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Mineral Additive Provides Laser Markability.

A proprietary mineral-based additive allows laser marking of PP, PE, PVC, PS, ABS, PC and ABS/PC with a variety of laser types. New Chroma Lazer-Tec from Chroma Corp., McHenry, Ill., is available as a pelletized additive package or in a multifunctional color concentrate. Lazer-Tec is initially aimed at packaging, where there is a keen interest in obtaining a clean, consistent, legible mark, either for decoration or marking date codes. The product can create a contrasting mark in a range from white to black. It reportedly has been successful in polypropylene, which has been difficult to laser mark up to now.
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Title Annotation:new colorant from Chroma Corp.
Comment:Mineral Additive Provides Laser Markability.(new colorant from Chroma Corp.)
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Mar 1, 2001
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