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Mining recorders flooded after land caution is lifted.

Mining recorders flooded after land caution is lifted

As expected, mining recorder offices in both Kirkland Lake and Sudbury were flooded with claims during the weeks following the lifting of the Timiskaming land caution.

"It (the number of claims) was pretty steady. We were working hard for about three weeks," said Mike Weirmeir, mining recorder for the Larder Lake mining district in a telephone interview last month. "We're still feeling the effects of it. We have to play catch-up."

Earlier this year, Mines Minister Hugh O'Neil announced that portions of 39 townships would be removed from the 17-year-old land caution. The area lies on the periphery of the 10,000-square-kilometre caution.

Exploration projects prior to the institution of the caution in 1973 revealed the area had the potential for silver, gold and platinum deposits.

Weirmeir said his office has handled approximately 1,300 claims since the land was reopened. The number of claims even threatened to overwhelm the staff at the Kirkland Lake-based office.

"We had to borrow staff from other offices," Weirmeir noted.

According to Weirmeir, a majority of the activity was centred around the Shining Tree area. Besides individual prospectors and smaller companies, major players have also been involved in the staking.

Weirmeir declined to name the companies which have filed claims, but Inco Gold, Teck Corporation and Agnico-Eagle are among those believed to have been involved in the rush.

The recorder said four workers were brought in to assist in both the recorder's office and in the field.

While Kirkland Lake officials faced a deluge of claims, activity was slightly more than normal in the Sudbury office.

Vic Miller, the mining recorder in the Ministry of Northern Development and Mine's Sudbury office, said he handled more than 350 claims during the month after the area was re-opened. Each claim measures approximately 40 acres, according to Miller.

Of the total, 128 were filed in the first week. Miller said the majority of the early claims revolved around Gooderham Township. There were 33 claims staked in the township. Eldridge Township had 27 claims, Gladman Township had 22 and Flett Township had 18. The remaining were distributed between Thistle, McLaren, Hurtle and Hammell townships.

The townships lie at the southern and western portions of the reopened lands.

Claims filed during the latter portion of April were primarily in Sheppard Township, on the south-western corner of the caution. Miller said 71 of the 233 claims filed between April 9 and April 30 were in the township and the balance were located in the adjacent township, which Miller notes wasn't involved in the land caution.

"McCarthy Township wasn't even in the caution," he said. "There were claims in Sheppard which just continued through into McCarthy."

Despite the number of claims filed, both Weirmeir and Miller say there is still land available for staking. But Weirmeir noted there aren't any great expectations for the land.

"There are plenty of areas still available, but the areas which have shown high mineralization have been staked." he said.

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Author:Krejlgaard, Chris
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
Date:Jun 1, 1990
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