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Minidisc encoder.

The SKS/SKM36 standalone encoder, from SICK (UK) Ltd, is the first member of a new generation of optical encoders within the company's SinCos product range. The most notable feature of this new generation of SICK/Stegmann encoders is the company's unique MiniDisc (MiDi) technology--the subject of three year's of development and 1.9 million [pounds sterling] investment. Shock and vibration often cause problems for optical encoders, however, the construction of a MiniDisc encoder ensures a very high resistance to both. Unlike conventional encoders, where a small area at the centre of the disc is glues to the encoder shaft, the disc of a MiniDisc encoder is fitted inside the shaft and securely held around its circumference. Together with its small size, this makes it virtually impossible to break the disc or shake it loose.


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Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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