of color--both male and female. Pavlakis, Alyssa; Roegman, Rachel Oct 1, 2018 2589
Law firms create pathways for minority students to participate. Aug 13, 2018 1080
Law firms create pathways for minority students to participate. Aug 13, 2018 1081
The Top Producers of HBCU Graduates. Aug 9, 2018 2424
Milly Arbaje-Thomas Brings New Leadership to METCO. Love, Juri Aug 1, 2018 578
Overview of Programs Supporting Minority-Serving Institutions under the Higher Education Act. Fountain, Joselynn H. Aug 1, 2018 1442
Becoming familiar strangers: an exploration of inland boarding school education on cultural wellbeing of minority students from Xinjiang province. Su, Xin; Harrison, Neil; Moloney, Robyn Jul 1, 2018 6573
Transmission and Integration: The Use of Kpanlogo Music in a Canadian High School. Naunton, Hayley; Yerichuk, Deanna Essay Jun 22, 2018 3038
Religious Ministry disburses Rs 168 mln among 9,798 minority students in last five years. Jun 20, 2018 132
Religious Ministry disburses Rs 168 Mln among 9,798 minority students in last five years. Jun 20, 2018 132
9,798 minority students paid Rs 168 mln scholarships in last five years: Religious Ministry. Jun 7, 2018 188
9,798 minority students paid Rs 168 mln scholarships in last five years: Religious Ministry. Jun 6, 2018 226
Minister distributes scholarship cheques among minority students. Apr 19, 2018 333
10:15 AM - 12:15 PM Podium Session 5 STEM Education, Genetics, Taboo Words, and Whiskey Family Room--BTSU 208. Abstract Apr 1, 2018 2215
Involved Minority Parents Enhance the Quality of Elementary School Programs in a Diverse Community. Leddy, Helen G. Report Mar 22, 2018 3854
Punjab minority students asked to submit scholarship applications. Jan 15, 2018 533
Punjab minority students asked to submit scholarship applications. Jan 15, 2018 533
THE JUDICIAL AND GENERATIONAL DISPUTE OVER TRANSGENDER RIGHTS. Stern, Mark Joseph; Oehme, Karen; Stern, Nat; Urbach, Ember; Simonsen, Elena; Garcia, Alysia Jan 1, 2018 11815
Easing the Transition from Education to Employment: A new grant from Strada Education Network will help prepare MSI students for employment opportunities. Hong, Joseph Dec 14, 2017 2224
Response to Intervention (RTI) for Students Presenting with Behavioral Difficulties: Culturally Responsive Guiding Questions. Abou-Rjaily, Kathleen; Stoddard, Susan Report Dec 1, 2017 6688
spectrum. Bhattacharyya, Ananya; Savage, Gia Sep 21, 2017 571
As college educators, we need to ask ourselves are we doing enough? Farmer, Errick D.; Hilton, Adriel A. Sep 21, 2017 830
2017 AMS Minority Scholarship Recipients: AMS is pleased to announce the 2017 AMS Minority Scholarship recipients. List Sep 1, 2017 596
Preparing minority students for the data-driven future. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Jun 15, 2017 1208
Carnegie fellows program recognizes minority scholars. Bhattacharyya, Ananya Brief article May 18, 2017 220
Entrepreneurial Ambition Wanes Among Nonwhite Students in US. McCarthy, Justin; Bibb, Justin Survey Apr 12, 2017 533
A recipe for success in Educating STEM Leaders. Stiffin, Rose Aug 25, 2016 827
The top producers of minority STEM graduates. Jul 28, 2016 5377
Will LeBron James' assist actually get disadvantaged youth through college? Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Jul 14, 2016 1113
Home of their own: inequities in funding continue to persist for different cultural spaces at universities. Fivecoat-Campbell, Kerri Jul 14, 2016 1375
Le leadership transformatif: maintenir la langue francaise vivante au Canada. Proulx, Andreanne Gelinas; Shields, Carolyn M. Report Jul 1, 2016 7262
Minority golf scholarship. Brief article Jun 30, 2016 117
U.S. secretary of education John B. King leading charge to diversify K-12 schools. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Jun 30, 2016 887
Key to Success: leading business schools work to diversify student bodies. Elfman, Lois Jun 30, 2016 1326
Brown University introduces a comprehensive new program to address issues with diversity and inclusion on the campus. Watson, Jamal Eric Jun 2, 2016 1360
PwC has gifted Bryant University $1.35 million to support minority students. Watson, Jamal Eric Jun 2, 2016 829
