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Minnesota Vikings player vindicated by fellow passenger.


A woman passenger onboard a US Airways passenger flight that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss was thrown off has defended the footballer's conduct.

Patty Garcia, who apparently had no idea who Moss was at the time, conducted a ten minute conversation with Moss after he moved to the back of the aircraft to place some items in an overhead compartment before placing his bag, which was allegedly too large, under his seat.

Garcia told the Associated Press how the flight attendant who complained about Moss interrupted their conversation to demand if Moss 'had a problem' because he was sitting in the back of the aircraft talking. Garcia has said that she thinks the flight attendant must have thought they were discussing her and 'got on a power trip' because she then summoned the captain. The pilot allegedly verbally abused Moss and then told him that he 'better sit back there and shut up or he would ... throw him off the plane.'

According to Garcia, Moss behaved like 'the perfect gentleman,' did not curse or show any disrespect and did not deserve to be escorted off the aircraft by Charleston police.

A spokesperson for US Airways has refused to comment on the incident.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Jun 15, 2000
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