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Minister misinformed; You Say

GRANT Shapps loves an audience, however he was, as usual, misinformed about the views of the actual Welsh Street residents, both former residents and those still living in the four streets.

Unfortunately the so called Welsh Streets Home Group, objectors to the demolition, got wind of his visit and hijacked the meeting by using the social media to gather their supporters from around the city.

The only ones who actually live in the area are three residents of Kelvin Grove, which is the only street the objectors have ever been concerned with.

Shapps had the audacity to say he listens to the community. Not in this case, as far as this community is concerned. Both he and Eric Pickles have ridden roughshod over the wishes of this community, who by a vast majority, voted for demolition and new build in the area, to give residents decent standard family homes.

Because other residents, apart from a couple of us, were not aware of Shapps visit to the area it was a travesty.

The 16 properties being left on Madryn Street will still be an eyesore, unless the army of developers objector Ms Edge states, wish to buy them and re-furbish, can bring them up to the acceptable living standard, within the two years stipulated.

Ms Edge herself said in the press, that leaving old houses in the middle of new properties may look ridiculous, which is what we have been saying for the past 10 years.

Who would want to look at tumbledown houses next door, if you were buying a new build, expecting to live in a better environment? Maybe Save Britain's Heritage will buy and re-furbish them, although they haven't done much, if anything, to 21 Madryn Street, which they bought some time ago.

Mrs Mary Huxham MBE, L8 (formerly of Powis Street)
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 20, 2012
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