Colleges and universities navigate issues of racism and diversity in the Whitest state in the union. Elfman, Lois Jun 2, 2016 1450
Trends in catholic school minority enrollment and higher education entrance over the recession/Tendances en matiere d'inscriptions et d'entree dans l'enseignement superieur des minorites dans les ecoles catholiques Pendant la recession/Tendencias en las matriculas de minorias en escuelas catolicas e inscripcion en educacion superior durante la recesion. Setari, Anthony Philip; Setari, R. Renee Report May 1, 2016 5210
Effectiveness of a parent-child home numeracy intervention on urban catholic school first-grade students/Efficacite d'une intervention parent-enfant pour le calcul a la maison sur les enfants de cours preparatoire dans des ecoles catholiques urbaines/Efectividad de una intervencion de matematicas padre-hijo en el hogar, en estudiantes de primer curso de escuelas urbanas catolicas. Lore, Millicent D.; Wang, Aubrey H.; Buckley, M. Toni Report May 1, 2016 8340
Inclusive STEM high schools increase opportunities for underrepresented students. Spillane, Nancy K.; Lynch, Sharon J.; Ford, Michael R. Report May 1, 2016 3217
First-semester grades matter. Brief article Apr 7, 2016 156
Helping minority students from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in nursing: A nursing workforce diversity project. Tab, Marian Report Mar 22, 2016 4178
Sandhu gives away scholarships to minority students. Mar 12, 2016 132
Shadows of the past: administrators are increasingly responding to requests to remove tributes to slave owners, Confederate rebels and segregationists from campuses. Galuszka, Peter A. Mar 10, 2016 1440
Finding good schools in a land of plenty. Caliber, Marisa Grimes Reprint Mar 1, 2016 728
Is 50 years of access on the line? Alex-Assensoh, Yvette M. Feb 25, 2016 874
Scholarship applications sought from minority students. Feb 8, 2016 499
Minority students frustrated, impatient with changes at UO. Jan 30, 2016 822
Community advocate. Watson, Jamal Eric Jan 28, 2016 643
The 'race card': the supreme court's re-visit of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin reignites the debate over affirmative action in admissions. Gray, Katti Jan 14, 2016 1436
Exploring eighth-grade minority and female students' statistical literacy skills using TIMSS: do differences exist? Mills, Jamie D.; Simon, Marsha E. Report Dec 22, 2015 10833
Minority students to get scholarships in Punjab. Dec 8, 2015 199
Govt launches scholarship scheme for minority students. Nov 19, 2015 107
A healthy mind: the Steve Fund organization works to fight mental illness in minority communities by reaching out to support affected college students. Morris, Catherine Nov 19, 2015 2609
Calendar. Calendar Nov 5, 2015 344
Students' financial distress. Brief article Oct 8, 2015 174
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Oct 4, 2015 319
Reality check: although there is a lack of organized mentorship groups for minorities, mentorships continue to play a vital role in the recruitment of Hispanics. Stuart, Reginald Sep 24, 2015 1418
Disparate impact indeed: Court's latest ruling will hurt minority students. Dunn, Joshua Column Sep 22, 2015 751
Student's Creative Clock Draws Police - And White House Invitation. Brief article Sep 16, 2015 244
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Sep 14, 2015 316
Ministry seeks scholarship applications from minority students. Sep 11, 2015 319
Michigan tribal pledge. Brief article Sep 10, 2015 158
Ethnic identity and subjective well-being of bully participants. Vera, Elizabeth M.; Kordesh, Kathy; Polanin, Megan; Adams, Kristen; Aydin, Fatma; Knoll, Mike; Oh, J Report Sep 1, 2015 7729
Trends in graduate degrees conferred to students of color. Borden, Victor M.H.; Sharpe, Rhonda V. Jul 30, 2015 10799
Diverse professoriate program. Jun 4, 2015 391
The minority incentive for community college. Mullen, Avery May 21, 2015 706
Day scholars await a judgement. Narine, Shari May 1, 2015 628
