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Minding Animals: Awareness, Emotions, and Heart.


Can animals--not just primates--mourn, laugh, fear, cheer, or even miss one another? For the past 30 years, Bekoff, a cognitive ethologist, has built up a thick file of anecdotal evidence pointing to animals' capacity for such emotional responses. Vignettes detailing animal emotions emerge from examples of more widely accepted animal habits, including selecting mates, grooming, feeding, and playing. Bekoff considers how animals evolved emotions and what functions those emotions might serve. As he addresses the cognitive capacity of animals, Bekoff admits that his views are not held by the majority of scientists, but are gaining support, and he points out that human emotions are often difficult to monitor and still not well understood. Animals, he argues, should be given the benefit of the doubt. OUP, 2002, 230 p., hardcover, $27.50.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 20, 2002
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