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Miniature model soldiers.

Join the Ontario Model Soldier Society (O.M.S.S.) at Fort York on June 10-11, 2006 for a special exhibit on military miniatures.

The O.M.S.S. is a provincially chartered non-profit organization composed of members who share a common interest in military miniatures and the study of military history. The society was founded in the early 1960s as a small circle of toy soldier collectors who met regularly to talk, spread information, and foster the increasing popularity of their hobby. In the intervening years, interest in military figure modeling grew exponentially and is now one of the most vibrant areas of the hobby of modeling.

The O.M.S.S., too, has grown over the years into a dynamic group that now numbers over 180 members representing all ages and walks of life. Most hail from the Toronto area, but we have members from all across Ontario, the rest of Canada, and in the United States. The Society works hard to publicize and promote the hobby to the public and close ties are maintained with model soldier societies and modeling clubs worldwide. The society provides a meeting place for members to exchange information about their various fields of interest, improve their skills through frequent workshops and lectures, as well as offer the opportunity of buying, selling and trading between themselves. A select group of dealers also attends every meeting and offers the latest figures and finest kits to the membership, usually at excellent prices unavailable to the general public.

Members share a keen interest in military history and historical art, centering on model soldiers of all kinds. No matter what your particular historical period of interest happens to be, you will meet fellow members who share it. Interests range from ancient periods to present day. The wealth of research information our members have collected individually is monumental and very seldom does a request for information go unanswered. Many O.M.S.S. members are recognized authorities on uniforms, drill, weapons, equipment, war-gaming, militaria and, of course, painting in offs, enamels or acrylics, sculpting, converting, mold making, casting in lead or resin, finishing wooden bases, etc.

Enthusiasm is the common denominator and there is something to interest everyone. Prospective new members and guests are always welcome at our meetings, so why not come and see for yourself what history in miniature is all about. You may discover a whole new world that will change your leisure hours forever.

For more information about this show, please contact Paul Aitchison at or check the Web site
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