Central Piedmont Community College (N.C.) and two partner colleges have secured a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop programs that boost the number of under-represented minority students pursing associate and baccalaureate degrees in STEM subject areas. Apr 27, 2015 133
2015: Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars. Cover story Apr 9, 2015 496
Stem job lockout. Brief article Mar 26, 2015 109
Law school stratification. Davis, Crystal Brief article Mar 12, 2015 195
Nursing as an Additional Language and Culture (NALC): supporting student success in a second-degree nursing program. Cantwell, E. Renee; Napierkowski, Daria; Gundersen, Daniel A.; Naqvi, Zoon Report Mar 1, 2015 2218
Tevta to train minority students free. Feb 17, 2015 200
Sanctuary on campus: new center at the University of California, Davis serves as a safe haven for undocumented students. Wilson, Emily Jan 29, 2015 1264
University of Colorado Anschutz Program gives hope to underrepresented. Morris, Catherine Jan 15, 2015 727
Countering the dominant narrative: in defense of critical coursework. Lynskey, Angela Cartwright Report Jan 1, 2015 6265
What role does schema play in preparing minority postbaccalaureate students for the reading comprehension section of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)? Paul, Gina Report Dec 22, 2014 4010
Minister distributes cheques among minority students. Nov 20, 2014 189
Protests over firing. Davis, Crystal Brief article Nov 20, 2014 153
Marginalization key issue at international seminar. Watson, Jamal Eric Conference news Nov 6, 2014 1151
Racial tipping point. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 151
Town hall campaign. Davis, Crystal Brief article Oct 23, 2014 205
Safe space: HBCUS taking concrete steps to support LGBTQA students. Morris, Catherine Oct 9, 2014 1101
Civil Rights enforcement gone haywire. Epstein, Richard A. Essay Sep 22, 2014 3356
Discrimination 'plausible'. Davis, Crystal Brief article Aug 28, 2014 111
Lacking loan access. Davis, Crystal Brief article Aug 14, 2014 143
Moon goal for colleges: retention of diverse students. Akande, Benjamin Ola. Jul 31, 2014 676
Optionals unhelpful. Brief article Jul 17, 2014 154
Factors that contribute to the persistence of minority students in STEM fields: this exploratory study examined factors that contributed to the college persistence of minority students in STEM graduate programs at LMCU, providing nuance and texture to the existing theory and research. Foltz, Laura G.; Gannon, Sam; Kirschmann, Stephanie L. Report Jul 1, 2014 7342
Breaking the barriers to reading success in middle and high schools. Williams, Ebonee Report Jun 22, 2014 2128
Team up. Davis, Crystal Brief article Jun 5, 2014 109
Experts address the lack of minority participation in study abroad programs. Mazyck, Jamal E. Jun 5, 2014 808
A University of Dayton program for minority students is getting a $2 million boost from the U.S. Air Force. Brief article Jun 5, 2014 108
Filipino crisis. Davis, Crystal Brief article May 8, 2014 146
Ute agreement. Davis, Crystal Brief article May 8, 2014 191
Planning without PPL: colleges and nonprofits are looking at ways to help students in the aftermath of PPL issues. Stuart, Reginald May 8, 2014 1189
Who wants to be a rocket scientist? Race, gender, and the STEM divide. Hutchinson, Sikivu May 1, 2014 1509
STEM success: U Mass Boston is standing out from its famous neighbors due to its high enrollment of minorities in the College of Mathematics and Science. Cooper, Kenneth J. Apr 24, 2014 1269
Moving beyond the college-preparatory high school model to a college-going culture in urban Catholic high schools. Aldana, Ursula S. Report Apr 1, 2014 8769
Teaming up. Davis, Crystal Brief article Mar 13, 2014 113
The old community college try: community colleges are dealing with a diverse influx of students, an amended mission and changing policy guidelines. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Mar 13, 2014 1243
What are the motivational factors of first-generation minority college students who overcome their family histories to pursue higher education? Blackwell, Edith; Pinder, Patrice Juliet Report Mar 1, 2014 5714
