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Mini-wall with lights and bookshelves.

Most teen-agers would love to have a divider like this one. From the hall, the 52inch-high mini-wall can block a multitude of sins-unmade beds, scattered clothes, and general teen-age debris.

Basically, the divider is a heavy linenwrapped bookcase with a 10-inch-diameter tube at one end. Designer Beryn Hammil made the 82-inch-long wall from 1by-12s, 1/2-inch-thick plywood door skins, and fabric. She used a saber saw, hammer, nails, screws, and stapler.

The 1-by-12 top and base pieces have rounded ends to cover the paperboard tube (sold at building supply stores for concrete forms). Plywood covers the hallfacing side. A 1-by-12 forms a skirt along the top of the bed side; Hammil mounted lights to the inside. Frosted glass set on brackets evenly diffuses the light.

After building the bookcase section, Hammil wrapped the tube with polyester batting to bring it up to the 11 1/2-inch width of the 1-by-)2s. She screwed the tube to the end of the bookcase, then painted the inside walls and shelves.

To cover the divider's back and sides, Hammil sewed a large fabric rectangle. She first stapled it to the edge of the bookcase adjoining the tube, folding the fabric back over itself to mask the staples; a cardboard strip stapled to the inside of the fold keeps the fabric from pulling. Next, keeping the fabric taut, she stapled the rectangle over the divider's top and bottom edges, moving toward the wall, then trimming excess fabric. Fabric covers the skirt in the same manner.

To complete the divider, she stapled piping to the top. An extra length of clothwrapped 1-by-12 sandwiches the piping and finishes the top.
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Date:Feb 1, 1989
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