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Mindless mudpipes warning issued by police.

THE dangers of a "mindless" act known as "mudpiping" have been highlighted by police.

"Mudpiping" is when youths use a pipe - such as a stolen drainpipe - to sling mud at passing vehicles or properties and the act can have serious consequences.

Two youths were caught by police in Hemlington on Tuesday night with a "mudpipe".

A police spokesman said: "After reports of youths throwing mud in the area of Elmhurst Gardens, police stopped two youths on Cass House Road.

"One of which was in possession of a mudpipe.

"These youths will be visited by at their home addresses. Parents do you know where your kids are? "Mudpiping is mindless and has serious consequences, it causes damage to property and vehicles, in particular where it causes accidents and crashes resulting in injuries to drivers and pedestrians."

Police said anybody who has their drainpipes taken is advised to contact 101.

A spokesman added: "It may be a drainpipe but it is still theft."

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 4, 2018
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