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Minister Devananda takes action to obtain Insurance compensation to the deceased Kitul Tapper.

Colombo, Feb. 25 -- Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 11 No. 308

Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development has launched a programme to develop kitul cultivation and uplift the Kitul Industry as a traditional Industry in Sri Lanka and also to train all those presently engaged in the industry.

Accordingly, Minister Devananda instructed the Ministry officials to design a programe to insure all the tapper trainers and trainees engaged in the Kitul Industry.

Consequently, about 750 persons have been insured with the co-operative Insurance Company. The cheque on the first life compensation claim of the insurer, Mr. Y.M.P.G. Karunaratne amounting to Rs. 100,000/= was handed over to his beneficiaries by Minister Devananda at his ministerial premises on the 17th of February, 2012.

Speaking at the occasion, the Minister stated that it was the duty of the Government to protect and develop the Kitul industry as a Domestic Industry, and as such the Government had allocated a sum of Rs. 18 million from the Budge this time round. A separate institution for uplift and expansion of the Kitul Industry soon would be set up by him, added the Minister.

The Minister also said that though Kitul Industry was considered a difficult and risky industry, a properly trained person could easily earn about Rs.20,000/= monthly if done attentively, as has been revealed in the surveys carried out by his Ministry officials, emphasized the Minister.

The Minister continuing his peach further said that the Government was resorting to necessary steps to export Kitul products to the International markets, so that the Kitul Industrialist could enhance their income.

However, as there is a big demand for Kitul products in the domestic market, there was no necessity for them to worry about their marketing, the Minister added.

The Minister also said that his Ministry had launched a very successful programme for training those engaged in the Industry, and in that, action had been taken by the IDB to supply with safety kits and "KASPER" treatment mixture to the tappers, and to set up Kitul centres at Divisional Secretariat level with equipment necessary for manufacture Kitul Products and most importantly insurance of those engaged in Kitul industry, especially the tapper trainers and trainees, added the Minister.

The Minister wished every success to prevail with the children of the Kitul industrialist who had passed away recently in an accident.

Mr. K.R. Samarasinghe, the Additional Secretary to the Ministry and also the official in charge of the Kitul Development Industry, said that the 01st Insurance Compensation payment on that was received by the beneficiaries of Late Mr. Y.M.P.G. Karunaratne.

Through the insurance scheme launched, a life security to the tapper trainers and trainees would be provided with, added Mr. Samarasinghe. He also said a tapper trainer was paid a sum of Rs. 1,500/= per person for training.

Mrs. V. Jegarasasingam, Advisor to the Minister and Mr. Sivagnanasothy, Secretary to the Minister also participated at this occasion.


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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
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Date:Feb 25, 2012
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