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Minnesota pair are experts in sex offender treatment.

According to Gerald Kaplan, executive director of Alpha Human Services, a private, non-profit community corrections center for sex offenders, counselors Steve Rancour and Tom Kane are the backbone of the residential treatment staff.

"Steve and Tom have helped hundreds of convicted sex offenders gain the insight and skills necessary to keep from re-offending," he says. "And by their instruction and example, they have helped train other professionals in the skills necessary to work with this difficult and high-risk population."

In recognition of their hard work, Rancour and Kane received the 1992 Minnesota Community Corrections Association's Robert H. Robinson Service Award for Line Staff Excellence.

The two men strongly believe that most sex offenders can respond to treatment. "You have to remember that not everyone is dealt the same deck of cards," says Rancour, who has worked at Alpha for 17 years. "Everybody can make mistakes--and most can recover from them."

As a recovering alcoholic, Kane knows from personal experience that everyone is capable of change. Twenty-five years ago, Kane quit drinking after realizing that alcohol was controlling his life and destroying his family.

Three years later, he enrolled in a training program to become a counselor for alcoholics. This eventually led to a full-time position at Alpha, where he has been for the past 15 years.

Both counselors are deeply satisfied with their jobs, despite the difficult days. "Some days you wonder, 'what's next?'" Kane says. "You learn not to be surprised.

"With each guy we help turn around, my children and my grandchildren are a little safer. Every month I get calls from graduates who have gotten jobs and are making a success of themselves. I get a charge from that."
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Title Annotation:Best in the Business; Tom Kane and Steve Rancour of the Alpha Human Services
Author:Spertzel, Jody K.
Publication:Corrections Today
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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