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Minnesota releases brownfields tool.

The Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Brownfields have released an assessment tool to help planners, public health workers and developers revitalize more than 10,000 former industrial and commercial sites in the state that are a blight on communities and a public health concern.

The tool aims to help workers involved in brownfield redevelopment projects in decisionmaking processes, including assessing community health risks and working with stakeholders.

The City of Duluth is using the tool in its Duluth-Fairmount Brownfields Revitalization Plan.

Revitalizing brownfields will make communities in Duluth safer and healthier, as well as create jobs, proponents of the Brownfield Health Indicator Tool said.

"From social cohesion to healthy housing to community service access, brownfield redevelopment provides an amazing opportunity to shape a wide range of factors that influence public health," said James Kelly, MS, environmental surveillance and assessment manager for the Minnesota Department of Health, in a news release.

The Brownfield Health Indicator tool can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file or PDF.

For more information, visit www.mnbrownfields. org/brownfield-health-indicator-tool.

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Title Annotation:STATES IN BRIEF
Author:Haskins, Julia
Publication:The Nation's Health
Date:Aug 1, 2017
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