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Mini motors enable nano movement.

The explosion of optical fiber-based infrastructure demands accurate micro-motors and adjustment devices to allow for physical alignment of optical axes with lasers and fiber-to-fiber connections. To that end, the Integrated Fiber Alignment Package (IFAP) from researchers at The Pennsylvania State Univ. and Micromechatronics Inc., both of State College, fulfills these target requirements with an unusual new ultrasonic motor design which is less than half the size of a penny. An accuracy of 2[degrees] of movement with nanometer-level control allows external drive circuitry with optical intensity feedback to be used for optimization of optical axis alignment.


Designed to be cofired with ceramic materials used for multi-chip modules, radio-controlled circuitry, and integrated passive components, the motor can easily be packaged with integrated 3-D interconnects.

* Pennsylvania State Univ.,

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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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