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Minor Returns: Tributes to the Horn in Jazz.

Minor Returns: Tributes to the Horn in Jazz. Jeffrey Snedeker, horn. With John Sanders, piano; Isaac Castillo, bass; Garey Williams, drums; Tom Varner, horn; Lenny Price, alto saxophone; John Harbaugh, trumpet; Curtis Peacock, tuba; Saul Cline, tenor saxophone; Phil Dean, trombone; Mark Claassen, baritone saxophone; Central Washington University Jazz Band 1; Central Washington University Symphony Orchestra Strings. Self-produced, JS4. Timing: 72:01. Recorded March--May 2010 at Cascade Productions, Che Elum, Washington and the Music Building, Central Washington University, Ellensburg WA.

Contents: Minor Returns, Gregory Snedeker; Godchild, George Wallington; Linda Delia, George Butcher; Chelsea Bridge, Billy Strayhorn; Oleo, Billy Strayhorn; Moonlove, Tchaikovsky/ Kostenlanetz; Autumn Leaves, Joseph Kosma; Allegretto, from Jazz Symphony No.1, John Graas; Home Away From Home, Gregory Snedeker; Summertime, George Gershwin; Take Five, Paul Desmond/Shilkloper; Straight, No Chaser, Thelonius Monk; In a Sentimental Mood, Edward "Duke" Ellington; Two French Fries, George "Gigi" Gryce.

Here's a 180[degrees] turn for you! Well, maybe only 179[degrees]. From the natural horn doing contemporary repertoire, Jeffrey Snedeker leads us to the world of jazz with some more excellent work. His CD is a tribute to the composers, arrangers, band leader, performers, and other key individuals who "saw the potential (as opposed to the limitations) of the instrument in jazz, and demonstrated that, when given the chance, the horn could participate as an equal."

Snedeker has surrounded himself with a substantial list of excellent sidemen, most notable for horn players is Tom Varner, who is certainly one the contemporary stars of the horn in jazz. The playlist includes some jazz classics, some newer tunes by Gregory Snedeker, and one simply gorgeous ballad by a lesser known jazz great, Pete Tchaikovsky, who is becoming well known for his great melodies and other instrumental tunes that are very popular dance music. I expect great things from him.

Great work, Jeff. Fun listening and thanks for continuing to show that the horn can work, as a leader or a sideman, in all kinds of music.

Calvin Smith, Editor

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Author:Smith, Calvin
Publication:The Horn Call
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Date:May 1, 2011
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