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Ministers urged to stick their necks out.

A church leader has urged clergymen to wear their dog collars in public over the festive season.

The Rev Albert Bogle - the Moderator of the Church of Scotland - blogged the festive request to ministers.

He wrote: "I'm hoping to encourage ministers all around the country to start wearing their clerical collars during the weeks running up to Christmas.

"Over the years, I've discovered that many opportunities arise allowing me to speak to people informally on the street about Christ because I'm wearing a collar.

"So I'm inviting my fellow ministers to put the collar on and start sharing on this blog some of the stories and conversations that the collar initiates.

"I couldn't begin to list the conversations that I've had with all sorts of people because I've been wearing the collar."

The Moderator added: "Yesterday I was sitting in a pub in central London.

"I ended up in conversation with a Chinese family who were tourists in London.

"As I left we shook hands and left the best of friends.

"The clerical collar told them who I was without a word being spoken.

"Please pass this post along to your minister regardless of their denomination.

"Clerical shirts and collars can be bought online and delivered the next day. So no excuses!"


PLEA Rev Albert Bogle
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 16, 2012
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