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Minister and Doctor Meet.

Minister and Doctor Meet by Granger Westberg New York, NY: Harper & Row Publishers, Inc., 1961


This classic brings "a new depth of understanding between the two great professions dedicated to healing the sick. Ministers and doctors are both dedicated to healing the sick and are constantly seeking new ways to bring health to their people. Yet there is one very crucial way that is often ignored full and creative co-operative effort between these two professions." (The above excerpt is taken from the book.)

He addresses topics such as aspects of pastoral care, faith healing, the grief process, terminal illness-whether to tell or not tell, and how Granger found himself in the field of health.

"Granger Westberg's book is essential for every minister and invaluable for doctors," says Walter C. Alvarez, M.D., Senior Consultant Emeritus, Division of Medicine, The Mayo Clinic, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Medicine.

This book is out-of-print, but the IPNRC has a few copies, which it will make available for $20 postpaid. For more information, e-mail Susan Miller at
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Date:Jun 22, 2009
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