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Minhaj Barna an iconic unionist and unifier.

LAHORE -- Minhaj Muhammad Khan Barna, iconic trade union leader and journalist, remains the beacon of guidance for the young journalists and the need for such a towering personality cannot be overemphasised in the current crisis.

Different speakers, addressing a gathering to commemorate his eight death anniversary, arranged by Lahore Press Club, said that journalists and workers successfully fought under his able leadership for their rights in suppressive regimes and times.

It was by dint of his strength of character and personality that journalists and workers from other industries as well gathered behind him.

He was a unifier during his life and a unifier posthumously as well. Amid all these divisions that media trade unions are now facing, all of them agree on the vision of Minhaj Barna and gathered to pay him homage. It speaks volumes about the services the man rendered to the cause of the media.

In the current crisis when lay-offs of journalists were being carried out and their dues being withheld by organisations, the media industry needs a person like him, who could not only fight against these odds but also give hope to journalists.

He struggled against the martial law of Ziaul Haq, when his colleagues were flogged and jailed, but he fought fearlessly and successfully.

The press clubs have traditionally kept themselves aloof from union activities. But, of late, they have started taking active part in it, as advocated by the late Minhaj Barna, which is a good sign for the media industry.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 16, 2019
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