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Minis a must for all, big or small.

Byline: By Ray Marshall

Mention the 60s and the Beatles and the mini-skirts comes to mind.

And although you could never accuse the Beatles of wearing them, millions of their fans did.

Today, although the Beatles may still be popular, they had ceased to exist by the end of that great decade.

But the mini has, thankfully, always been with us. It has withstood the challenge of the maxi, midi, flares, as well as countless other fashion trends to become part of the normal dress code.

It may be re-invented every other year. Marks and Sparks have just brought out their own 11in denim mini to try and win back some of the army of customers they have been losing.

But what of the great days of Mary Quant, the fashion guru that introduced the mini, and Pan's People, the BBC TV dance troupe that always seemed to be in minis?

After all, it was the era when everything was getting smaller, such as TVs, cars, record players, etc.

You could walk down the high street one week and have your eyes drawn to a lady wearing a skirt maybe a couple of inches above the knee, then the next week it would have risen by at least an inch.

In no time at all it seemed it wasn't worth even wearing a skirt, indeed, that was when hot pants came on to the scene.

But they were no match for the mini and it saw them off just like any other challenger. It eventually became such a fashion norm that all women wore them, no matter what their shape.

Some were flattered but others were misguided. In one of our archive captions, of a young lady crossing the road in Newcastle in the 60s, it says: `Hemlines have almost reached the point of indecency'.

When Mary Quant seized the fashion initiative in promoting the short skirt as a fashion statement in 1964, it quickly became the emblem of Swinging London.

Soon it had spread throughout Britain and up to Tyneside, with every town and city wanting to get in on the act.

The mini did evolve into the micro-skirt but, once again, it was just another form of the mini.

On a hot day on Tyneside you can still observe plenty of mini-skirted young ladies enjoying the good weather and showing off their legs. Long live the mini!

N Do you remember the great days of the mini, or do you have pictures to prove it? Write to me at Remember When, Evening Chronicle, Groat Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1ED.
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Title Annotation:Remember When
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 12, 2004
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