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Minister Douglas Devananda rejects his men attacked a group of fishermen from Nagarkovil.

Colombo, Aug. 22 -- Senior Cabinet Minister Douglas Devananda lashed out at the 'greenhorn' in politics from Tamil Nadu for his silly, rash and fabricated allegation of attack on fishermen from Nagarkovil by his cadres.

According to news report, as usual a group of fishermen from Nagarkovil strayed into Sri Lankan territorial waters for illegal fishing and it is learnt that they were rightly chased out by Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen.

A Tamil film director, who recently joined the Eelam bandwagon, Seeman - a greenhorn in politics from Tamil Nadu, used to fish in troubled waters and on Eelam issues, alleged that the recent attack on a group of Nagarkovil fishermen was orchestrated by Sri Lanka Minister Douglas Devananda's men.

WhenAsian Tribune contacted Minister Douglas Devananda, he said he was not even aware of any such incident, as it was not reported in any Sri Lankan mainstream media and dismissed the allegation "silly," "rash", and "unsubstantiated".

He said maritime region which extend from from Kayts to Katchativu belongs to Sri Lanka and outsiders cannot be tolerated poaching in the Sri Lankan waters.

Indian Government and the political leaders must come forward to educate the Tamil Nadu fishermen not to stray into the Sri Lanka's territorial waters , the Minister said.

He pointed out that Sri Lanka is a free, independent and sovereign nation and the sovereignty of Sri Lanka has to be respected by India and Indians.

Minister Douglas Devananda further said, Sri Lanka has not granted any concession to Indian fishermen to catch fish in its territorial waters, therefore Sri Lanka can't close its eyes when thousands of Indian fishermen daily stray into Sri Lankan waters in hundred fishing boats and trawlers and poach illegally and pilfer country's valuable maritime resource and vandalize coral reefs and other maritime wealth.

Sri Lankan waters including Gulf of Mannar areas belong especially to the Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen as well as to the fishermen from other parts of Sri Lanka, he said.

Tamil Nadu fishermen should not come to steal the fish resources meant for Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen, Minister insisted.

He said when Tamil Nadu media comes up with stories that their fishermen were 'fishing around Katchativu', it is a tacit confession that those fishermen have already strayed into Sri Lankan waters for poaching.

Furthermore he said, earlier Indian Government and Sri Lanka had series of discussion and a maritime boundary agreement between the two countries was entered initially in 1974 and finalized in 1976.

Katchativu which came under the Sri Lanka maritime zone rightly belongs to Sri Lanka and it was never either ceded or gifted to Sri Lanka. It is time to put the record straight, Minister Douglas Devananda emphasized.

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
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Date:Aug 22, 2011
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