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Minister Poposki and French Ambassador Laurence Auer deliver joint lecture.

Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Poposki and French Ambassador to Macedonia Laurence Auer delivered a joint lecture on the subject "The Republic of Macedonia and the European Union: the Role of France in Furthering the European Integration of the Republic of Macedonia" at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 12 April.

Minister Poposki highlighted in his address Macedonia's strategic commitments to European Union and NATO integration. Expressing gratitude for the French support for Macedonia extended thus far, Minister Poposki said he expected this support to grow stronger in the coming period.

French Ambassador Auer addressed the importance of the French role in the region from both historical and political points of view. She stressed that in 2000 France extended massive support for the EU enlargement to the south and that its support was going to continue considering the Balkans must remain within Europe's sight.

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Title Annotation:DIPLOMATIC NEWS
Publication:Macedonian Diplomatic Bulletin
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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