Connecting classrooms & communities: identifying student needs & assets inside & outside of school. Favela, Alejandro; Torres, Danielle Report Jan 1, 2014 2864
The double-edged sword of curriculum: how curriculum in majority white suburban high schools supports and hinders the growth of students of color. Chapman, Thandeka K.; Tatiana, Joseph; Hartlep, Nicholas; Vang, May; Lipsey, Talonda Report Jan 1, 2014 5115
No Child Left Behind ... unless a student is gifted and of color: reflections on the need to meet the educational needs of the gifted. Ford, Donna Y.; Russo, Charles J. Jan 1, 2014 12079
An IDEA for improving English language learners' access to education. Archerd, Erin Dec 1, 2013 5303
An IDEA for improving English language learners' access to education. Archerd, Erin Dec 1, 2013 18702
Math and science are core to the IDEA: breaking the racial and poverty lines. Sun, Jeffrey C.; Daniel, Philip T.K. Dec 1, 2013 14150
Encouraging and motivating minority engineering students through summer research initiative. Angulo, Nieves; Prince, Tanvir Report Nov 1, 2013 2503
Disproportionate poverty, conservatism, and the disproportionate identification of minority students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Wiley, Andrew L.; Brigham, Frederick J.; Kauffman, James M.; Bogan, Jane E. Report Nov 1, 2013 7700
Money for McNair. Davis, Crystal Brief article Oct 24, 2013 101
Increasing minority research. Davis, Crystal Brief article Oct 10, 2013 112
By the numbers: why are participation and completion rates in STEM majors so low among underrepresented minorities? Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Oct 10, 2013 1300
Do No Harm: Undermining Access Will Not Improve College Completion. A Report to Congress and the Secretary of Education. Report Sep 1, 2013 615
Solid start: FIU program aims to produce more minority STEM graduates by training them well early on. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Aug 1, 2013 1172
Summer of STEM: despite tightening budgets, colleges and universities push STEM summer programs. Hayes, Dianne Aug 1, 2013 1290
System breakdown: minority numbers in STEM education still waning. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Aug 1, 2013 1267
Where are they now? The Meyerhoff Scholars Program has supported minority students through the STEM pipeline for a quarter of a century. Hayes, Dianne Aug 1, 2013 1402
Red Cloud Indian School seniors Shane Star and Stormy Williams have been awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 152
$1.7 million. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 177
Duke launches program to aid minority students in science majors. Conwell, Vikki Jul 4, 2013 741
The way forward: community colleges overcoming obstacles to help underprivileged students shine. Roach, Ronald Jul 4, 2013 1375
The next generation: New America Foundation report highlights innovative retention, completion programs. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Jul 4, 2013 1215
No more profiling. Davis, Crystal Brief article Jun 6, 2013 115
Social entrepreneur development: unleashing the potential of African-American and Hispanic undergraduate students. Prieto, Leon C.; Phipps, Simone T.A. Jun 6, 2013 794
Hands-on success. Davis, Crystal Brief article Apr 11, 2013 171
Education, equity and the big picture: the nation needs to take a more comprehensive approach to improving educational outcomes for low-income and minority students and English learners. Nielsen, Natalie Mar 22, 2013 4106
Advanced Math: Closing the Equity Gap. Math Works. Report Mar 1, 2013 247
Medical diversity. Davis, Crystal Brief article Feb 14, 2013 166
The next affirmative action: want to help minority college students? make the entire higher education system more accountable. Carey, Kevin Jan 1, 2013 1774
The predicament of generation 1.5 English language learners: three disjunctures and a possible way forward. Schecter, Sandra R. Report Dec 1, 2012 7997
The top American Indian degree producers. Nov 22, 2012 3571
Making waves: University of Pennsylvania's decision to restructure diversity office sparks controversy. Cooper, Kenneth J. Oct 25, 2012 793
