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Minister Sayegh lays a wreath on the tomb of Martyr Pierre Gemayyel.

Interviewed on "Free Lebanon" Radio Station, Social Affairs Minister, Selim Sayegh, considered the absence of a representative of Kataeb Party during the memorial ministerial picture rendered the Kataeb voice loudly heard. He also underscored that the majority has not accorded the Kataeb Party its proper due in the government.<p>On the issue of Hezbollah arms, Sayegh stressed that legalizing this issue in the ministerial statement contradicts with the concept of sovereignty. Sayegh also stressed the necessity of referring every issue of dispute to the table of dialogue, since as he said, the ministerial statement is not a constitution but rather sets the general guidelines for government policy based on which it shall obtain its confidence.

Sayegh also underlined the necessity of speeding up the drafting of a defense strategy on the table of dialogue so that we can be able to confront any potential danger threatening Lebanon.

Minister Sayegh also vowed to bolster work within Social Affairs Ministry to achieve equitable development and help anchor the youth to Lebanese soil.

On the other hand, Minister Sayegh laid a wreath this morning on the tomb of Martyr, late Minister Pierre Amine Gemayyel in Bekfayya, as a token of honor to the march of Pierre Gemayyel and all martyrs. Wreath laying ceremony took place in presence of Kataeb President Amine Gemayyel and polit bureau members.


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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
Date:Nov 14, 2009
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