Opportunity knocks: pipeline programs offer minority students a path to dentistry. Fauteux, Nicole Oct 25, 2012 1304
Playing fair? minority research institutions call for NIH to address funding disparities. Stuart, Reginald Oct 25, 2012 1757
Counseling multiple heritage adolescents: a phenomenological study of experiences and practices of middle school counselors. Maxwell, Michael J. Report Oct 1, 2012 7788
Linguistic minority students go to college; preparation, access, and persistence. Book review Oct 1, 2012 324
Opening the pages, opening the doors. Hale, Bea; Greene, Daniel; Dries, Jenny Report Oct 1, 2012 4737
The impact of rapid automatized naming and phonological awareness on the reading fluency of a minority student population. Taub, Gordon E.; Szente, Judit Report Oct 1, 2012 4926
The minority report: disproportionate representation in Australia's largest education system. Sweller, Naomi; Graham, J. Linda; Van Bergen, Penny Report Sep 22, 2012 8267
A winning strategy: academic coaching helping students navigate the challenges of academe. Hayes, Dianne Sep 13, 2012 1207
Turning the corner: CCNY Minority Scholars Program shows success in nurturing Ph.D. aspirations of underrepresented students. Cooper, Kenneth J. Aug 16, 2012 1377
Bridging the gap: program touts long record of success in nurturing and supporting minority students' STEM career aspirations. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Aug 2, 2012 1424
Total minority research/scholarship & other doctoral mathematics and statistics. Table Aug 2, 2012 425
Total minority bachelors biological and biomedical sciences. Table Aug 2, 2012 1135
Total minority masters biological and medical sciences. Table Aug 2, 2012 1123
Total minority research/scholarship other doctoral biological and biomedical sciences. Table Aug 2, 2012 1083
Total minority bachelors computer & information sciences & support services. Table Aug 2, 2012 1034
Total minority research/scholarship & other doctoral computer & information sciences & support services. Table Aug 2, 2012 558
Total minority bachelors engineering. Table Aug 2, 2012 1150
Total minority masters engineering. Table Aug 2, 2012 1136
Total minority research/scholarships & other doctoral engineering. Table Aug 2, 2012 1057
Total minority bachelors mathematics and statistics. Table Aug 2, 2012 1137
Total minority masters mathematics and statistics. Table Aug 2, 2012 1198
Honorary witnesses promise to spread the word. Narine, Shari Aug 1, 2012 733
Minority students may miss IIT chance. Jun 16, 2012 415
The Ph.D. pipeline: McNair program cuts could hamper efforts to boost number of minorities holding doctoral degrees. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Jun 7, 2012 1489
Multilingualism and multiculturalism: transatlantic discourses on language, identity, and immigrant schooling. Salomone, Rosemary C. Jun 1, 2012 12708
Prevalence of Sickle Cell Disorder and anaemia in tribal school students from Central India. Gunjal, Sandeep S.; Narlawar, Uday W.; Humne, Arun Y.; Chaudhari, Vijaya L. Report Jun 1, 2012 2408
Interest rate debate prompts concern for students of color. Dervarics, Charles May 24, 2012 865
The diversity challenge. Levin, Ben May 1, 2012 1351
New CRDC data highlight wide achievement gaps. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Mar 29, 2012 699
Grande Yellowhead variety of programs successful in retaining FNMI students. Narine, Shari Brief article Mar 1, 2012 213
Emotional expressivity, emotion regulation, and mood in college students: a cross-ethnic study. Lu, Wei; Wang, Zhenhong Report Mar 1, 2012 4863
Influence in the classroom. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Feb 16, 2012 202
Various programs are in place to help minorities successfully pursue STEM graduate degrees. Flowers, Lawrence O. Feb 16, 2012 748
Minority students in college hospitality education: a case study from Central Florida, USA. Scantlebury, Michael; Springall, Robert G.; Dodimeade, Shanna Feb 1, 2012 5928
Seeking college success: the Harlem Educational Activities Fund. Major, Michael J. Jan 19, 2012 796
Theodore Sizer and the development of the mathematics and science for minority students program at Phillips Academy Andover. Beckham, Jerrell K. Jan 1, 2012 6962
Chiefs' Pocket Guide to Class Size: A Research Synthesis to Inform State Class Size Policies. Report Jan 1, 2012 358
Understanding the early integration experiences of first-generation college students. Woosley, Sherry A.; Shepler, Dustin K. Report Dec 1, 2011 6488
Achievements, passion recognized with annual awards. Gladue, Cliff Nov 1, 2011 401
Shawn Boykins: building an "academic identity".t. Nov 1, 2011 504
Nursing program aims to train minority students for service in rural areas. Cooper, Kenneth J. Oct 27, 2011 779
Poverty not destiny: elite colleges team up to give talented yet impoverished youths the skirls necessary to apply, get accepted and thrive at the nation's most selective higher ed institutions. Cooper, Kenneth J. Oct 13, 2011 1434
BBMA celebrates a decade of supporting Metis students. Gladue, Cliff Oct 1, 2011 386
Beyond institutional walls: literacy support for indigenous students at a remote high school in the northern territory. Naidoo, Loshini Report Oct 1, 2011 4857
Literacy learning: what works for young indigenous students? Lessons from the longitudinal literacy and numeracy study for indigenous students. Purdie, Nola; Reid, Kate; Buckley, Sarah Report Oct 1, 2011 4329
Minority student access in the online environment. Conway, Katherine; Wladis, Claire; Hachey, Alyse Report Oct 1, 2011 7011
Do double minority students face double jeopardy? Testing minority stress theory. Hayes, Jeffrey A.; Chun-Kennedy, Caitlin; Edens, Astrid; Locke, Benjamin D. Report Sep 22, 2011 4873
DREAM advocates: guarded optimism on new immigration policy. Dervarics, Charles Sep 15, 2011 763
The voices of minority students in an agricultural communications and journalism program: a case study. McGovney-Ingram, Rebecca; Rutherford, Tracy; Larke, Alvin, Jr. Sep 1, 2011 6605
Study: minority, low-income students lack adequate access to educational opportunities. Dervarics, Charles Aug 4, 2011 840
Stories of success: high minority, high poverty public school graduate narratives on accessing higher education. Reddick, Richard J.; Welton, Anjale D.; Alsandor, Danielle J.; Denyszyn, Jodi L.; Platt, C. Spencer Report Aug 1, 2011 9999
Top 100 degree producers: total minority research/scholarship & other doctoral--education. Statistical table Jul 7, 2011 552
Ethnic minority-majority status and mental health: the mediating role of perceived discrimination. Cokley, Kevin; Hall-Clark, Brittany; Hicks, Dana Report Jul 1, 2011 8358
Reduced psychological distress in racial and ethnic minority students practicing the Transcendental Meditation program. Elder, Charles; Nidich, Sanford; Colbert, Robert; Hagelin, John; Grayshield, Lisa; Oviedo-Lim, Dynah Report Jun 1, 2011 3981
Michigan two- and four-year colleges team up to boost minority STEM enrollment. Freedman, Eric May 26, 2011 506
Score Comparability for Language Minority Students on the Content Assessments Used by Two States. Research Report. ETS RR-11-27. Young, John W.; Holtzman, Steven; Steinberg, Jonathan Abstract May 1, 2011 195
Devising and Investigating Benefits of Interconnected Interventions to Promote Education Majors' Culturally Responsive Teaching. Richards, Janet C. Author abstract Apr 8, 2011 172
Voices of family therapy doctoral students of color: aspirations and factors influencing careers in academia. Miller, John K.; Stone, Dana J. Report Apr 1, 2011 5714
English as an additional language; approaches to teaching linguistic minority students. Book review Apr 1, 2011 128
Constructivism and career decision self-efficacy for Asian Americans and African Americans. Grier-Reed, Tabitha; Ganuza, Zoila M. Report Mar 22, 2011 5022
Disproportionality in special education identification and placement of English language learners. Sullivan, Amanda L. Mar 22, 2011 10560
Succeeding in school: the online reflections of Native American and other minority students. Zyromski, Brett; Bryant, Alfred, Jr.; Gerler, Edwin R., Jr. Report Mar 22, 2011 9057
La diplomation au secondaire des jeunes quebecois de la communaute sud-asiatique. Bakhshaei, Mahsa; McAndrew, Marie Report Mar 22, 2011 9196
Philander Smith brings Ivy League 'Sex Week' to HBCU. Hawkins, B. Denise Mar 3, 2011 405
A New Strategy for cultivating diversity: ideas for attracting minority students to the profession. Jackson, Cynthia; Bruns, Sharon M. Mar 1, 2011 2502
Reason to hope: mentoring programs prove a crucial resource in minority male student success. Mata, Eric Jan 20, 2011 796
The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 254
Solutions for Jay and other underrepresented gifted minority students. Lovett, Pamela Jan 1, 2011 3190
Promoting Adult Literacy Education for Minorities in the US: Challenges and Suggestions. Li, Xiaofan Report Jan 1, 2011 195
A facelift for the GRE: updated exam, along with new Personal Potential Index assessment, expected to help close the achievement gap for minority graduate school applicants. Watson, Jamal Eric Dec 9, 2010 749
Fellowships have sailed: New Jersey Legislature defunds the Minority Academic Careers program, making financing doctoral study a heavier burden for minority students. Cooper, Kenneth J. Dec 9, 2010 1493
Provincial bursaries for health careers awarded. Narine, Shari Brief article Dec 1, 2010 106
Elnora high school student loves being a role model for Aboriginal kids. Friedmann-Conrad, Bernadette Dec 1, 2010 550
Education Department reviewing complaints about inequities in K-12 discipline, supportive services: experts say the alleged disparities could impact minority students' aspirations and access to higher education. Jones, Joyce Nov 11, 2010 855
Scholarship makes education a reality for those in need. Grebinski, Leisha Nov 1, 2010 526
Legacy of bias. Davis, Crystal Brief article Oct 28, 2010 166
Just the stats. Table Oct 28, 2010 881
Living the DREAM. Menard, Valerie Oct 14, 2010 582
Disproportionate discipline. Brief article Oct 14, 2010 260
A way in: media remains a closed industry for minorities. The Emma Bowen Foundation offers student interns an opening. McKanic, Arlene Oct 1, 2010 509
Saddle Lake student earns RBC scholarship. Narine, Shari Brief article Oct 1, 2010 135
Scholarships for minority students. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 263
With all due respect. Sep 2, 2010 772
Encouraging entrepreneurship: the opportunity funding corporation's venture challenge allows HBCU students to develop and foster sustainable business ventures. Anderson, Michelle Sep 2, 2010 737
WGU extending its influence: partnership between Western Governor's University and Indiana likely to improve college-degree attainment among the state's minority students. Watson, Jamal Eric Aug 5, 2010 809
Demanding satisfaction: minority student group's lawsuit threat to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis for neglecting multicultural students' needs compels institution to reform its administration, community partnerships and curriculum. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Aug 5, 2010 1590
Upward mobility: Purdue University President France Cordova's initiatives have boosted minority and female representation among administration and students, but the institution has a long way to go. Lum, Lydia Aug 5, 2010 1732
Holistic strategies to transform a community: Huntington University president realized he couldn't improve diversity on campus without addressing racial hostility off campus. Dowden, G. Blair Aug 5, 2010 847
Unique partnership offer enhanced learning. Narine, Shari Brief article Aug 1, 2010 108
Formula for Success: recruiting students of color to traditionally White campuses comes down to three things. Watson, Dwight C. Column Jul 22, 2010 847
Medically necessary: rising fees for graduate programs at University of California campuses threaten to undermine growth of underrepresented and much-needed minorities in health-science and other professions. Lum, Lydia Jul 8, 2010 1538
Three keys to keeping up with the times: diversity in the curriculum is the next step for leadership in a globally interconnected world. Akant, Alison; Durant, Sandra B. Jul 8, 2010 789
Students recognized for perseverance. Narine, Shari Brief article Jul 1, 2010 145

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